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【Lilispa】 Yachiyo life is not a loser! A double spy makes a big circle! 【Spoiled】 # Lilispa

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“RELEASE THE SPYCE (release the spice)” where pretty girls fight against evil organization is aka “lilispa”.
Although “Yachiyo Life” betrayed in the second half of the story, she stinks that it was actually a double spy, not a lone governer.

What is Yachiyo Mei?

“Yachiyo Mei” is one of the main characters of “RELESE THE SPYCE”, one of the members of the private information organization “Tsukage”.

It is cute in appearance that is rare in anime characters, which is purple eyes on orange hair.

Furthermore, the personality is as cheerful as it seems and it is charming with a free-airing place and it is an open-minded character that makes a live on the street.

(Spy’s habit) Does not she have money? He is living together with his poor “Sagami Fu” as a disciple, and shows us a pair of teacher-related teacher relations (a little, lily-like?)

High fighting power

Life has truly fought with bumps, so the career is long, so I am good at battle which made combat power high, especially utilizing the agile physical ability.

It is said that it is a type that fights combat in deftly because it is carrying out a fighting way with a margin among members of the gladiator (the strength is about the same as the Hanzomon snow in Ozeki?).

His disciples’ maiden also fight with speed and agility, but the pair of life and Kaede is good at tricky battle style that emphasizes dexterity.

Although the main weapon is Kunei, we use explosives and use a variety of weapons.

The relationship between life and maple loosely lily?

Disciple Kaede is often portrayed as feeling that emotion beyond brother-in-law and friendship in life is felt somewhat like lily.

Because Kaede looks a little like appearance and character to “YuruYuri” ‘s “Yoshikawa Chinatsu” chan, there were also animation fans reminiscent of Chinatsu looking at Kaede (Chinatsu chan likes Yui senpai Feeling, Kaede is a little like the feeling of life like life).

Meanwhile, the way of life also cherished Kaede, so when considering betraying, we were careful not to hurt only Kaede.

Also, even after betrayal of life, I tried to pull the maple into Mouriou, and only Kaede treated it specially.



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