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10 idol animations! Female idol tried to put together a cute popular animation #lovelive #imas #WUG # zombie land saga

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From idol animation broadcasted after 2000, I summarized 10 works of the best choice!
I will offer you various types of animations, from the smash hit series that bursts in the idol anime warring era to those that overturn the idol anime common sense!

lovelive! series

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Dense G’s magazine, Sunrise, media mix project “Love live!” This is an animation series based on Series.
This is a story depicting the activities of “school idol” formed by general high school girls, not entertainment production, and the first film “Love Live!” With the main μs (muses) of school idol. , The second work with the next generation of Aqours (Aqua) [love live! “Sunshine !!” was produced respectively.

“lovelive!  is directed by the director Takahiko Kyogoku , broadcast the first season in the winter of 2013, the second season in the spring of 2014.
Movie version “Love Live in June 2015! The School Idol Movie] has been released, and all have recorded historical hits.

“lovelive! “Sunshine !!” is produced mainly by director Sakai Kazuo, and the first term of the 2016 summer broadcast and the second term of the 2017 autumn broadcast are both big hit.
The movie version “Love Live! Sunshine !! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow” will be released in January 2019.

A revolutionary series that creates the concept of a school idol different from conventional idols and local idols, and utters the concept that “a normal high school girl saves the school as an idol”, which is completely different from previous idol animations.
It is also an idol animation that symbolizes the 2010’s when the distance between the idol and the general public is reduced.

Not only works and characters popular, but also three-dimensional versions of μ’s and Aqours, which were formed by the responsible voice actor, are also very popular.
Both have produced a number of hits and played live in the dome and competed in red and white.

THE IDOLM @ STER (Idol Master) Series

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An animation based on the development simulation game “Idol Master Series” released from BANDAI Namco Entertainment, it is a popular content that has created many fans with the nickname of “imass”.

The first anime series is “Idolmaster XENOGLOSSIA,” directed by Ryusuke Nagai and Sunrise, based on the arcade game “THE IDOLM @ STER”, which was launched in 2005, but this animation is not an idol animation but a robot animation .
Imas as an idol animation is aired in the summer and autumn of 2011, and the first work will be “THE IDOLM @ STER,” produced by Aori Takiori and produced by A-1 Pictures.
In January 2014, the theatrical version “THE IDOLM @ STER MOVIE To the other side of the shine! Was released.

This work is a story depicting the activities of idols belonging to the entertainment company “765 Production”.
At that time, there were many works that focused on the spot for one or a pair of idols when talking about idol animations, but this animation version Imas is a youth group drama drawn mainly on idols of a large number of idols. It had a great influence on
In addition, the live event held by the voice actor in charge of the idol has been held since 2006.

After that, the anime “Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”, directed by Noriko Takao and produced by A-1 Pictures, was broadcast in 2 divisions in 2015.
Based on the social game of the same name, this is an idol of “346 Production”, and has succeeded in further expanding its popularity.

Wake Up,Girls!

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“Wake Up, Girls! “Is an original idol animation launched by Avex Group, 81 produced, directed by Yutaka Yamamoto.
It was a big topic as an overarching project of selecting a voice actor in charge of audition for general people who are not part of the production, and starting with a movie instead of a TV animation.

This work created by the joint production of Ordet and Tatsunoko Pro is a story depicting the activities of the idol group “Wake Up, Girls!” Formed by Miyagi Prefecture based weak entertainment production to overcome the business crisis.
In the movie version released in January 2014, the story from formation to the start of activities is visualized, and a sequel is drawn in the TV anime version that started broadcasting immediately after that.

After that, Tatsunoko Production withdrew from production, and released the movie “Wake Up, Girls! Shadow of youth” “Wake Up, Girls!
In the fall of 2017, Itagaki Shin was newly added, and TV animation “Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter” was produced and broadcast by Milpansee’s independent production.

It is a work with a different attraction from the animation that drew the sparkling idol to the front, such as drawing the part as an idol “product”.



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