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Why did [zombie land saga] succeed? Verification summary # zombie land saga

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We thoroughly examine why “zombie land saga” which became animation representing autumn cool of 2018 was able to succeed!
We will explore the reason why this animation hit from various viewpoints such as the pre-airway expectations, content and characters, and the number of Nico motions played!

Strict information regulation before broadcasting

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」公式サイト

In the early fall of 2018, an expectation ranking for the fall animation just before broadcast was announced in various media.
The sequels of the super-major animes such as Sword Art Online Arise and To Certain Magical III rank highs in the original novel and Comicalize in the blockbuster, which was a slime after transformation. Inside, “zombie land saga” was the following results.

Animate Times “Autumn Animation in 2018, What to See Questionnaire” … Out of 20
Anime! Anime! “What works have high expectations for the fall of 2018?” … 20th place out of range
Akiba Soken “What do you want to see in the next fiscal year?
PASH! PLUS “Everybody’s Selected 2018 Fall Animation Expected Works Ranking” … Out of 10
Carapedia “Most expected 2018 Fall anime work TOP 20!” … Out of 20

In short, it was a completely no-mark work.

However, there are clear reasons for this.
Before the broadcast, anime fans could hardly get any information about zombie land saga.
The production and broadcast of this work were announced on July 6, 2018.
At this time, only the title, broadcast time, and original animation produced by MAPPA x Avex Pictures x Cygames were announced.
The announcement at 3 months before the broadcast was late but not exceptional, and it seems that at this point it was still an ordinary anime.
The kickoff movies and visuals released at Anime Expo 2018 did not show any characters, and only the scenes with panic-like vibrancy were depicted.

The cast was released on August 31, one month before the broadcast.
However, even at this point, the details were not disclosed at all, and the PV and the main visual were finally released on September 10, and the visuals and voices of each character were revealed, but the contents remained secret.

After that, the pre-screening was held on September 22, but the name of the performance is “” No pledge “pre-screening”.
It is clear that thorough information restrictions were in place.

In this way, the zombie land saga will reach October 4 of the broadcast day without the contents being revealed until the broadcast.

Hiding the contents thoroughly is “for shocking the audience in the first episode”.
If the first episode is something without any paradox, the viewer will have a shoulder watermark.
If that happens, things that were hidden become rather negative.

It is no exaggeration to say that the zombie land saga’s fortune was all about the first episode.

Impact “1 minute 14 seconds”

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」公式サイト

The first episode of Zombie Land Saga started without revealing any content in advance, nailing the viewer in just 1 minute 14 seconds from the start of the broadcast.
The super-deployment that the main character from the Saga Prefecture, who is drowned in idol, Ms. Minamoto Sakura gets out of the house with the application for audition, and is hit by a light tiger!
Moreover, an unprecedented attempt was made to make the scene of the death of the protagonist an OP (one episode only).

Even with this “1 minute and 14 seconds from the start,” the death of the protagonist alone was well worth the information regulation, but the first episode of this film was not only that.

I was waiting for Sakura, who had revived as a zombie, for the mysterious producer Kotaro Tatsumi, who says, “I formed an idol with a zombie girl and saved Saga” and said something wildly innocent.
Pressed by his high tension and meaningless movements, in the first live I went out in the middle of a break, Sakura showed off with a headless enough to break the neck literally with six ego girls without zombie girls, chaos from beginning to end The one story full of closed the curtain.

The zombie land saga, which was thought to be a panic thing common to zombie animations, was a gag idol anime with an open lid.

After the end of the broadcast of the first episode that overturned this general expectation, a storm of acclaimed on the SNS, “Buttobi too,” “a horrible gap,” and “an outrageous anime has begun.”
Anime! Anime! In the questionnaire “Affordable to see the first episode in the autumn of 2018?”, Which was conducted later, ranked in 4th in imposing, and made a leap from the expected value ranking that was out of range.

There is no guarantee that the original animation will “become interesting from now on”, so if the first episode is not interesting it will be cut without mercy.
It is one of the reasons why the zombie land saga has succeeded by leaving the impact which is no more than that in the one story.

And there is one more effect that was created by this bleak episode.
It is the induction of the viewer point of view.

As the number of animations has increased and the choice of viewing environments has increased in recent years, what viewers demand for animation has changed from the past.
Viewers can now see the details in more detail, and rough settings and aggressive stories are much easier to criticize than before.

Zombie Land Saga has many aggressive settings and deployments.
It is unnatural to say that zombie sakuras can look perfectly the same as human beings with “special makeup”, or that love and Junko, who were popular idols in the past, did not easily see their faces.
It’s no wonder if it’s a normal animation with negative nuances.

However, showing off an unconventional view of the world in one episode quickly and thinking that “This is an animation that loses if it is Tsukkomi in a fine place” is successful, and this work is not a target of criticism Hmm.
It is the result of leading the viewer’s point of view not to the minus Tsukkomi place but to the plus Tsukkomi place.

The first episode “Good Morning SAGA” of Zombie Land Saga was a highly complete “grab” that we rarely see in recent years.



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