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【Demon Slayer】Spoilers for Zenitsu Agatsuma’s characterization, abilities, and Zenitsu’s point of view

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The story of a man and a demon, two incompatible things, unfolds in “Demon Slayer”.
In this new fierce battle story, Agatsuma Zenitsu has shown his unique personality as a badass character and is very popular among readers: his character’s settings, abilities, storyline and spoilers from his point of view.

【Zenitsu Agatsuma】He’s a wimp, but he loves women. What is his reason for being a unique individual and fighting despite his fears?

The protagonist: 16 years old, a member of the Onigiri-Tai (Onimator Squad), who is in sync with Tanjiro. One of the five people who successfully survived the grueling entrance exam.
He is a coward who despises his own strength and whispers “I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dying. He is very negative.
His blonde hair is cut short, and his thick, drooping eyebrows are clearly visible in his puckered bangs, and his eyes are marked with gloomy circles.
His blond hair is a mutation from a lightning strike while he was training, and was originally black.
He became a candidate swordsman when the person who helped him get into debt after being tricked by a woman was an “Ikute” (a person who trains demon killers), and his talent was discovered and he became a demon killer. He has no parents (whether he is an orphan or an abandoned child is unknown).
He is a slacker who met Sumijiro when he was assigned to the oni-killing squad and asked him for help due to his fear of demons.
He has no confidence in himself as a badass. He is also aware that no one expects him to be a badass. In fact, he hates himself and wishes to change his character and be useful to others.
His negative character is apparent, but he is kind in spirit. He noticed that Tamujiro was protecting a demon (actually, his younger sister, Neduko, who had been transformed into a demon) as soon as they met, but without knowing what was going on between Tamujiro and his siblings, he stepped forward to protect her (he later fell in love with her and took the initiative to protect her).
He has an unusually good sense of hearing and can even sense a person’s personality and state of mind from the sounds he hears from others. However, he is often deceived by people because of his propensity to “believe the people he wants to believe”.
He gets jealous and loses his temper as soon as he gets into a relationship with a woman, and he has a strong personality because he becomes a strong comedian when he’s in a trio with Inosuke Hashihira and Sumijiro. He also has a funny face.
He is snotty and tearful in front of demons and gets scared all the time, but when he meets a woman he says to her, “I don’t know when I’m going to die! So you want me to marry you! You can approach it by saying “Please! Positive in a way.
He is easily knocked out by tension and fear, but losing consciousness relieves him of his extreme nervousness and allows him to show his true strength in his sleep. He fights while asleep, but when he wakes up, he doesn’t understand what’s going on and doesn’t know what he’s capable of.

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呼吸の流派全集中/雷の呼吸 (基本の五大呼吸の一つ)。全六種の型があるが、善逸は「壱ノ型」しか取得をしておらず、極めた「壱ノ型」を応用して戦闘している。

居合の達人…善逸は唯一「壱ノ型」を用いるが、彼はその1点を極めたことにより鬼の目にも止まらぬ瞬速の居合で一刀両断する。正確には善逸の切り札は「壱ノ型 霹靂一閃 神速」という。この技は超速度を出すことができるが 一方で身体的負荷が大きく、連続して2度使うことは厳しい。限度を超えて酷使すると重度の骨折を起こし脚が変形するほど。もちろん、1度目を外しても善逸にかかるダメージは大きく諸刃の剣である。



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