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Is there a sign of a hit for [different types of reviewers]? This isn’t just a “naughty cartoon”!

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There’s a tremendous amount of buzz around the TV anime “Different Kind of Reviewers,” which will be airing in January 2020!
So I’m going to review many aspects of the different types of reviewers, including the reason for its popularity, the appeal of this film, and some of its non-erotic features!

A fantasy erotic comedy with maximum description and perversion

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In recent years, the TV anime Blu-ray/DVD (disc) slump has become more serious, and it has become rare for new releases to sell well.
The only works that rank high on Amazon and other online shopping sites are the sequels and theatrical versions of popular works that already have a large fan base.
It’s getting harder and harder to create new hits.

In such a situation, “Xenophobia Reviewers”, which will be aired in the winter 2020 school year, is a new work, but it is showing signs of being a hit, as its disc reservations are very strong and it ranks higher every time it is aired.
Why has this work caught the attention of anime fans in this day and age?

To put it simply, it is because it is erotic.
Works with a lot of erotic depictions have always sold discs at a certain level, although they have not been big hits, and in 2019, “Why is the teacher here? has sold about 4,000 copies, and the centripetal force of eroticism is still going strong today.
And The Different Race Reviewers is definitely one of the most erotic anime of all time!

Cross Species Reviewers takes place in a mixed-species town in a fantasy world where not only humans, but also elves, beastmen, angels, demons, fairies, and many other species live together.
Just like in the real world, brothels (referred to as succubus stores in the story) are prevalent here, and women called “succubus girls” work with men at night.
Brothels and succubus girls exist in all species, and interspecies sex is common.

In this story, the human male Stank, the elven male Zell, the angelic hermaphrodite Crimvale, and others experience the various species of succubus shops and the succubus girls who work there and rate the quality of their services in a cross-review…….
In the original manga that is serialized in the “Dora Dora Shapu#” on Nico Nico Shizuga, no direct action is drawn, but the anime depicts it quite close to the edge, and the eroticism is greatly increased.

It is familiar in the anime which has many erotic scenes, but this work is also broadcasted in the terrestrial wave “normal version” and “uncensored version” in AT-X. In addition, “UraOp Ver.” is distributed on the internet distribution site.
The standard version has quite big restrictions, and depending on the situation, it could completely fill the screen with the restrictions alone.
The regulation of “Back Op Ver.” is small and the uncensored version is not at all.

Since it is based on the theme of adult entertainment, the eroticism of the uncensored version is quite high on the list of past anime in the same vein.
Especially in the third episode “There are not many girls to choose from for the female-change play…”, the main characters enjoy playing with the opposite gender to their normal gender after taking a drug that changes their gender called “Sex change inn”… Although it is basically an act between people of the same gender, it is a very dense depiction and it is the best episode in the history of TV anime in terms of both eroticism and perversion.

Also, even without the intensity of the description, it is rare to find an anime that specializes in eroticism in a fantasy work.
It is a great anime in many ways.



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