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【Pokemon】What is Musashi’s hidden past? Here’s a summary of information about Musashi

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Musashi, along with Kojiro and Meowth, stands in front of Satoshi as a Rocket Team. He has a strong image of being blown away by Pikachu and having a failed mission.
In reality, however, he is an elite member of the Rocket Clan and a talented coordinator.
In this article, we have compiled basic information about Musashi from his personality to his unknown past.

Basic Information on Musashi

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We will look back at the following four items of basic information about Musashi.

・Possession Pokémon


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Mousasi’s character can be described in one word: strong-minded, egotistical, and selfish. He is a narcissist and has a glimpse of pride.
He can say, “What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine,” as if he’s some kind of brat.
It’s easy to see that he has a problem with character, isn’t it? However, sometimes she’s a big sister who will protect you regardless of your allies and enemies. It can be said that she has a high level of humanity that makes it hard to believe she’s just a villain.


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The basic design of the Rockettes’ uniforms are all black, giving them an air of an evil organization.
However, the color of Musashi’s uniform is white. The design of his uniform is white, and the design is also special, with an open belly.
How did Mousasi manage to wear such a special uniform? According to Mousasi, “A normal uniform doesn’t fit my aesthetic sense.
The request he sent to his boss was granted, and he now wears a special uniform. The fact that he sends his request to his boss because it doesn’t match his aesthetic sense shows how strong his core is.


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The most eye-catching feature of Mousasi’s appearance is her long, red hair, which extends to her waist. As they say “hair is a woman’s life”, both Mousasi and himself take great care of their hair.
His hair is damaged by Pokémon attacks, such as Pikachu’s Ten Man Volts, which is a problem for Musashi. When a Firefly-type Pokémon burned his hair, he was so shocked that he fainted.
When a Pokémon cut his hair or bit it off, he was furious. The rage was so great that I would knock down the Pokémon that hurt my hair with my bare hands.
Its long red color makes you want to touch it, but it’s best not to touch Musashi’s hair.
His hair is tied up in a single bun, which was designed in the image of the Rockettes’ “R”. It’s true that depending on the way Mousasi stands, his whole body may feel like he’s expressing R.
The reference for Musashi’s design was Doronjo from Yatterman, the Rockettes and the Dorombo gang, since they are a trio of women, and there is some overlap between the Rockettes and the Dorombo gang.

Possession Pokémon

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The Pokémon you’ve had in your hand are as follows. You can see that Mousasi’s Pokémon tend to be mostly of the Terrible and Ghost types.


The reason why there are so many Pokémon of the poisonous and ghost types is because they look good on the bad guys,” he says. As long as Musashi is in the Rocket Pack, we can expect to see more Pokémon of the Badass and Ghost types.

His knowledge of Pokémon is limited, and even if he owns a Pokémon, he often gets the names and techniques wrong. Of course, they can’t tell the difference in gender.
Kojiro, who works with them, has a lot of knowledge about Pokémon, and they seem to be able to keep up with him.

Despite his lack of knowledge, Musashi’s love for Pokémon is genuine.
The Rockettes plan to take over the world with strong Pokémon, so they may let go of weak Pokémon.
However, Mousasi, despite being a Rocket Clan, does not let go of a Pokémon, even a weak one. He wants his Pokémon to be happy and raises them with love.
If it weren’t for the Rockettes, he’d be a top-class Pokémon breeder.



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