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【Asobi Asobase】Can an OVA be a possibility even if a second season is not possible? Predictions for future media development

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The second season of “Asobi Asobase” is in a tough spot, but an OVA might give it a shot!
So, we’ve compiled a list of masterpiece episodes that we’d like to see made into an OVA.
There’s plenty of interesting episodes to come after the TV anime adaptation!

The OVA series development is….

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Aired in the summer of 2018, “Asobi Asobase” gained popularity and was supported by many viewers, especially on the Internet.
This was evident as a result of various surveys that summed up 2018, including the “AT-X Anime Ranking 2018!” and Nico Nico “Netizens Serious Choice! It ranked 9th in the “Anime General Election 2018 Annual Awards” and 6th in the “Best Anime Rankings 2018 by 5 Channel People”.
There is no doubt that it was an anime with a high level of viewer satisfaction.

However, due to the fate of the gag anime, the Blu-ray/DVD (disc) sales did not do well and only sold about 1000 copies.
This number shows that the second season production was extremely difficult.

Evil God Girl Dropkick, which aired in the same cool season, managed to make a second season with about the same amount of sales, probably because the production costs were kept pretty low.
Asobi Asobase was probably built on an average half-hour anime budget, and with disc sales of around 1,000 copies, it’s unlikely that a second season will ever happen.

However, even if a second season isn’t possible, it’s possible if it’s in an OVA series.
In fact, a limited edition with an anime DVD was released in the 7th volume of the original comics released in December 2018, and there were signs of this happening.

However, by the time the most recent volume, Volume 8, was released, no OVAs had been produced.
Therefore, it is unclear whether or not the series will be developed in the future.

Can you make an OVA with crowdfunding?

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If the production of the OVA has come to a halt due to the difficulty of finding the budget, then the future production of the OVA is doomed… or not.
It seems that they can continue with it if they use crowdfunding (CF) and other methods to raise support for the project.

For example, Key’s game Planetarian is seeking support through CF for its 15th anniversary to make an OVA adaptation of the exobiographical novel “Snow Globe”, but it quickly cleared its 30 million yen goal and has surpassed 45 million as of December 30, 2019.
The number of supporters for this CF is about 1,200.
This is roughly the same as the sales of the first volume of the Asashiashiwase discs.

In other words, an OVA can be produced with around 1,000 passionate fans.
The sales of volume 8, released in 2019, are flat from the previous volume, and it can be inferred that the number of fans has not decreased since before and after the anime aired.
Therefore, development in an OVA series is realistic enough.

Which episode would be best for an OVA?

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Asobi Asobase has been animated up to the middle of volume 5 in the TV anime and OVA.
Therefore, the episodes that have not been made into an anime are from the middle of volume 5 to volume 8 plus the episodes after that, so the amount of stock is quite ample.
It is not realistic to visualize all of these episodes, so if an OVA series development is to be realized, the episodes will be carefully selected.

So what episodes would be the best candidates?

One of the most impactful episodes that has not yet been filmed is “Pandemic”, episode 51 in volume 6.
It’s about Olivia, who can’t speak English yet, but her classmates ask her to read aloud in English with realistic pronunciation, and she tries to find a way to become fluent.
The highlight of the story is Olivia’s imitation of Cookie Monster, and the corresponding panel has become an internet sensation.

Episode 55 “The King of Demons”, also included in volume 6, has a lot of impact.
In this story, BL hobbyist Kasumi (Kasumi) inadvertently buys a high-level typing software that was sold at an event, “The Goblin King of Demons attacks the Dwarf Village and poisons sweaty, gallic dwarves one after another,” and begs Hanako (Hanako) to clear it to cover the event scene.
This is an episode that would be twice as destructive if the audio were included.

Episode 65, “OP Order Mistake,” included in Volume 7, is in some ways the most anime worthy episode.
It is an episode based on the fact that it was called as an OP scam at the time of the TV anime, and it is quite a meta story where the three members of the Aso Ken actually filmed the refreshing OP of the anime and talked directly to the student council president to ask him if it is okay to show it at the school festival.
It’s also an episode with high material value for the anime group, as it reveals the reason why Hanako was crying in the OP.

Also, in the TV anime, Kasumi was toyed with by Aozora Tsugumi (Aozora Tsugumi), and a lot of progress has been made on these two since then.
The relevant episodes are episode 67 “Hanakopoint” and 68 “Reverse-Hanako” in the volume 7 collection.
It seems to be the main episode of Hanako, but it is actually the episode of Kasumi and Aozora.

This series of episodes started when Aozora was invited by Hanako to play the king’s game with Aso Ken.
Up until halfway through the episode, Aozora-san was having fun with Kasumi, kissing her without hesitation, but things take a sudden turn when the newspaper club intervenes.
It was revealed that Aozora-san was searching for the location of the “Banana Document”, a book containing various scandals and secrets of the school.

When Kasumi finds out, she thinks that Aozora has been messing with her in order to find out about the “Banana Document”, and she becomes emotional.
And to top it all off, she seems to have realized that “all love is false”.
Aozora was a one-off in the scope of the anime, but it turns out that she was a very big deal to Kasumi.

Episode 77, “The Price of the Curse,” included in Volume 8, is the episode where Olivia’s brother’s secret is revealed, which had a strong impact on her.
It’s a unique episode that reveals why he’s not at all like Olivia.

These times seem appropriate for an OVA.



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