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[Azure Lane] The second season is a sure thing! What is the true intent of establishing an animation production company?

An in-depth look at the possibility of a second season of the popular game Azure Lane, which was made into an anime in the fall of 2019 to much fanfare!
We’ve put together a recap of disc sales, the current popularity of the discs, and the impact of the newly launched production company, as well as a discussion of their true intentions!

Successfully differentiated from the other ships and established in Japan

Azure Lane is a smartphone game app from China that was released in 2017.
The genre of the game is a nurturing simulation game with anthropomorphic and bishoujo-ized ships, and the combat takes place in a side-scrolling shooter.

The game was created with the Japanese market in mind at the development stage, including the use of Japanese voice actors and illustrators, and launched in Japan four months after its release in China.
In just two months, the number of registered users surpassed 3 million, and the abbreviated name “Azuren” has taken hold, making it an instant favorite.

On the other hand, “Fleet Korekshoun” is already a popular game in Japan, and because it has more than a few things in common with “Fleet Korekshoun”, the two games were compared quite often at first, and there were heated discussions among fans.

After that, however, the two games went their different ways.
Whereas in recent years the ship has focused on real events and expanded in directions that fans didn’t expect, Azureen has focused on adding characters and gameplay.
Because of the differentiation between the strategic nature of this game and the high action nature of Azuren in terms of combat, the separation between the two games was established relatively early on, and both have matured as content that has a large number of fans.

Azurene, which has more than 6 million registered users and is completely established in Japan, also has a lot of media mixes, with the serialization of “Azurene Official 4 Komas: Bisoku Zensin! as well as a series of comic book and novelization works.
And in the fall of 2019, we began broadcasting the fan-anticipated TV anime.

Anime disc sales are strong

Most anime based on games are basically geared towards the fans who play them, and the Azureen anime was no exception, with its emphasis on entertaining fans.

As a result, the first volume of the Blu-ray/DVD (disc) released in December 2019 sold over 8,000 copies.
It got off to a good start.

Eleven films have sold more than 8,000 disc volumes in 2019, including Blades of Demise and Bride of the Fifth Class.
If it continues to grow, it could even make it into the top 10.

Volume 1 disc sales for 2019 (as of February 9, 2020)
*1st place 29,000 Manalia Friends
*2nd place 25,000 Blades of Annihilation
*Third place 18,000 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation Season2
*No. 4 15,000 Chemulixa
*5th place 15,000 An-san Buru Stars!
*No.6 14,000 Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV
*7th place 11,000, the bride of the fifth class
*No.8 10,000 Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Monster Battle Line Babylonia
*No.9 10,000 Sword Art Online Alization War of Underworld
No.10 0.9 Thousand Thousand Thousand
11th place, 0.8 thousand, Azure Lane.

The two volumes released since then have also sold over 6,000 copies.
With no significant drop in sales expected in the future, an average of 6,000-7,000 copies is expected.
This shows the amount of fans and also shows that the numbers were sufficient to produce a second season.



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