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【High-scoring girl】How does Haruo become popular? Thorough examination

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We thoroughly investigate why Haruo, the main character of the popular anime “Highscore Girl,” is so popular and why he is so popular!
In addition to Akira Ohno and Koharu Hidaka, we’ve compiled a list of the two biggest heroines, what makes him so irresistible to the Shibuya girls and even his best friend Miyao, and what makes him so attractive!

Haruo Yaguchi Character Overview

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He is a male character in “High Score Girl” and is the main character of the film.
He is an ordinary looking boy with a characteristic sharp-eyed, juvenile-looking face.

He is a genuine gamer who loves games more than three meals a day, and has been playing all kinds of games since he was in elementary school.
He especially likes fighting games, and is so confident that he calls himself “Goushi no Yaguchi” and often goes to the arcade.
He is also sensitive to the latest trends, and whenever a hot title, whether arcade or consumer, appears, he is the first to pay attention and enjoy playing it.

Because he plays games all the time and rarely studies, his grades are basically the lowest.
He is not good at sports, and his classmates made fun of him when he was in elementary school, but he doesn’t care about it and spends his days playing games.
On the other hand, he has a passion and pride for games that is higher than anyone else, and he considers games to be his meaning of existence and the arcade to be his “sanctuary”, and he has a strong rivalry with Akira Ohno who suddenly appears and surpasses him.

His character is honest, kind and compassionate, and he is a bad boy in the right way.
When he was in elementary school, he never hesitated to use unfair or forbidden moves when he was at a disadvantage, and would provoke his opponents with his victory.

She is not very good at dealing with romance, and is unaware of the fact that Koharu Hidaka, with whom she has been speaking since junior high school, has feelings for her.
He is also insensitive when it comes to his own romantic feelings, and his insensitivity leads to a strange love triangle with Akira and Koharu.

He is a fan of Guile in Street Fighter II, Guy in Final Fight, Terry in The Legend of the Hungry Wolf, and Kagemaru in Virtua Fighter.

His voice actor is Kouhei Amasaki.

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The Attraction of Boys Who Don’t Have a “Downward Spend”

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In all ages, it’s commonplace for romance manga protagonists to be insensitive, and it’s now a traditional art to use your hearing loss skills to dismiss the heroine’s bold confessions and unintentional true feelings.
More and more readers feel that this is unreasonable, and the climate for insensitive protagonists is becoming stronger and stronger every year.

Haruo is also quite insensitive when it comes to romance.
He is sensitive to detect the feelings of Akira, who does not speak, but he is not interested in things such as love, and when a girl barges into his room or holds his hand in the car, he says, “He’s in love with me, isn’t he? I don’t even think of it as the slightest thing.
He doesn’t have any feelings of inferiority even if a girl holds his body close to hers, it’s doubtful that he has any sexual desire.

However, even for such an extremely insensitive protagonist, Haruo almost never provokes a backlash from readers and viewers.
The reason for this is simple: most people are convinced that Haruo is insensitive.
And that seems to be the case with the women in the film as well.

Haruo was a kid who was all about video games since elementary school.
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that half of his personality was created by games.
At that time, he didn’t have any exposure to romantic games, so he didn’t have the opportunity to take an interest in love itself.

In addition, because I was honest with myself, for better or worse, I didn’t feel the urge to conform to the boys around me, which is a characteristic of adolescence, and I grew up without any of the ulterior motives that all adolescents are accustomed to.
There is no desire to “make oneself look good” in anything other than a game.

People without an ulterior motive are not interested in gut-checking.
Therefore, it is only when Haruo voluntarily wants to know what’s going on in the other person’s mind (mainly Akira’s mind) that he tries to read their mind, and it’s natural for him to be insensitive to everything else.

Koharu and Akira, who have been watching Haruo’s character for a long time, fully understand that kind of personality.
Haruo’s words, expressions, and actions are truthful, so the girls feel safe and happy about his kindness, and are able to be honestly angry with him when he says or does something that irritates them.
Especially for Akira, who pushes himself away for the sake of the Ohno family, the time he spends with Haruo is an important time for him to be able to be honest with them, and that is why he is attracted to her.

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