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【Uzaki wants to play!】Hana Uzaki isn’t just an annoying & big-breasted heroine!

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Uzaki-chan wants to play!” which gained attention as a newcomer in the world of uzaki characters and even became a social issue with its blood donation posters. Pick up Hana Uzaki!
Not only is she annoying, but we’ve compiled a list of her heroines and how cute she is!


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“Uzaki-chan wants to play! She is a female character and the heroine of the film in
She is a college sophomore with a short cut.
She has a younger brother named Kiri.

She is petite in height of 150cm, but she has big breasts and her bust size is 96cm J cup.
He is characterized by his double teeth and the provocative face he often shows.

She is basically made up of three components: “annoying”, “stupid”, and “cute”, and the “annoying” aspect in particular is the origin of her name.
However, most of her annoying behaviors are only shown to the protagonist’s “senior”, Sakurai Shinichi (Sakai Shinichi), who was in the same club as her in high school.

He also has a characteristic “ass” tone of voice.
He talks to his seniors in rapid succession, and when he has a weakness, he will try to take control by using an agitated tone of voice.
On the other hand, she is vulnerable to being hit, and has a cute side that shrinks back when something embarrassing is done to her.

When it comes to stupidity, he has a hardcore stupidity, and the episodes include “swinging full swing at the batting center without flexibility and hurting his back”, “chasing a cat into the green fence and getting stuck with his pants in full view”, “getting hypnotized with a five-yen coin and not being able to return to normal for two hours”, and many more.

The voice comic’s cast member is Naomi Ozora.

The blood donation poster issue has made the character a hot topic

“Uzaki-chan wants to play! was originally an illustration and short manga that the author, Jou-sensei, had posted on pixiv and Twitter.
When he started posting it in 2017, it received a very large response, and it was decided to be serialized on Doradora Shapu# (then known as Doradora Dragon Age).
It was well-received, winning 10th place in the 4th Next Manga Awards, and became a hit, with the total number of copies published up to volume 3 exceeding 500,000.
Because of this, she is already well known among manga lovers, especially the heroine Uzaki-chan, who is frequently featured on the internet as one of the “teasing heroines” that have become a boom since the success of “Karakai-tei no Takagi-san”, and she has become a famous character.

However, in September-October 2019, an event will happen that will make Uzaki-chan known even to non-manga lovers.

His name has been mentioned as a candidate for the next anime adaptation of “Uzaki-chan wants to play! Uzaki has been gaining more and more media exposure and has expanded her activities, such as collaborating with Bomberman as a virtual YouTuber.
At that time, she will be participating in a new project, a collaborative blood donation campaign run by the Japanese Red Cross Society.
During the campaign period, campaign posters featuring the cover art of the third volume will be given to people who donate blood at participating blood donation sites.

Attempts to use two-dimensional moe characters for blood donation campaigns have been done for a long time, especially for Comic Market since 1997, and from the winter 2011 C81, a campaign to distribute posters and other materials to people who donated blood was started.
Since then, the campaign has become so established that it’s been held almost every time.

Although Uzaki’s case has nothing to do with Comiket, she is an example of a campaign in which posters are distributed to people who donate blood.
There have been dozens of posters featuring beautiful girl characters encouraging people to donate blood, so I don’t see how Uzaki’s illustration is any less problematic than the previous ones: ……

For some reason, there was a firestorm of controversy.

A foreign visitor to Japan saw a poster of Uzaki-chan on the street and posted it on Twitter, asking “Is it right to use this illustration as the official poster of the Japanese Red Cross Society in a public place? It seems to be a questionable thing to do.
Since then, there have been some supportive opinions, such as “this is overly sexual” and “it makes fun of women”, while others have said “no problem at all” and “if there’s a problem with this illustration of Uzaki-chan, then some of the posters distributed at Comiket in the past are also out of order. ……”, leading to a heated debate on the internet.
For better or worse, Uzaki became a person of the moment.

This issue happened in 2015 with the Minokamo City Tourism Association and the “Unrin! The project is close to the collaboration project of the company.
Even at the time, the illustrations used were deemed problematic for their emphasis on the chest and were eventually removed.

This time, Uzaki’s flameout is perfectly fine as far as clothing exposure is concerned.
However, Uzaki’s pose with her big breasts in front of her was seen as problematic as “how can a public forum, the Japanese Red Cross Society, a responsible and authorized corporation, adopt it as an official poster”.

As of October 24, 2019, the Japanese Red Cross Society has issued a comment on the issue, stating that they “take the pointing out seriously and will use it as a reference in the future”, but they have no plans to cancel the poster or the campaign.

While big breasts are certainly one of Uzaki’s characteristics, they are not the only thing that makes her attractive.
The impression we get from this flare-up and the cover of the comics may be that she is a “big-boobed agitated character”, but Uzaki’s cuteness goes beyond that.

During the work, Uzaki-chan teases and teases her seniors about something.
She teases a senior who likes to be alone and goes to the movies alone, she teases a senior who doesn’t have a good eye for customers at her part-time job, and she teases a senior who is falling asleep and freaked out with a trance-like expression on her face.
No matter how trivial it is, it’s already teasing in a fun way.

Not to mention that it’s the flip side of her fondness for senpai.
She has a goofy crush on her senpai.

In the latter half of the episode, she gets embarrassed when she realizes that she is kissing him indirectly, and she gets her breasts squeezed by mistake by the watermelon splitting senpai.

No matter how much she’s hot, a shy heroine looks very cute.
The charm of Uzaki-chan lies not only in her appearance but also in her content.



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