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How far will you be animated in the second season? Thorough verification of the scope of imaging

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It aired in the winter of 2020 and was so well received that a second season was announced right after the broadcast ended. I’d like to swing to the extreme on defense.’ is a big feature!
We take a thorough look at the scope of the second season, predictions for when it will air, and why the first season was so popular!

It’s a huge hit at home and abroad! The second season production also recorded a satisfactory number of views

出典 :

Aired in the winter of 2020, the anime “I don’t want to be in pain, so I’d like to take my defensive skills to the extreme. was quickly followed by a sequel production.
At the end of the last episode, the title logo shield was set to increase from one to two, so it is believed that a second season had already been decided during the broadcast.
Therefore, it may possibly be split into two cool installments, but in any case, it has definitely become a popular enough work to do a second season, and the anime adaptation can be considered a huge success.

Now, let’s look back briefly at the road to its anime adaptation.

The original story of Bakufuri is a web novel that Yumikan-sensei had posted on Becoming a Novelist.
The submissions began in May 2016, and after receiving positive feedback, it was decided to turn it into a book.
In September 2017, “Kanokon” and “Haiyore! The first volume is published from Kadokawa Books, and is illustrated by Mr. Foxxin, who is known for “Nyaruko-san”. It has been released.

The book version was also very popular, and it was reprinted just three days after its release.
The designs of Maple, Sally, and other characters created by Foxin-sensei were also well-received, and Bofuri, who became a fish out of water, became an instant hit.

The following year in 2018, Monthly Comp Ace started a series of comic book adaptations drawn by Oimoto Jiro-sensei.
This comic version was also very popular, and immediately after the serialization started, all volumes of the original work were reprinted, and the number of views on Narrow was over 50 million page views, and through the synergistic effect, we succeeded in increasing the number of fans.

And in December of the same year, it was announced by KADOKAWA that they were planning to make it into an anime.
It is rare in recent years that an anime adaptation was announced at the stage of 250,000 copies in total for the series, so the momentum must have been tremendous.

Total number of copies of the series at the time of the announcement of the anime adaptation

*700,000 copies of Log Horizon.
2.9 million copies of Magic High School’s Lesser Students
A million copies Is it wrong to ask to meet someone in a dungeon?
*400,000 copies Overload.
*400,000 copies Bless this wonderful world!
*300,000 copies Re:Starting from Zero to the Other World
*400,000 copies of Knights & Magic
*250,000 copies of Otherworldly Diner
*170,000 copies Other worlds are with smartphones.
*Otherworldly Fantasy from the Death March
*300,000 copies of Otherworldly Tavern – Aithelia’s Tavern Club in the Ancient City
4.5 million copies When I was reincarnated, I was a slime.
1.2 million copies Rise of the Hero of the Shield
*800,000 copies The Wise Man’s Grandson
*850,000 copies of Otherworldly Cheat Magician
*700,000 copies of the world’s most powerful in a mundane profession
*500,000 copies For my daughter, I could possibly defeat the Demon King, too.
*200,000 copies Demon King, retry!
1 million copies Book Lover’s Encounter – You can’t choose your means to become a librarian
*300,000 copies I told you I’m average in ability!
*440,000 copies of the Infinite Dendrogram

*250,000 copies I don’t want to be in pain, so I’d like to swing to the extreme on defense.

1.4 million copies Eighteenth Man, that’s not going to happen!
*600,000 copies I’ve been reincarnated as a villainous daughter with nothing but a damsel in distress flag…
*850,000 copies The Nonconformist of the Demon King’s Academy – The founder of the most powerful Demon King in history, reincarnated and attending the school of his descendants.
*800,000 copies of “Unemployment Tensei” – I’ll get serious when I go to another world.
1.2 million copies. What is this about a spider?
One million copies. Three hundred years after defeating the slime, I was at max level before I knew it.
*600,000 copies of Bear Bear Bear
A million copies of The Man Who Was Found by the Gods

The Anti-Preflection anime that started airing in January 2020 was supported by many people, with many anime fans muttering their impressions on social media and getting very excited about it.
Due to the effect of this anime broadcast, sales of both the original and the comic version have increased significantly, and as of April 2020, the series’ total sales have reached 700,000 copies.
The number of views on Narrow has exceeded 140 million PV and is still growing.

The first volume of the disc sold about 3,000 copies, which was a decent result, but what should be noted is the number of views on the Chinese video sharing site Bilibiri Video.
It became the fastest ever to break 100 million views, and broke 140 million views in just 4 months.
It is clear that the film has been received quite well overseas.

The background to this work’s success is thought to be due to the fact that it pioneered the new genre of “kirara-kei narrows” in the midst of a wave of narou anime.
The main character was a loose female maple like the main character of the Kirara series, which made it popular among both the “Let’s go” and “Kirara” series fans.
In addition, the weaknesses of the “Let’s face it, a warrior protagonist is annoying” and “the story doesn’t go anywhere” of the Kirara series have been alleviated, so the work was watched with a fresh perspective.



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