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【Voice Actors】 Announcing the top 10 characters played by Yoko Hikasa! Which character is your signature work?

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The top 10 most popular and well-known characters played by the popular voice actress Yoko Hikasa, who has participated in many works every year, have been announced!
She has participated in many famous films and played different popular characters, but which character is her best known work?

10位:Maya Kumashiro

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She is the protagonist of “Seiki-Seikatsu Occult Academy”, which aired in the summer of 2010 in the “Anime No Chikara” slot.
She is the daughter of the president of the private Waldstein Institute, commonly known as the “Occult Academy”, who took over the president’s position to find the person who murdered her father and challenged him with numerous bizarre phenomena.

This was Ms. Hikasa’s first starring role, and she received high praise for playing the role of Maya, a cool character with a sharp tongue, in the midst of all the attention since she had just received her big break at the time.
With this role, the image of Hikasa-san as a cool character with a peculiar character became stronger, and after that she had more opportunities to play “cool but actually…” characters such as Yukinokoji Nobara from “Inu x Boku SS”.

9位:Ao Gennai

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She is the main character and the only human in the 2017 episode of Frame Arms Girl.
She started living with her after accidentally activating the FA Girl “Todoroki”, which was sent to her by mistake, and has since been attacked by various FA Girls, but due to her natural cheerfulness and generous, optimistic personality, she has accepted living with them one after another and has developed friendships with them.

Ten years have passed since her debut and she has become a member of Married Woman Tea Time, but her acting ability and vitality in playing the role of a high school girl made a lot of anime fans wince.
Her performance as Mammon, the single mother in “Sin 7 Deadly Sins” also became a hot topic of conversation.

8位:Kou Yagami

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One of the main characters in the Kirara anime “NEW GAME!” and a popular character designer who is the pride of the game production company “Eagle Jump”.
She is a person who has a combination of being a slothful person who sleeps around in his underwear at work and a stoic attitude towards his work, and She is the person the main character Aoba (Aoba) admires.
In the last episode of the second season of the anime, he left for France to seek further advancement.

She fits the image of Mr. Hikasa, who often plays the role of the older, more unassuming character, perfectly.
She also plays Kaede Saito from “Yamanosumei” and “Rondosu! She plays senior characters such as Takamiya Saki.

7位:Stephanie Dora

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She is one of the main characters in the popular anime “No Game, No Life”, which is still in demand for a second season.
She is the granddaughter of the former king, and is one of the few people with common sense in this work.
She is one of the few people with common sense in the series, and is often teased in the series.

Decent characters tend to be overshadowed, and Steph is in a rather unassuming position, but there are quite a few people rooting for her as she continues to lose and grow, and she is popular with both fans of the original and the anime.
Colon, Stef’s ancestor in the movie version of No Game No Life Zero, was also played by Hikasa.



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