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[Gintama] live-action version sequel forecast! Gintama 3 episode and cast can not be that person! ? # GINTAMA

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Speaking of live-action films of manga, the image of the original fan is extremely strong now …
Meanwhile, “GINTAMA” continues to hit unusually as a live-action cartoon film.
Following the first story, the second edition, the second series, which was broadcast as a sequel, also made a big hit.
This could be a further sequel! So what happens to Gintama 3? I tried to predict.

Sequel Prediction 1: Shogun Assassination

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Perhaps this is the sequel to a live-action movie with the majority of Gintama fans! General Assassinations that would be expected.
The rationale is that the required characters have almost appeared.

The appearance of Shogun “Sachan” and “Sachan” required for General Assassination

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The live-action movie “Gintama 2” was not only composed of “Shin-sen-Gumi-Kan-Ran” in the main line, but also the “Masato-chan 2 double stand” in the gag part.
It can be expected that the character of Sho-chan will be released first, and it will be a sequel to the sequel.
In addition, one of the “Shochan chopsticks” “Caba kura chopsticks”, even “Gintama 2” has been out to “Sachan” that only come out for a few seconds through the whole.
Ultimately, it is an original development that revealed the existence of “Shochan no Kagemusha”, which was not found in the original “Shinkan Dou Rakuen”.

Assuming that the sequel to Gintama’s live-action movie is “General Shogun Assassination,” you can almost recover the sense of incongruity, “Why is there a useless scene?”

Who does this character do? : Hattori Zenzo

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The main character of the Shogun Assassination, which has not been released yet.
If the sequel to Gintama’s live-action film is “General Shogun Assassination,” who will do the whole collection?

Expected 1: Joe Odagiri

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Speaking of total storage, half of the face is hidden by hair. However, in General Shogun Assassination, there is also a piece where the right eye can be seen, and it can be guessed that it is probably handsome from the piece.
So it is a very important point to be a handsome.
Moreover, the fact that the half face is hidden requires a high acting ability as it is necessary to express the whole storehouse in the atmosphere and atmosphere.

What applies to these two, Odagiri Joe. The atmosphere is perfect for the whole storehouse!
Not only that, it is also a acting group that has won numerous awards in the appearance film.
The only concern is whether Odagiri Joe will appear in this gag movie ….
Even if the role of a certain role or the role of madness comes with an image, it is hard to imagine Odagiri Joe who speaks a no-broadcast term and stabs and wears a buttocks.
That’s why there should be demand!

Prediction 2: Ryuhei Matsuda

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Ryupei Matsuda speaking of the atmosphere.
Ryuhei Matsuda, who has a strong image of a free-minded free-person role, such as the “Mahoro Ekimae Tada convenient eaves” series and the “Detective is in the BAR” series, has a lot of overlapping parts in the entire storehouse of a single rat.
There is no image of Gag, but because it has also appeared in the work of Mamoru Kanto, it may be that Ryuhei Matsuda is the most likely candidate.

Prediction 3: Keiji Fujiwara

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Mr. Keiji Fujiwara, who is a great voice actor who plays an active part in many animations, such as Hiroshi Nohara of Crayon Shin-chan.
I am a voice actor, but I think it is not an impossible story because Fumihiko Tachiki, who plays the role of Madao, plays the role of Madao even in live-action photography.
By the way, I am in charge of the voice of the whole house. This is a dark horse!
Voice actors often respond insanely than actors, so I feel that there is a high possibility that Mr. Keiji Fujiwara will play here.
Because it is a director who casts Madao’s role of live-action to Fumihiko Tatigi, the grandmaster of Evangelion’s role of Gendou.

Who does this character do? : Kamui

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Speaking of the main characters of the Shogun Assassination, which hasn’t come out yet, it will be “Kamui”.
It’s a very popular character, and because it’s the brother of Kagura in everything, if there is a sequel “Gintama 4”, it’s no surprise if the story of Kagura parent and child came!
There are many fans who are expecting Kamui to appear at the stage when Takasugi is appearing, so the fans’ expectations may be quite high as to what impact they will leave in their first appearance.

Prediction 1: Ryuunosuke kamiki

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Speaking of the live-action of a boy character! Ryuunosuke Kamiki of iron plate.
Play the Seta Sojiro in the live-action version “Lurouni Kenshin” and keep the image! And it was new to the memory that it was a repeat degree to make the audience wander.
It is an actor who has a good reputation among the public, saying, “If Ryuunosuke Kamiki is correct!”, It is also an exceptionally small name actor that was disappointing.

Expected 2:  Kanata  Hongo

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A large number of live-action film appearances, most of which are essential for live-action films called “Hongo Kanata”.
He has also appeared in “Attack on Titan” and “The Alchemist of Steel” whose audience mobilization number was not good, but it is said that “Hongo Kanata was good”, as the number of mobilization may be directly linked to the actor’s reputation It is an actor who does not lose a reputation as much.
As they often play madness roles, they may not be able to reproduce the smile full of madness.

Prediction 3: Satoshi Hino

Satoshi Hino, the actor of the anime Gintama. I tried to predict in the flow of Madao, but the possibility seems to be low because it is bigger and better than the image of Kamui.



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