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【Rent-A-Girlfriend】Can Ruka Sarashina Create a Carnivorous Heroine Boom? Verification Summary

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From the TV anime “Rent-A-Girlfriend” that will be aired in the summer of 2020, we have a big feature on one of the heroines, Ruka Sarashina!
This is a thorough examination of whether or not this modern-day heroine, who has a loli-like appearance and is single-minded, but is actually quite the carnivore, can establish an era!

Ruka Sarashina Character Overview

出典 : © 宮島礼吏・講談社/「彼女、お借りします」製作委員会 : TVアニメ『彼女、お借りします』公式サイト

She is one of the female characters and heroines in “Rent-A-Girlfriend”.
She is a beautiful girl with a short cut and big ribbons, and her appearance is so distinctive that just walking around her can cause a stir.
She is small in stature, but her breasts are quite large and fall into the category of big breasts.

Like the main heroine, Chizuru Mizuhara, she works as a “rental girlfriend,” a service provider who acts like a girlfriend to customers.
However, she seems to belong to an office called “Maple,” which is different from the “Diamond” office to which Chizuru belongs.
When she works as a renkano, she goes by the name “Sarashina Ruka”.

She plays a quiet character as Renkano, but in reality she is an aggressive and rash person.
She is so passionate that she will make a bold confession to the person she likes, even if she knows that the person likes a girl other than herself.
However, he is not insensitive, and is sometimes moved to tears by the remorse he feels for the trouble he is causing the other person, but he still tries his best to approach her.

She is voiced by Nao Higashiyama.

A heroine’s first love that can’t be thrilled

出典 :

The person that Ruka has such fierce feelings for, that she sometimes forgets herself, is Kazuya Kinoshita, the main character of the story and a self-confessed “bum”.
Why has Ruka fallen in love with such a person?
I’d like to say that it was because of a very dramatic encounter, but the encounter between the two was not such a good one.

Kazuya was despondent after his ex-girlfriend Mami Nanami broke up with him after only a month, so he used the services of Renkano to heal his heart.
Chizuru appears before him as his Renkano.
After that, Kazuya began to pretend to everyone that Chizuru was his real girlfriend, using the fact that his grandmother liked her as an excuse.

Chizuru is naturally very annoyed, but since they live next door to each other, she reluctantly agrees to help him.
The two develop a strange relationship of false lovers.

One day, Kazuya’s friend Shun Kuribayashi suggests that they go on a double date since he has a new girlfriend, and he takes Chizuru to the meeting place.
He takes Chizuru with him to the meeting place, where Ruka appears as Kuribayashi’s girlfriend.

The date went smoothly, but as soon as …… Ruka was alone with Chizuru, she suddenly asked Chizuru, “You’re a rental girlfriend, right? I’m sure you’ll understand.
This is the first time that I’ve ever seen such a thing.

After that, the situation takes an unexpected turn.
It turns out that Ruka is also Renkano.
Suddenly, Ruka appears at their apartment and asks Kazuya to go out with her in exchange for not revealing Chizuru’s occupation.

The reason why he fell in love with her was because “if a person can be serious about Renkano, his real girlfriend is someone he can take very good care of.
Apparently, Ruka was working as a Renkano to find such a person.
She then begs him to make her his girlfriend with a threatening confession, and when Kazuya rejects her, she cries and screams about how she can’t give up.

When Kazuya rejects her, she cries and screams about how she can’t give up on him. The reader can’t help but be confused by this.
However, it seems that Ruka had her own reasons for not backing down.

Ruka’s heart rate was below average, around 60 beats per minute, and she suffered from a congenital disease that caused dizziness and shortness of breath during intense exercise.
The disease seemed to cause shortness of breath when he got excited, and his parents forbade him to do anything that made him nervous.

After that, Ruka was able to lead a normal school life with little interference in her life, but because she continued to live her life under the restrictions of ……, she was unable to get excited even when riding roller coasters, and her heart rate always remained below 60. My heart rate is always below 60.
My heart rate was always below 60, and I spent my days without any excitement, to the point that I ridiculed myself as if I were a robot.

Still unable to give up the thrill of love, Ruka’s only hope is to find a “rental girlfriend.
She thought that falling in love would give her a thrill, but she never felt any crush on her classmates or other men around her, so she started Renkano.
However, it is unlikely that she will find true love through Renkano, and gradually Ruka reaches a point of resignation, thinking, “I can live with this.

That’s when she meets Kazuya, who even gets down on his knees for Renkano’s Chizuru.
He is a man who repeatedly gets down on his knees and sells them cheaply, but Ruka couldn’t possibly know that, and when she sees how desperate he is for Renkano, her heart starts to race.

Her heart was beating at 79 beats per minute.

Crying with relief that she wasn’t a robot, Ruka fell head over heels in love with Kazuya, the only person who could provide her with the thrill.
Her persistence paid off and she ended up going out with Kazuya in the form of a girlfriend (tentative).

The age of the carnivorous girl has arrived!

出典 :

Ruka, who has become his girlfriend (temporary), makes a fierce appeal to Kazuya.
Even though she is temporary, she is his girlfriend, so it is natural for them to meet regularly and go on dates.
In fact, she even goes to Kazuya’s room to cook for him, acting like a commuter wife.

And that’s not all.
Immediately after visiting Kazuya’s room, she locks the door, takes a shower, and even prepares contraceptives for him, showing the face of a super carnivorous girl that is rarely seen in romantic comedies in general magazines.

It’s not that the aggressive behavior itself is unusual.
In the past, romantic comedies had at least one sexy character who seduced the protagonist, and since the popularity of harem romances, scenes of heroines boldly pestering the protagonist have become commonplace and even a familiar sight in romantic comedies.

However, most of the works with scenes where the heroine presses the protagonist have an erotic style as a whole.
On the other hand, “She’s Borrowed” has some erotic elements, but it’s not the type of romantic comedy that has a service scene every time.

On top of that, Ruka is the complete opposite of a sexy older sister, she is more of a loli character.
It is quite unusual for a non-erotic romantic comedy work to have such a young-looking girl take such a graphic action as preparing a contraceptive in advance.

However, if it was just that gap, many readers would have been turned off.
In the case of Ruka, while she shows her desire to have sex, she always has a sense of embarrassment, and her desperation because she knows Kazuya has another true love makes her actions seem more healthy rather than repulsive.

In past romantic comedies, heroines who are active in love to some extent have gained popularity, while heroines who are aggressive in a sexual sense have not always been the most popular.
However, since “Karakai wo tsukari no Takagi-san”, there has been an increase in the number of works in which the heroine plays with the hero, and as a result, the aggressive heroine has become the standard among romantic comedy lovers.

In fact, Ruka is so popular that she is competing for the top spot among the heroines of “She, I Borrow”.
If she becomes popular as a result of the anime adaptation, it is quite possible that the era of the carnivorous heroine will finally arrive.


In the past, the image of single-mindedness = neatness, and it was hoped that a single-minded, healthy heroine would not give off any scent of sexuality, but this diversified modern age has led to the creation of the “carnivorous single-minded heroine.
I think Ruka might become one of the leading characters of that genre in the future!

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