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How much eroticism is there in anime?

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A special feature on anime based on “erotic games”, which are not allowed to be played by those under 18 and are an endless dream for children!
We’ve selected the top 10 selling Blu-ray and DVD titles and presented them in a ranking format! Which anime based on erotic games sold the most?


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Although Leaf had produced many big hits such as “Shizuku”, “Scar”, “ToHeart”, and “Komikku Party”, the company rapidly lost momentum after 2000, and even when new titles were released, they did not receive as high a reputation as before.
Due in part to this, this game, released in 2002, did not seem to have a successful start in terms of sales.
However, it was well-received and sold well, and in 2006, it was ported to consumers and made into a TV anime, and is now a representative work of Leaf (Aqua Plus).

In 2006, the game was ported to consumers and made into a TV anime, and is now Leaf’s (Aqua Plus) representative work. The anime was also a hit, selling about 8,000 copies, thanks to the centripetal force of popular characters such as Eruru and Eruru, and the story that was highly evaluated in the game version.
The original work is so thin on erotic scenes that it is said that “the sex scene is over in three clicks,” and the anime is also full of wholesome erotic scenes such as bathing scenes.

No.9:Yosuga no Sora

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This work, known as one of the most erotic anime based on erotic games, has entered the Top 10.
The original work is an eroge released by the Sphere brand, and the character design and original art by Takashi Hashimoto of “With You ~Mitsumeteitai~” and Hiro Suzuhira of “SHUFFLE!

The anime adaptation was released in 2010, and although it was controversial among fans of the original game because the content was quite different from the original, its extreme content was well received by male anime fans, and it sold about 8,000 copies.
The anime has become far more famous than the original game.

No.8:Rumbling Hearts

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Around the year 2000, the eroge industry was in a period of expansion and growth, and many eroge titles from that time period were story-oriented due in part to the influence of the crying game boom, and many writers who later became active in the general public, such as Gen Urobuchi, Jun Maegusa, Fumiaki Maruto, and Romeo Tanaka, came into the world.
This work is also a masterpiece born from such a trend of the times. The two-part structure of the first part depicting the hero and heroine in their school days, and the second part where several years pass after one of the heroines is knocked unconscious in a car accident, was very well received, and it became a work of great success for âge, who later created the historical masterpiece “Muv-Luv Alternative”. The anime adaptation took place in 2003.

The anime adaptation took place in 2003 and was a hit, selling over 8,000 copies.
It is one of the most erotic anime based on eroge, with a lot of wet scenes.

No.7:Maidens are in love with their sisters

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The romance ADV “The Virgin is in Love with Her Older Sister” released in 2005 by Caramel Box, an erotic game brand that is still active today, ranked at the top.
The story about a boy who dresses up as a girl and goes undercover in an all-girls school was well received, and was made into an anime in 2006 under the title “Otome wa Oniisama ni Koishiteru”, which became a hit with over 9,000 copies sold.

The title tends to be misunderstood as a yuri work, but there are no yuri elements at all.
Incidentally, another yuri anime based on an erotic game is “Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizukewosita”, which was made into an OVA.

No.6:To Heart‎

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It is one of the most influential games in the eroge world, and is Leaf’s most popular work.
This work is the third in a series called “Visual Novel”, which follows the trend of sound novels represented by “Little Brother’s Cut Grass” and “Night of the Kamai Tachi” and adopts a system that displays the characters of the scenario on the entire screen.
Until then, eroge had been a hit with works that emphasized “intense erotic scenes” and “gameplay,” such as the SLG classmate series and the RPG Rance series, but after this work, a “gal game + novel game,” became a historical hit, eroge after that became a barrage of school romance ADVs that emphasized character moe. The anime aired in 1999.

The anime was broadcast in 1999.
At the time, it was unusual for an original eroge work to be made into an anime, but it sold an average of over 10,000 copies (including VHS and LD).
The erotic scenes were all cut and there was no eroticism at all.

To Heart 2″, in which “Tama-sister” caused a huge boom, was also a hit.



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