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【Careful brave】Ristalte vs. Aqua! Which is the true bad goddess!

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Pick up the goddess Ristalte from the Fall 2019 anime “Careful brave – This hero is too cautious for me TUEEE!”
She is attracting attention as a new bad goddess, and we thoroughly compare her abilities and her pompousness with that of her predecessor, Kono-Suba, Aqua!

Listarte Character Overview

A female character who appears in “Careful brave – This hero is too cautious for me TUEEE!”.
She is considered to be a heroine.

She is the goddess of healing in the Unified God Realm, and is nicknamed “Lista”.
Although 100 years have passed since her birth, she is still a neophyte among the goddesses, and while she is adored by her seniors Ariadore, Goddess of Seals, and Hestica, Goddess of Fire, she is underestimated by Valkyrie, Goddess of Destruction.
Nevertheless, he has saved five worlds in the past and summons the astonishingly high-status Ryuguin Seiya as a hero in order to save the world Gea Brande, a new “S-ranked” world of difficulty.

His hair is long and blond, and he is dressed in a blue ribbon.
Although she can’t compare to the senior goddess Ariadore (G cup), she has a D cup and quite large breasts.
In terms of her appearance, she is also excellent as only a goddess.

Although she has lived for 100 years, she still has a very worldly and juvenile personality, perhaps because she is young.
She is very expressive and expresses her emotions and emotions of joy, anger and sorrow all the time.
She is a lover of handsome men, and falls in love at first sight with Seiya, who is tall and handsome with a handsome face, and after that she is pushed around by his uncanny skepticism and arrogance, but at the same time, she indulges in vexing fantasies.

The voice actor in charge is Aki Toyosaki.

Translated with (free version)

What is her rank and ability as a goddess?

Lista is a newcomer to the goddess world and stands as a promising hopeful.
Therefore, while she gets along well with the gods around her, she is still young and doesn’t have many scenes to show her rank.
However, in the human world, it is customary to be treated with respect as a “goddess”.

On the other hand, Aqua, the goddess of water, seems to have built up her career as a goddess in her own right, and she has a great role of guiding the souls of Japanese people at a young age, and she has a younger colleague named Eris.
However, she is not treated well in the human world, and even though she claims to be a goddess, she doesn’t believe in her fellow goddesses, and she is a goddess of the Axis religion, but she is a clunker who doesn’t get the trust of the Christians.
We can say that their ranks are equal by subtraction.

The main difference between Lista and Aqua is their relationship with their partners, the Otherworlders.

Lista summons Seiya for her own reasons, “Gea Brande’s salvation”.
Aqua, on the other hand, is only a pilot for the deceased Kazuma, who has been taken on a journey to the other world just because she encouraged him to do so a bit.
In this respect, Aqua is more like a goddess.

Also, the relationship between the two of them is also contrasting when it comes to their actions together.

Lista is goofy on Seiya’s visuals, and since he’s the one in a hundred million gem and the trump card of world salvation, she just can’t come on strong enough.
Therefore, no matter how disrespectful he is treated, or how much Seiya behaves in a sidelong manner to the Great Goddess Isister, he can only tuck in.

Aqua, on the other hand, is completely equal to Kazuma.
Aqua doesn’t hide any of her self-depravity, and if Kazuma shows any weakness, she will do her best to incite him.
Because of this, she sometimes gets hit back by Kazuma and is sometimes made to cry, but she often helps him with her goddess powers, and the relationship between the two is very much like that of a goddess.

Their abilities as goddesses are also very different between them.

Lista cannot, as a rule, exercise the power of a goddess in the human world.
She can use her healing power to heal injuries, but she can’t go as far as to revive them, which is not very goddess-like.

With the exception of the Crisis of the Brave, she shows a divine appearance in that case, sprouting wings and flying in the sky, but even her liberated specs are higher than Seiya’s, so she has yet to show off her rank as a goddess.
Her potential is not low, in fact, it seems to be in a rather high category, but it tends to be overshadowed by her partner’s unusual abilities, which are easy to compare.

In Aqua’s case, there is no particular limitation, and she is able to display her goddess-like powers to the fullest in the human world, and she is able to use various high-level magic, including the resurrection magic “Resurrection”.
Even if there is no difference in terms of ability, Aqua has more scenes in which she can demonstrate it.

However, due to her bad luck and lack of intelligence, she often causes trouble for the party.
Her foul-mouthed and quick-tempered personality often leads to court cases.
His negative points as a troublemaker are stacked up at an alarming level, so Lista is slightly better than him by subtraction.



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