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【 The Demon Girl Next Door】Is Rico a badass girl? An in-depth look at the new characters that will be introduced after the anime

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This is a summary of the character from the third volume of the original The Demon Girl Next Door, Riko, the waitress and chef of cafe Asura!
She’s been called a “quirky character” by fans of the original, and fans who got into her from the anime are curious to find out what kind of personality she has!

Riko Character Overview

A female character from “The Demon Girl Next Door”.
She is a waitress and chef at Jun Café Asura, and is a fox and raccoon spirit (fox youkai).
She only appeared in the last episode of the anime, in the back view.

Her original form is a fluffy fox, but she is always in human form in the city.
She has a short haircut with small ribbons tied on the left and right sides.
They have fox ears and tails.

She speaks in a quiet Kansai dialect with a Kyoto accent.
Despite her demeanor, she is a bit of a poisonous person, and she doesn’t read the atmosphere and doesn’t bother the owner Shirasawa because she doesn’t do much to explain anything.
However, according to the manager Shirasawa, he is a “basically good-intentioned girl”.

She doesn’t seem to feel bad when she causes trouble to other people, and is the type that just stirs things up and keeps things calm, which is not good for Chiyoda Sakura.
On the other hand, Shamiko can understand him and doesn’t seem to have a problem with him.

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The type of character that wasn’t in “The Demon Girl Next Door”

Due to the huge success of the anime adaptation, the attention to Machikado Mazoku has increased incomparably more than ever before.
Shamiko and Momo, Shamisaki, Shamiko’s family, and Mikan Hinatsuki who appeared in the middle of the show, the main characters are all good kids and good people, and it seems that many viewers liked the homey atmosphere.

Naturally, those people asked for a second season! At the same time, there are quite a few opinions from the original group that the scope of the second season will be a bit different.
In fact, the flow of Machi-Cadomazoku changes a bit after the second volume of the anime adaptation (technically, the first episode of the third volume).
The most important factor in this change is the introduction of the two members of Jun-Cafe Asuka.

Jun-Cafe Asura, which was also mentioned briefly in the last episode of the anime, is a coffee shop located in Tamas City.
The first scene in the original story is when Shamiko, who was looking for the Mazoku hiding in the town in the process of searching for Momo’s sister-in-law, the previous magical girl, Chiyoda Sakura, was introduced to cafe Asuka by her friend Anri Sada as a “place where you can always meet the Mazoku”.
Shamiko is greeted there by Riko.

Riko is a clerk at a cafe, but she doesn’t use respectful language at all, and she can’t read the atmosphere and makes customers angry.
She doesn’t seem to be interested in anything at all, and she has a tendency to deal with Shamiko in a casual manner.

For her, cooking is an exceptionally fun thing to do.
Riko’s cooking has a mysterious addictive quality to it, and the cafe, Asuka, is always thriving.
Shamiko is persuaded to work there and is offered a part-time job as a waitress in place of the useless Riko.

Then, Shamiko’s life changed.
Shamiko forgot her goal of finding the “Mazoku” for four days in a row, and even though Momo and Mikan soured on her every day, she couldn’t get better.

Momo concluded that Shamiko was doing something to her at Asuka, and decided to work with Mikan and Shamisaki to tick off the Junkasa Asuka, no matter how blurry Shamiko is.
Sakura and her associate Atamasoku are protected by a ward, so they first break the ward and get in front of it.

However, Riko is not at all intimidated by the appearance of the magical girl Momo when the ward is breached, but rather tries to greet her with a belligerent attitude.
She is a martial artist who has defeated several magical girls in the past.
However, she is not the type to go on a rampage, and since Momo’s goal was to get Shamiko back, she didn’t go into battle.

Afterwards, Rico destroyed the place by blatantly revealing manager Shirasawa’s bluff to keep Shamiko in the store.
Her inability to read the atmosphere is triggered regardless of whether she is friend or foe.

And, crucially, the reason why Shamiko was going crazy.
This was due to the fact that she was eating Riko’s food.
If she ate about 10 times the appropriate amount of her food, she would get high and experience amnesia. (But she would recover in a day.)

The problem was that he hadn’t told anyone about it until now, let alone manager Shirasawa.
Manager Shirasawa was only letting Shamiko work as a normal employee, and since he didn’t realize that something was wrong with her (much less that it was Riko who caused it), he was forced to apologize to Momo on his knees.

Riko is thus often seen as a troublemaker and trickster in many ways.
When Shamiko, Momo, and Mikan decided to go to the zoo to play with Shamiko, she was forced to join in just because the heavy boxes of lunchboxes she made with Shamiko’s help were for four or five people.
On top of that, he acts in a nonchalant manner (albeit with good intentions) to disguise himself as Shamiko and try to trick Momo, which is “not malicious but disrupts the scene”.

As you can see from these things, Riko is a character that wasn’t in Machikado Mazoku until volume 2, and is the type of character who makes waves, for better or worse.
While her appearance allows us to see a side of Momo that we haven’t seen much of before and helps to delve into the character, some people may feel that the atmosphere has changed because of the slightly different dialogue that takes place compared to volume 2.
Riko is in many ways an important character that was a turning point for Machikado Mazoku.

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