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【Adachi and Shimamura】Is Sakura Adachi now a different person from “early Adachi”? A Thorough Examination

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From the TV anime “Adachi to Shimamura” to be aired in the fall of 2020, we have a big feature on one of the main characters, Sakura Adachi!
We’ll thoroughly examine the differences between the cool girl from the early days and the current girl who is so in love with Shimamura that she’s getting attention from various quarters!

Sakura Adachi Character Overview

A female character in “Adachi and Shimamura”, one of the two main characters.
She is a beautiful woman with semi-long black hair and a slender figure that gives off a cool impression.
She works part-time at a Chinese restaurant, and wears a Chinese dress while working.

Although she is in her first year of high school, she is quite a slacker and rarely attends classes, and is regarded as a “delinquent girl” by those around her.
While slacking off on the second floor of the gymnasium, she meets a girl from the same grade, Shimamura Hogetsu, and they hit it off.
He begins to spend time with her.

She lives alone with her mother and spends a lot of time in solitude because she rarely speaks to her mother. Due to this family environment, she has never had the chance to express her feelings and has become reluctant to communicate with others.
Perhaps because of this, she misses people more than others, and is quite fond of Shimamura, and seems to get jealous just when Shimamura is someone other than her.
The longer he spends with her, the more his feelings for Shimamura grow, and gradually he begins to act as if she is everything to him.

Her voice actress is Akari Kito.

Difference between “early Adachi” and later

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The difference between the “early Adachi” and later AdachiAs the term “early Adachi” has become established among fans, there is a big gap between the early Adachi and later Adachi, as the term suggests.

However, as the term suggests, there is a big gap between the early Adachi and the later Adachi.
At that time, Adachi was able to make light-hearted conversations with Shimamura through her excellent passagework, and her not-so-venomous but occasionally teasing comments gave readers the impression that she was a cool yet friendly high school girl.
On the other hand, in the episode “Adachi Question,” which proceeds in Adachi’s first-person, she dreams of kissing Shimamura, and while she is confused about herself for having dreamed such a dream, she calmly analyzes herself to some extent.

On the other hand, after “Early Adachi”, Adachi almost never teases Shimamura anymore, and her words and actions become more juvenile.
Her monologues are mostly about Shimamura, such as “I ____ with Shimamura”, “I want to ____ with Shimamura”, and “I wonder what Shimamura is doing”.
She’s become a girl who only thinks about Shimamura, without any trace of her early days when she was a bit more reserved.

If you only look at the surface, you can summarize it as …… that she and Shimamura, who was initially just a skipping buddy, became friends, and as they worked together, they became torn between friendship and love, and leaned more towards love.
However, in reality, it seems that there is not that big a difference between Adachi’s sensitivity to Shimamura in the beginning and his sensitivity after that.

In the Adachi Question, Adachi interprets his dream of kissing Shimamura as “a sign that I want to get to know her a little better” and “I want to have a little more special distance from her than my other friends”, but at the same time he’s aware that he doesn’t feel any resistance to kissing Shimamura.
I get the impression that he’s skipping the conflict of kissing a girl, that he’s not even resisting the act of kissing Shimamura, and that he’s trying to affirm “myself kissing Shimamura” from various angles.
In other words, Adachi is searching for a reason to kiss Shimamura.

If we accept this fact calmly, we can say that Adachi’s sensitivity to Shimamura is already at its maximum.
At this point, he is already aware of his possessive desire to be treated as special by Shimamura, as well as his own feelings of love for Shimamura.
Even though he is “early Adachi”, his brain is already filled with Shimamura at this point, and in that respect, he is no different from early Adachi.

On the other hand, early Adachi still has remnants of the time when he was used to being alone and starved for friends.
His relationship with his mother was not going well, and he spent his days without any friends that he could call friends, which probably made him wonder what kind of distance he should keep from the person he wanted to be his best friend.
Adachi, who was reserved when Shimamura was with her other friends, or talked with the same airs and graces so as not to disrupt the flow of conversation, seems to have had a very strong desire not to mistake distance and not to be disliked.

Later, as he spent more time with Shimamura, his desire to have Shimamura look only at him became stronger than his desire not to be disliked.

There is no difference in favorability between the “early Adachi” and the later Adachi.
The current Adachi has a clearer vision of what he wants to happen with Shimamura, and what he thinks is what he says and does.



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