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【Golden Kamui】 The tattoo human skin secret revealed! What? We anticipate future developments! 【Spoiler】 # Golden Kamui

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“Golden Kamui” greeted the final round with popular animation series also popular.
Although it is not a violent book work, at the Young Jump 2 No. released on December 13, a serious secret became clear.
he cipher of the tattoo human skin which was presented from the start of the story, a hint to solve the mystery was presented.
Golden Kamui is keeping an eye on increasingly. I have summarized the current situation and future development forecasts!

I can not ask now, Golden Kamui’s colorful

“Golden Kamui” is a manga work by Noda Satoru, which is serialized in the weekly Young Jump.
Battle and history, romance, hunting and gourmand adventure play, which will be held around the Ainu ‘s secret gold block that will be hundreds of billions of billions of modern values, set in Hokkaido – Karafuto at the end of the Meiji era.

The return samurai who has the alias of “immortality” · Sugimoto Sayichi, the girl of Ainu who seeks the truth of the death of the father · Asilipa as the main axis, the last samurai who is still thriving old · Hijikata Tosizou, the goal of independence of Hokkaido There are also seven divisions and other group image plays in which charming charming characters are narrowing and raging.

Sugimoto Saiti

eturning soldiers of the Russo-Japanese War. She has the alias of “Splendor of Splendor of Immortality” and possesses a cunning life force that survives from the edge of death no matter what major injury it is.
I am going to aim for a catch-up fight to see a woman who was a deceased friend’s wife and childhood friend to a foreign doctor.


Ainu girl. In order to find a father / wilk who was lost in the train surrounding the hidden gold bullion, I join a trip to collect tattoo human skin with Sugimoto.
Although my father was shot and killed in front of me, although I am separated from Sugimoto, I also follow the location of hidden gold bars he hid in order to know the true meaning of Wilk.

Ogata Hyakunosuke

Former seventh division soldier. Repeat betrayal, now keep traveling pursuing hidden gold bullion with Wilk ‘s old fellows and Asilipas.
It is a master of the sniper, shot him with the old friend of Wilk and shoot him. At this time, he also shoots the head of Sugi, but Asilipa does not know that it is the work of Ogata.

Hidden gold bodies of Ainu

An enormous amount of gold pieces that some Ainu secretly collected due to an armed uprising to the Japanese. Hundreds of billions of yen as its current value. Around this, Sugimoto and his colleagues, prisoners who carved a tattoo human skin led by Hijikata Tosizou, a seventh division of Hokkaido stationed in Hokkaido aiming at rebellion, old fellows of Wilk are fighting fighting.

Tattoo leather

A mysterious tattoo composed of kanji and mysterious patterns carved into 24 prisoners prisoned from Abashiri prison. It was Wilk who only knows the location of the gold bolster that carved this, it is said that it is a cipher that describes its secret place.

What is the secret of the tattoo human skin encryption that was finally revealed?

While traveling with Sakura and my old fellows, the door of memories of Asilipa, whose father, Wilk knew the side I had not known, opens.

That is his name as Ainu whose name his wife loves, Wilk taught only to Asiripa. Asilipa, Wilk, his wife … secret word that only the family knows. Two of them are no longer in this world.
That is his name as Ainu whose name his wife loves, Wilk taught only to Asiripa. Asilipa, Wilk, his wife … secret word that only the family knows. Two of them are no longer in this world.
If this is the secret of cryptography, it may be close at the time when the secret place of gold bump becomes clear.

A cod code of a tattoo human skin which anyone could not solve, either in production or real!

As the popularity of the work called Golden Kamui increased, the tattoo human skin encryption came up close-up as well.
In the present age where information is exchanged at high speed through the Internet, it is often a case that the mystery told in the creation is unveiled to someone of the fans as soon as possible.
owever, I do not hear the story that someone has solved the encryption of this tattooed human skin of this golden kamui. Despite being clearly depicted in the works even if not all, the actual tattoo human skin,
Here we will explain the double triple mechanism that Wilk has prepared to protect the secret of the secret gold block.

The majority of the tattoo skin was fake!?

A combination of Kanji and a pattern, a cryptic cryptic which does not understand at all what it meant by itself. There are not a lot of readers who thought “It is a type of cryptogram that I do not know unless I gather it all.”
If it opens the lid, it is unexpected that it was meaningless and unnecessary in the really necessary cipher, and it was mixed with unrecognizable fake if there is no knowledge … It is completely unexpected.
In the process, there is an episode that the seventh division tries to confuse the competitors by making a fake tattoo human skin, but Wilk himself was also captured in prison while doing their prospect It is.

Asilipa can not read kanji?

Ainu is a race without letters. Asilipa can not read the letters, and in the process there is a scene to ask “This is what it is written”.
In other words, even if Asilipa notices the secret of cryptography, she can not decipher it by herself.
At the time there was a school for the Ainu, and after having broken up with himself, Asilipa could have had plenty of Japanese there, but from Wilk who knows her daughter well, “It is not because of the character of Asilipa” I could have done it.
A cryptic code that can not be solved unless Asilipa and Wakata cooperate, why did Wilk have prepared such a thing? If something is meaningful, what exactly is it …?

Those who catch up with the wolves

In the first place, if Asiripa had forgotten his father’s Ainu name, no one could solve the mystery of cryptography.

In the first place, if Asiripa had forgotten his father’s Ainu name, no one could solve the mystery of cryptography.
In fact, in addition to being separated from his father, Asilipa overlapped with a wolf who had been tied with a strong bond like a family, sealed at the bottom of the memory without being conscious of this name meaning “a person who catches up with a wolf” I was disappointed.
As a result, it takes a reasonable amount of time for her to remember this name, and the fight over the tattoo human skin has intensified, but the fact that he has charged such a strict fake itself is “Asilipa immediately becomes a mystery You can also see it as safety when you did not notice.
Asilipa is the only person in this world who has the essential knowledge to reach the secret place of the gold block. If I knew it from the beginning, she would have been targeted.
If a double triple trap was to protect not only the secret of the secret gold braid but also the Asylipa and the Ainu of her village … the intelligence of a man named Wilk, the bottom is unknown.



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