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【FLY ME TO THE MOON】A thorough examination of the possibility of a second season! Is the big hit in China a tailwind?

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We have thoroughly examined the possibility of a second season of the anime “FLY ME TO THE MOON” that aired in the fall of 2020!
Based on the fact that it has received unusually high praise overseas for a romantic comedy work, we have tried to predict whether or not a sequel will be made in the future!

A straightforward romantic comedy about the continuation of the Taketori Monogatari by the author of Hayate

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There were a lot of hot topics in the TV anime that aired in the fall of 2020, and one of them is “Tonikaku Kawaii”.

The original work is a romantic comedy manga that began serialization in Weekly Shonen Sunday in 2018.
The author serialized “Hayate no Gotoku!” from 2004 to 2017. which was serialized from 2004 to 2017 and was a big hit.

Hayate was a harem-style butler comedy with many girls, but Tonikaku Kawaii is a romantic comedy with only one heroine.
In the first episode of the anime (the second episode of the original story), it is clearly stated that “this is a continuation of the Taketori Monogatari”, so it is assumed that the setting of the Taketori Monogatari is followed. However, the true identity of Tsukasa is not stated in the 14th volume of the original story, and there are various theories including “Kaguyahime who could not return to the moon”.

The series has been well received since its inception, and an anime adaptation was announced in March 2020.
In October of the same year, it began broadcasting on TOKYO MX and other stations, and is also being distributed by various video distribution services in Japan and overseas.

In a survey conducted by d-anime store before the broadcast, “What will you watch this season? 2020 Autumn Anime Popularity Poll”, it ranked 12th (5th among new releases).
As it is a new work by the creator of Hayate, which has been produced up to the fourth season, it seems to have attracted a lot of attention among anime fans.

On the other hand, the evaluation of the content was rather split.

If you do a Google search for “Fly Me to the Moon,” you’ll find a mixture of positive and negative keywords in the suggestions, indicating that there are both pros and cons.
In a sense, this is natural; “Fly Me to the Moo”n is a romantic comedy that chooses its audience.

The main focus of this work is the lovey-dovey relationship between the couple, so it’s clearly not for people who don’t like the two main characters, people who don’t like romantic comedies where the relationship is established from the beginning, or people who don’t like works that use a lot of direct words of affection.
This is not a standard romantic comedy for boys, but a work that has a certain target audience from the start.

This can be seen from the sales of the comics.

The initial sales of TFly Me to the Moon’s books have remained almost flat from the first volume to the latest volume.
This is because the author of Hayate is well known from the beginning of the series, and because the presentation that “this is the kind of work” is well done in the early stages, it is easy for readers to make a choice early on, and although most fans continue to follow the series, it is difficult for newcomers to enter. In short, if you like it, you will like it.
In short, it’s the type of work that those who like it will follow it to the end, while those who don’t will immediately dismiss it.

And of course, this is also the case with the anime version.
There is often an argument that an anime should be watched up to episode 3 before making a decision, but in the case of Fly Me to the Moon, the direction of the story is completely clear from the first or second episode.
Therefore, it is unlikely that Blu-ray (disc) sales will increase dramatically after the middle of the series.

However, there is hope for the production of a second season of this work in areas other than disc sales.

A big hit overseas! Realizing a second season in a modern form

Some time after the start of “the Fly Me to the Moon” broadcast, an unexpected report was made on the official account.
It said, “It has been ranked No. 1 on China’s Bilibili Video for two consecutive weeks.
This was an unusual mention, as there are not many official accounts of Japanese anime that report on their success on Bilibili Video.

As of November 2020, it has already surpassed 60 million views on Bilibili Video.
If it continues at this pace, it is almost certain to reach 100 million views by the end of the broadcast.

Also, in a popularity poll conducted by the overseas anime community “Anime Trending”, “Fly Me to the Moon” is ranked high every week.
This ranking is well known among anime fans, and the information is often referred to as an indicator of overseas popularity.
This was also mentioned by the official account of Toni Kaku Kawaii and taken up by various summary sites, which helped spread the awareness that “Toni Kaku Kawaii is a hit overseas” among anime fans in Japan.

However, it is not only outside of Japan that the distribution is doing well.
On the d-anime store as well, it is ranked number one every week in the daily ranking on the day of broadcast, and continues to be popular.

There is a possibility that anime that has gained popularity through BIRIBIRI videos and distribution will get a second season regardless of disc sales.
Even in recent years, there have been a number of anime that have gained popularity, such as “Kobayashi-sanchi no Maidragon,” “Rise of the Shield Hero,” and “I don’t want to be in pain, so I want to focus on defense. In recent years, works such as “Kobayashi-sanchi Maidragon,” “Shield no Yusha no Naragari,” and “I don’t want to hurt you, so I’d like to be extremely defensive.

If the momentum continues like this, it is quite possible that “Fly Me to the Moon” will get a second season in a way that is unique to the modern age.



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