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ead by Daylight】 New killer with new ability! Region information summary # Dead By Daylight #DeadbyDaylight

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“Dead by Daylight” will be added with new killers and survivors by periodic updates. A new killer appeared in the chapter “DARKNESS AMONG US” added on December 12, 2018. This time I gathered information on the new killer “Region”, the ability and the unique park.

Basic information

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The appearance features are a hood and a white mask. While there are many apparent killers like monsters, it is an unusual human figure and an impression close to survivors. I want to be careful not to get inadvertently approaching as a survivor by mistake.
It is the setting of one of the four homicide groups, so you can change the members under the mask on the customize screen. Depending on the members, gender changes, so the first gender change of the killer is possible.
There is no change in ability and operability, and it differs depending on gender, appearance, motion, voice. Let’s manipulate the sex that suits your taste.

Unique state anomaly “deep hand”

The deep embarrassment state newly appeared with the addition of the region. It is possible to put a survivor into a deep state by activating “Madness of God”.

Deep effect

A timer icon appeared at the bottom left of the screen. The time of the timer gradually decreases except during the chase with the killer. When the timer reaches zero, I got injured and moved by crawling. At the same time, since the position is grasped by the killer, the survival rate decreases.
When the timer reaches zero while hiding in the locker, it is forcibly taken out of the locker. The first thing that does not cause a condition abnormality is the one that raises the survival rate by playing while paying attention to the time of the timer if it becomes it.

Two recovery methods

There are two ways to recover from the deep. Do you treat yourself or have them treat you from your friends? Even if you do not have “self care” you can treat yourself yourself, it is not difficult to recover.
However, the treatment sound is bigger than usual and the position is easy to bear, so let’s examine the timing when you treat it.

Special ability

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The special ability of the region is “mad madness of fool”, and the biggest feature is to make a survivor deeply hit by attack. Besides that, you can benefit from the following games that can proceed favorably.

The speed of moving over the window frame and the speed of getting over it will rise and you will be able to get over the board

Normally moving speed is set slower than other killers, and even if you chase in normal times you can escape. Because the moving speed and the speed overriding the window frame become faster, it is easier to catch up with survivors, making chase easier to set up.
The plate is a nuisance to the killer as it is lost sight while being destroyed and it is escaped because it can not pass through the place until it destroys the board if it is toppled.
Since it is possible to overcome the board during activation, it saves the trouble of destroying it, eliminating the need to worry about obstacles. Let’s positively chase on any place.

Reduction of rigor time after attack

There is a certain rigidity time after the attack, normal attack can not be delivered continuously, but the rigidity time decreases during activation. It makes it easier to pull out attacks continuously, making it easier to pursue with pursuit.

Expansion of heart sound range and position determination

Even if one person makes it deeply, the heart sound range expands and you can grasp the position of survivors who are within range. Since the heart sound range at the normal time is narrower than the other killer, I want to be able to act with the heart sound range expanded as much as possible.



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