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That’s it! Let’s watch anime!

So, to say so, I have not seen so much anime until now, but I guess I’ll take a look at it, but who is it from what to watch?

I think that it is recommended by friends and somehow heard it, I think that there are various, as it happens, but I think that it is somewhat narrowed down and I want you to watch a lot of animation in the future, so please keep anime popular in the world I introduce it by rough classification!

For the time being, since people think that animation wotaku people are all seeing works, it is no doubt to see the animation first!

Daily animation


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya



Is not this that there are many people who have heard the title in this

It is a slapstick animation that can be unfolded around the main character, Haruhi Suzumiya.
Strictly speaking it is not everyday but w
Well do not mind the fine things, because it is a legendary animation that built one era, there is no loss to see!



Animation of Kyoto animation production same as Haruhi the previous time.

Are there many people who have heard of this? Heartworms are more than Haruhi, and more day-to-day depictions are increasing.

Essentially only girls appear around four cute girl characters w
If you want to see a cute girl please do!


Music animation
MACROSS Frontier

出典 : amazon

Speaking of animation that can be unfolded with music, speaking of macross!
Although the power of music is regarded as important throughout the series, Macross Frontier, which was broadcast as a TV animation in 2008, is a masterpiece that is strongly popular!

The story which develops mainly with Sheryl Nome and the two singers of Ranka Lee is also interesting, but the song which Yoko Kanno makes, which is sung among animation anyway, is excellent!
There are only famous songs such as typical Lion and Triangler, interstellar flying, Northern Cross and so on.



Melancholy of Haruhi supreme Kyoto animation production same animation.
Since it became a social phenomenon also how many people do you know?

Since the instruments used by the appearing character are actually real instruments, at the time of broadcasting it became a big topic, such as musical instruments of an unexpected model becoming short in instruments shops.

Something like that! However, the place where the story is interesting, the song is good, as a matter of course, the fact that the person’s most attractive is “Bandman is there” is interspersed.

Among the members’ interactions, there are a lot of fine band man.

Since the only character of the hero is a beginner of a musical instrument, I think that it is drawn quite real, except that the growth is fast and that all the members of the female high school student performance skill is too high.

Recommended for those who are doing a band or doing!

Battle animation
CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion


Speaking of animation, battle from long ago!
Children and adults do not change what makes the hearts hot for the hero who is fighting hot fight.

Whether or not Code Geass is a battle animation is a bit subtle, but do not mind! I want you to see it without saying any more! w

Among numerous animations it has become an interesting work to the highest peak!
Although it will be a little long work, I think that you can think that it was always good to see in the last round, so I would like you to see it anyway.
Although there seems to be many people who are not good at drawing, I think that it will not bother me for such a fun of the work when I see it.

Although I have only said that I will look at it anyway without writing anything specific, there is no problem. Anyway please have a look.



出典 : amazon

There are lots of recommended battle animations such as SAO and FATE, but among them, this black lagoon!
It is a pretty violence story unfolded with characters of various nationalities set in Southeast Asia.

The story begins from where plain salaried workers are released to Southeast Asia.

A lot of truly unique characters are coming out, but I personally like Character Roberta.
It is a character deeply related to the story, it is a maid, but it is really scary! But I can cry when I know the past and feelings, it is my favorite character.

I like Levy too cool, but


Romance animation

出典 : amazon

There are lots of romance animations too.

The so-called love comedy.

Dora who is popular among love rice!

A light novel is the work of the original, a five-person high school studentlike romance drama can be exciting when watching adults w
Personally I like Armin. Please be happy Ar memin.



Love love game is the original work, girl characters that appear are all unique and cute!

It is not an animation of a type popularly prevalent, although there is also a thing called a love game is an original, but like the code Geass before, work that you want to see certainly!

Although it may not be able to wipe a feeling of incompatibility for those who are beginners of animation with so-called Galgey’s unique character deza, this animation can definitely cry. Tissue is not enough. I need a bath towel.

It is a classic masterpiece. (I think that you can absolutely know for those who saw it)

Hurdle before seeing is higher than other animation, it is absolutely satisfactory work. Personally it is the best animation among many animations. First place!



There are also a lot of animations where it is difficult to categorize genres.

If it says it may be a system of everyday, but here as other, this Stage!

It is a story that can be unfolded with the scientific adventure game originated by Chiyomaru Shikura being the original, development of a time machine.

It is interesting to see the state of kitchen 2 of the hero’s Okabe Rin Tarou, but there is also a human pattern that is drawn there, a hopeless hopeless feeling, an emotional point that comes out in the second half of animation, an animation-like hot spot, and in the real world Even though I know that it can not happen, what should I do if I really get upset? It is a work that seems to be Chiyomaru who seems to think while thinking.

Many things that are popular in many time-leap works, but Personally this Stague is the most recommended!




A novel by the original Nishio Ishinaga is a bakemonogatari of the original.
As a title, bakemonogatari is famous, but there are false stories and final story as a sequel, and it is recommended through the series.

Not to mention pretty characters, unique phrases, representation methods unique to the shaft of the production company, etc. Although it is a quite unique worldview, it will become a habit while looking.

Personally, I would like you to listen to the audio commentary that comes about DVD etc. after the animation main part w

The character himself has commented on, and that script is also going by Professor Nishio himself, and I’m pretty realistic in audio commentary w
Because it is a content that can be fairly laughable, please listen to those who have not seen the animated commentary although I have seen the animated feature in this volume!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Since this is a work that became a hot topic in recent years, there are also many people who know it. Known as Madoko.
Whether it is a battle or everyday, because it is difficult, it was made as others w

At the beginning of broadcasting, it was not a topic so far, I also had to see it once in 2 episodes w
However, the story is returned from about 3 episodes, and the air at the beginning of the final stage is completely gone.

This is also a magical girl setting, it is a work that tends to be pretty shy from painting, but if you have not seen it please try seeing!

What did you think.
There are many other recommended animations, but I introduced the work I would like to recommend to beginners of animation to the last!

Try on animation with this, please have a fun animation life!

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