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New Sakura Wars: How is Hatsuho Shinonomea maiden? The bold and crass-looking woman she really is

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We summarized one of the main characters in Shin Sakura Taisen, one of the main characters in the TV anime that will start in April 2020, Shin Shin Shinumo Hatsuho!
Despite her bold and crass appearance, she has a girly side to her, and she explains in detail her relationship with her best friend Sakura.

Hatsuho Shinonome Character Introduction

出典 : ©SEGA/SAKURA PROJECT : テレビアニメ『新サクラ大戦 the Animation』

She is a female character in “The New Sakura Wars” and is one of the heroines of the film.
Ten years after the demon war, she is struggling to become a member of the reborn “Imperial Assault Force, Hanagumi”, which was once defunct but was re-formed.

She is 17 years old and is a childhood friend of Amamiya Sakura, who is the same age as her.
She is also the daughter of the signboard of Shinonome Shrine, which has been in Teito for generations.

She wears her hair in a side-pony style with her red hair pulled back on the right side, and the miko costumes she wears on a daily basis and the shimenawa ropes she wears around her shoulders are her trademarks.
She is the second tallest member of the Hanagumi after Anastasia Palma.
She carries a huge hammer as tall as she is.

Her image color is red.
Not only does she wear her hair and scarlet hakama, but her geta (geta) on her feet are also bright red in color.

She is a genuine Edo-ko born in the downtown area and is well-liked by the people around her.
She is also a highly skilled miko, and is responsible for controlling and managing the giant crystal of spirituality enshrined in the courtyard of the Imperial Theater.

She has a good-natured personality, magnanimous at best and crass at worst.
He is the type of person who speaks clearly, which can work in the right direction or cause conflict.
On the other hand, she is angry, but she is basically a kind and caring girl who is trusted by the Hanagumi members and relied upon as a leader.

She is voiced by Uchida Maki (Uchida Maya).

A girl who looks crass but is actually a damsel?

出典 : ©SEGA : 新サクラ大戦(PlayStation®4専用ソフトウェア)

Hatsuho’s visuals are crass in every way: the wide open bosom, the provocative look, and the fact that her acquisition is a sledgehammer.
And in fact, roughness is part of her personality.
For better or worse, Hatsuho is the type to speak her mind and express her opinions in a straightforward manner, and because she is a fighter and is quick to get out of hand, she is not very careful or sensitive in her daily speech and behavior.

On the other hand, she is also a kind person who is considerate of others.
At the same time, she is also a balanced person who is surprisingly the most pragmatic person in the Hanagumi.

When Kamiyama Seijuro, the protagonist of the film, is appointed as the captain of the Imperial Assault Force, the Hanagumi, and visits the Imperial Theater, the four members of the Hanagumi are Hatsuho, Sakura, Clarice, and Mochizuki Azami.
Azami was away from the Teigeki for a different mission, so she had to deal with all three of them, but Sakura is totally devoted to her ideals, and Clarice is in a state of grief about the current state of the Kagekidan, and so on, and so forth.

The Hanagumi was once a thriving troupe, but the former stars such as Sakura Shinguji have disappeared, and the only remaining member Sumire Kanzaki has also retired from the troupe, and the new members are all new to the troupe, so at first glance it seems like Clarice has the most realistic outlook, but in her case, she has given up from the beginning, and at least at this point in her career, she seems to have decided that there is no point in doing anything about it.
Sakura, on the other hand, is so focused on her dream of reviving the Hanagumi that it’s hard to deny her blindness.

Compared to those girls, Hatsuho’s attitude is within the bounds of common sense.
She is not confident in her own acting ability, and she made some negative comments when she made many mistakes in the performance of “Momotaro”, but she is still cheerful and upbeat, disliking the mood of the show.
She is very friendly to Seijuro, the new leader of the troupe, from the first meeting and is not exclusive in any way.

This sense of balance is what makes her the leader of the Hanagumi.
Normally she would be the mood maker type of character, but in reality she is inspired by the reckless and forward-thinking Sakura, but she doesn’t completely agree with her, she doesn’t deny Clarice’s negativity, and on the other hand, she doesn’t take a step back and let the troupe get on with it.

That kind of character would be the “Okan type”, but Hatsuho is not in that position.
She seems relatively stable in the Hanagumi, but she herself is still immature and not quite mature enough to be called a mature adult.
Even so, she is able to maintain a balance because Hatsuho is not only crass, but also has a “maiden” side to her.

As she gets to know Seijuro, she comes to trust him and shows her desire for him to see her as a woman through her facial expressions and attitude, she is shy when he asks her out on a date, and she is honestly happy when he praises her, showing her girlish side that is appropriate for her age.
She understands how she is perceived by the people around her and usually hides her true feminine side so as not to deviate from it.

It’s clear that she is a general character, but at the same time she has a sensitive side, and she may be the most maiden in the Hanagumi.



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