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【 Smile down the runway】A roundup of anime highlights and information! Airing schedule, staff and voice actor information all in one place (2020 winter anime)

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The anime “Smile down the runway” will start in January 2020. Set in the fashion industry, we’ve compiled a roundup of the appeal of the work, staff, information on the voice actors and more.

Work Summary

Smile down the runway is a manga work serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine by Word Inotani.
The series began in issue 26, 2017, and as of October 2019, the book is on sale in 12 volumes.
It is a story that strongly depicts the “fashion industry”, and it depicts a boy “Ikuto Miyakumura” who wants to become a designer and a girl “Chiyuki Fujito” who wants to become a top model but is hindered by her lack of height, as these two desperately work hard to achieve their dreams.

Although it is a unique work with a “fashion” theme, the storyline is a classic boys’ manga.
Through encountering people, growing up, and working hard, the characters overcome barriers, and then an even bigger wall appears on the other side.

The characters’ struggles to overcome these barriers will make the reader’s heart burn with passion.

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A story with two protagonists, the “designer” and the “model”

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There are two main characters in Smile down the runway.
The main character is Ikuto Tomura, an aspiring designer.
The other is Chiyuki Fujito, an aspiring model.
They are both in their third year of high school and are classmates. However, they didn’t have any contact with each other from the beginning.
One day, they came to know that Ikuto’s dream is to become a designer after a career choice survey and Chiyuki found out about it.

Ikuto’s dream is to be a designer and Chiyuki’s dream is to be a model, but they don’t always work together after that.
They are in completely different environments, and each of them are trying hard to cope with the challenges they are facing.
These two people will sometimes run into “common challenges” and receive inspiration from one of them, which will help them to grow even more.
The two protagonists are “two stories at once” as they struggle in the fashion industry from different perspectives.

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A success story about the growth of Ikuto Tumura

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The main character of “Smile down the runway” is Ikuto Tumura.
Ikuto has always loved making clothes and has always dreamed of becoming a designer. However, he is the eldest of four siblings in a motherless household, and his financial situation is not easy to deal with. There is no money to attend a fashion school. One option was a scholarship, but she thought, “If I find a job, my sisters can follow their favorite career path and dreams,” so she decided to find a job for her family instead of pursuing her own dreams.

However, when she tried to make clothes that “fit” Chiyuki Fujito, her father, who also runs a fashion brand, asked her to let him buy her clothing designs and asked if she wanted to be a designer at his house. I received a proposal to start working part-time.

In the end, it didn’t happen because she was still in high school, but she was introduced to a professional designer, and she started working part-time.

I was about to give up on my dream of becoming a fashion designer, but through a strange chain of events, I gradually but surely built up my career.

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The key words “Parisian” and “short

Chiyuki Fujito, the other protagonist of this work.
Her father is the president of a modeling agency, “MILNAGE”, which once produced models who appeared in the “Paris Collection”, one of the top fashion shows.
She was determined to become a “supermodel” and never neglected her lessons and continued to work hard.

Her looks and style were well worth the effort, and she was very well-groomed, but her height was sluggish and she stopped growing at 158cm.
It is said that she needs to be at least 165 cm to compete in Paris Collection, which is a big hindrance.
Even when she entered high school, she didn’t show any signs of growing, and after being branded by many people in the industry as “impossible to model with your height,” she was fired by her father from her agency.

Despite this, she never gave up and continued to pursue her dream of becoming a model for the Paris Collection with the belief that “height doesn’t matter” and never gave up.
In such a situation, she met Ikuto Tumura, who made her “clothes that fit her” and she passed the audition.
She passed the audition and her modeling career was restarted.

Ikuto and Chiyuki overturn their reputations in “The Reversal”

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Ikuto has extraordinary taste and skills as a designer, but since he is still in high school, he is usually taken for a loop.
However, when he actually shows off his skills, those in the fashion industry have no choice but to acknowledge his skills, and his reputation is reversed.
For fans of Ikuto’s work who are familiar with his talent and efforts, there are a number of scenes that are pleasing to the eye.

For example, in volume 2 of the book, the models in the fashion show were suddenly changed, and the sizes of the clothes to be displayed had to be adjusted.
And it was only 15 minutes long.
With no one else available to handle it, Ikuto comes forward, but the people around him don’t expect anything, they just despair.
Nevertheless, when the person in charge entrusts him with the job, he succeeds in creating an outfit that captivates everyone, from the customers to the exhibitors, in a very short amount of time.
She led a fashion show that was expected to end in disaster to become a huge success.

And Chisetsu was not even given a job as a model because of her “short stature”.
All the auditions that she was not allowed to apply for because she did not meet the requirements of her height.
However, a turning point comes to her in the 8th volume.
She suddenly decides to participate in a show at the cultural festival of Japan’s top fashion college.
She quickly changed out of her dozens of outfits as she walked back and forth down the runway, but the atmosphere of the venue changed drastically when she changed into an outfit made for Chiyuki with a motif of “wind”.
There, she released an overwhelming aura that seemed to dominate the entire venue, “an aura that seemed to take over the whole place as it is often seen in Paris,” and the judges and audience were captivated.
One of the top models watching the show as a member of the jury said, “How could such a girl be a model at a cultural festival?
After the show, the editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine Houen, who was one of the judges, scouted her directly and said, “Let’s make her an exclusive model.
This scouting led to a surge of modeling and talent work for her, and she began appearing in films.

It can be said that “Smile on the Runway” is a “success story of Ikuto Tumura and Chiyuki Fujito”, in which they overcome numerous difficulties.
In particular, I admire Ikuto’s increasingly reliable character.
The people around them who didn’t seem to care about them at first start start to appreciate them very highly, which is very exciting to watch.
The film depicts how they receive a “return of the hand”, so to speak.

Two “business associates” that help each other improve

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Ikuto Tumura and Chiyuki Fujito… “Laughing on the Runway” basically tells the story from their own perspectives, and it’s not a story of two people aiming to be the top of the fashion world together.

Still, it’s not a completely separate story.
Encouragement and encouragement when you run into seemingly insurmountable difficulties…
We just happen to be on the same job and…
Gradually, they develop a “workmate” relationship.

Their relationship, which is portrayed at a perfect distance, is not a love story or a businesslike relationship, but rather a “mutually enhancing” one.



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