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[Story of the elder sister who wants to feed male high school students] Thoroughly verify the possibility of animation! The number of people waking up to their sister attribute is rapidly increasing! ?

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We have put together a series of manga “The story of an older sister who wants to feed a male high school student” in the Weekly Shonen Magazine!
As well as the basic information and attraction of this work, we will deliver verification etc. about the possibility that this work that has been long hit will be animated!

The story that a boy who is fed with an older sister who wants to feed a high school boy is cute

“The story of an older sister who wants to feed a male high school student” is a manga work serialized by Mr. Eiji in the weekly Shonen Magazine.
This is a Web manga originally published by Mr. Eiji in his own account, and after gaining explosive popularity on the Web, started weekly serialization from the 2019 issue of magazine.
Two volumes have been published by December 2018.

The contents of such this work are the “Story of the elder sister who wants to feed male high school students” title itself.
When my parents are in debt and they are evaporated, they are left alone in a single apartment and forced to sell their organs from a scary man. Soramoto Minoru, a mystery that is taking over his debt and feeding it for free. It is a story of my sister.

Mr.Minoru is a little boy’s face, and is a high school boy with a cute appearance.
Amiability is also good, and it seems that she has been smiling and greetings to her sister who lived next to the empty book family.

The older sister is so obsessed with such a real kun, it is described as “living food” “angel” etc.
When it was hard to work, they gave up their delusions to endure them, and they kept saving money they earned, and as a result they saved a considerable amount of money, and even after paying the debts of the empty homeowners, they have a luxury room It seems that there are abundant economic conditions such as providing.

So what kind of job did you earn so much money … unknown.
On the contrary, most personal data such as name and age are unknown.

Mr.Minoru is asking you to tell me your name many times, but it doesn’t tell me “If you call me your name, you will never die …”.
It’s just a shame, there’s a deep reason but I’m not saying it, I’m not sure yet.
It is a mysterious sister.

The few personal information of such mysterious sisters are published at the end of the book.
According to it … chest I cup!
The appearance is also a pretty beautiful woman, the specs are very high women.

In addition, she is a sister who has some common sense thinking except for a behavior that seems to be “a woman who is full of a desire to feed a younger boy and is finally realized”, and the parent is I understand that living in my own room without consent is a threat to theft, and I am given permission to Mr.Minoru’s evaporated parents to clear it (how I did not know how), I have succeeded in legally feeding high school boys.

However, it seems that the stopper which stops runaway does not work about Minoru, and when he takes a very special attitude, he enters the toilet and says, “I am not too good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screaming !!! !!! !!!! ??? and etc., and when I touch the finger of Mr.Minoru- unknowingly, “This finger !! I can not wash another life !!” It seems.

On the other hand, Mr.Minoru also feels more than annoyance to her sister, and it seems that she is puzzled but not full.
It is a very sound boy, thinking that she works to break down the present condition of her while she is excited to live with her beautiful sister.

This work is a story that drew the daily life of two such cute people with comedy touch.
In terms of genre, it is an older sister-based comedy, and it does not fall under the category of “Please Shota”.



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