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[Eighth Man, that’s not going to happen! Louise is a losing heroine! A summary of information about the poor fighting girl [spoiler]

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A very popular work, “Eighth Son, That’s Not It!”, which has been at the top of the novel submission site “Let’s Become a Novelist” ranking for many years. . This time, I’m not going to be able to do that. I’ve put together some information on Louise, the poor frame heroine from!

”Eight men, that’s not going to happen! ”What is?

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“Eight men, that’s not going to happen!” Eighth Man for short is the story of Shingo Ichimiya, an ordinary salaryman who is reincarnated in another world. As the title of the book suggests, Wendelin, whose spirit has been transferred to the main character, is the eighth son of an insular country nobleman. With no right to declare his estate and no guarantee for his future, the story is about him living freely in a different world, making use of the magic he happens to be gifted with.

In 2014, the book version was published by “KADOKAWA”, and the total number of copies of the series has exceeded 250,000. Furthermore, it is a popular work that will be made into a TV anime produced by “Shin-ei Movie” in 2020.

Basic Information about Louise

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Louise’s real name is Louise Yolande Aurelia Ofervek. As you can tell from the length of her name, she is a girl born as the third daughter of a nobleman, albeit of a lower class. Her age when she first appeared was twelve years old, but she looks so young that Wendelin, the main character, describes her as only looking about ten years old.

However, although she has a young raccoon face according to Wendelin, she is also a beautiful girl with a light blue shortcut that looks good on her. Her family runs a dojo of a school called “Madouryu”, and she is also a user of the school. She is a student at the “Adventurer’s Preparatory School”, which is the place where she met Vendelin, as a special scholarship student, making use of her fighting skills.

Louise’s character

Louise is as childish as she looks. In addition, her first name is “Boku” and she is not a very girly person. In addition, Louise once applied to form an adventurer’s party without Wendelin’s permission. This is the result of her understanding of Wendelin’s strength and working to benefit herself.

As you can see, Louise seems to act quite intuitively on many occasions. Because she often acts like this, her best friend Ena, who is in the same party, commented, “What a positive action…”.

Louise’s Voice Actor

The TV anime “Yatsuo, that’s not going to happen! The voice of Louise in the movie is voiced by voice actor Yuna Mimura. Mimura Yuna’s agency is “Gekidan Himawari”. She has a history of being active as a child actor and is an actress who has appeared in many dramas. Her best known work in TV anime is “Aikatsu! and Riko Izumi in Hane Bato.

Is Louise strong?

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Eight men, you can’t do that! is a work with a lot of fight scenes, despite the fact that most of the main characters are nobles. Even Louise, a wielder of the Madouryu style, has chosen to become an adventurer, since she has no right to take over the family dojo because she is the third daughter. The protagonist, Wendelin, is one of the strongest levels of strength in the work, but how strong is his party member, Louise?

What is Magic fight?

The Magic fight is a school that, as the name implies, transforms magical power into fighting spirit and uses one’s own body to perform techniques. In the world of this work, very few people are born with magical power to begin with. That is to say, Louise was born with magical power when she was born.

By the way, the amount of magic power in this world is roughly divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced. Although Louise’s brother and father were also users of the Martial Arts School, it seems that among them, Louise had the most magic power, and it seems that she was the best at fighting.

Even stronger with the guru and his training

The “Helmut Kingdom” is the main setting of this work. The strongest people in the country are the main character Wendelin and Armstrong, the royal court’s first mage, who is said to be the strongest in the country. Since Louise is in the same party as Wendelin, you would think that she would be able to get him to train her.

However, Wendelin’s magic is mainly specialized for medium to long range and wide range, which is not a good match for Louise, who does close combat. Armstrong was chosen to be Louise’s training partner. Armstrong uses magic to embody a large mallet and armor, and beats to death enemies such as demonic beasts. He seems to be a good match for Louise, who transforms her magical power into fighting spirit and fights in close quarters.

As a result of her spartan training under Armstrong, Louise’s fighting power has increased. The amount of magic power that was at the intermediate level has also increased to the advanced level. In terms of pure combat power, it was the highest level of strength in the Helmut Kingdom.

After completing his training, Louise used her power to completely destroy the giant, mountain-like Rock Gigant Golem in the Hellmut Kingdom’s uncivilized Hertania Valley with the ultimate secret technique of the fighting style, the ‘Big Bang Attack’. Incidentally, the Big Bang Attack is a simple technique that involves hitting the enemy with a fist full of fighting spirit.

The art of louise

When in combat, Louise always wraps her body in fighting spirit to enhance her physical abilities. Basically, this is enough to give you fighting power, but you can also use “High Speed Flight”, which moves through the air at high speed, and “Meditation”, which uses your own magical power to increase your recovery speed. And the “Big Bang Attack”, which crushed the Rock Gigant Golem, can also be used as a special move, although it is also more frequent and physically demanding.



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