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The 30 best anime for women! I’ve compiled a list of cartoons with lots of hot guys in them

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We’ve picked out 30 of the most popular women’s anime that are now the biggest forces in the anime world!
We’ll be bringing you all the different types of handsome anime in one place, including manga originals, game originals, media mix projects and original anime!

Bungo Stray Dogs

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It is an anime adaptation of the cross-country battle action manga that uses real-life literary giants such as Osamu Dazai and Ryunosuke Akutagawa as handsome characters.
The series aired in two installments in 2016 and a third season was made in 2019.
The abbreviation “Bunsto” has become an established abbreviation.

Battles, especially cross-genre battles, are a genre that is more often seen in works aimed at men, but the battles in this series are always stylish and the visuals are fun for women.
The setting is quite elaborate, with each character being based on the works of the great writers whose motifs are xenophobic.


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A character CD series that has been on sale since 2012.
The anime series titled “Tsuki Uta. THE ANIMATION” was adapted into an anime in 2016, and due to the popularity of the series, a second season is scheduled to be broadcast in the spring of 2020.
The staff has been renewed from the first season and the animation will be produced by bilibili’s Japanese subsidiary Children’s Playground Entertainment.

The anime features SixGravity a.k.a. “Gravi” and Procellarum a.k.a. “Procera”.
It is an omnibus of each idol’s daily life.

Yuri !!! on ICE

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This original anime for women aired in 2016 and was based on figure skating.
It exploded in sales and became one of the most popular mega-hits of the 2010s.
The postponed “Yuri! on ICE The Movie: ICE ADOLESCENCE” has yet to be announced as of December 2019.

The film is a masterpiece that perfectly prepares the elements that women will find appealing, including authentic visuals with professional choreographers, portrayal of each character’s emotions and relationships, and a story that depicts themes such as “Eros” and “sexuality” through the figures.


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It is an anime based on a novel from Kyoto Animation’s paperback label “KA Esma Bunko”, which is similar to the original anime.
It is a very popular work with 3 seasons of TV series and 4 movies made.

It is a coming-of-age story set in a men’s swimming club, and it is a typical KyoAni anime that fully depicts the beautiful images and the subtleties of the heart.
Each character has both coolness and weakness, and each one of them has been drawn in detail.

Uta no Prince-sama!

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Known by the nickname “Utapuri”, it is an anime based on an otome game.
As if to ridicule the label “anime for women is easily bored”, it is a classic work that has been loved by fans for a long time since the 2011 anime adaptation.
All four seasons of the TV anime series have been huge hits, and “Uta no Prince-sama the Movie: Majilove Kingdom” released in 2019 was a huge success, earning 1.8 billion yen at the box office.

It is a work that focuses on singing to the extent that it can be said that “song” is one of its subjects, and the music and the voice actors are the best in terms of both quality and singing.
The songs are great and the voice actors are top notch, and each character has a Twitter account to make them seem like they are real, making it a work with excellent fan service.

Idol master SideM

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This is the first anime adaptation of the Imus series’ first male idol development game.
It is commonly abbreviated to “M-mas.”
Like the rest of the Imus series, it was produced by A-1 Pictures and aired in the fall of 2017 and was a huge hit.

‘Doctor! Freelancers! Self Defense! There’s a reason (reason), idol! The background of the idols is unique, just like the catchphrase of “I’m a kid”.
There is a wide range of ages, with some idols as young as 9 years old and others in their 30’s. It is a work that balances the nature of the idols as a profession with the nature of the anime.
It is a work that balances the nature of the idols as an idol anime while putting the idols’ way of being as a profession to the fore.


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An anime adaptation of a male idol development rhythm game.
The nickname “Aynana” is familiar to male anime fans as well.
It became the No. 1 selling anime in the winter school of 2018, a year in which many masterpieces were born and many hits were born, and it went on to become the top selling anime of 2018.

AINANA is a high road story of the group IDOLiSH7 aiming to become the top idol and the story progresses towards its goal, so it is very easy to understand as an idol anime.
Each character and group has their own personality and it can be said that it is the definitive work of male idols.

An-san Buru Stars!

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An idol anime that aired from summer to fall 2019.
It is based on a Live2D compatible idol training game, familiarly known as “Ansta”.
The anime of male idol training games such as “M-mas” and “Ainana” had been aired prior to “Anista”, and it started while the viewers were becoming more discerning, so it was a bit of a disadvantage, but it did not cause any problems and became a huge hit.

The characteristic of Ansta is that it is a school series and focuses on the relationships between the characters.
The anime focuses on this aspect as well, and I get the impression that it was created with the intention of having fans of the original work watch the characters as they are in the game.


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Many women may associate “Kinpuri” with the Johnny’s group, but the “Kinpuri” of the anime industry refers to this work.
It is a spin-off from “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live”, the third series of the media mix project “Pretty Rhythm”, the predecessor of “Pretty Para” and “Kiratte Puri-chan”, and is a rare anime for women that was born from a project for girls.
It continued to be developed in movies, and in 2019, a TV anime was broadcast.

The genre is an idol anime, but it is characterized by the fact that there are a lot of depictions of nakedness, such as tearing of clothes during dance battles.
It is a work that is obviously different from other idol animations, and there are many things that are crazy.

Star-Myu 10

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This is an original anime series that C-Station has been working on since 2015.
It’s about a handsome boy who attends a music-related school and aspires to become a musical star.
The third season of the series aired in 2019.

In portraying the inner workings of the characters, they have tried to avoid showing their negative aspects as much as possible and keep it positive.
As a result, the work as a whole is upbeat and full of hope.



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