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Dragon Ball Super: Thoroughly predict when the second season will be! Japan’s most powerful content is never ending.

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An in-depth look at the possibility of a second season of Dragon Ball Super, the legitimate sequel to Dragon Ball, which aired from 2015-2018, is in the works!
We’ve put together a look at the future of the series from a variety of angles, including why a second season is almost certain to be produced, when it will air… and more!

Dragon Ball Super is a legitimate sequel to Dragon Ball

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There may be some fans who were once enthusiastic about Dragon Ball, but who may not know where Dragon Ball Super stands.
So first, let’s review the positioning of this work.

First, let me assure you that Dragon Ball Super is definitely a legitimate sequel to Dragon Ball, which was serialized by Akira Toriyama in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1984-1995.
At the completion preview of the first episode of the anime, Mr. Toriyama said that Dragon Ball Super is a complete sequel to Majin Buu’s version. It will be a continuation of the original. This is an official comment, so it’s an endorsement by the original author.

Even so, since the manga version that is serialized in V Jump is drawn by Toyotaro and not by Toriyama-sensei, there are probably some people who have the impression that it is an anime of a sequel that Toriyama-sensei had no involvement in, or a side story like Dragon Ball GT where Toriyama-sensei was not involved in the production.
However, in reality, Toriyama-sensei is heavily involved in the production of the anime.

In the production of the anime version of Dragon Ball Super, Toriyama-sensei conveys the general story to the staff in writing, and then the scriptwriter and other staff expand the story for the anime and create the story.
The manga version goes one step further and tells the general story first, but it’s the same. I supervised the name Yotaro-sensei made, and if there was anything that needed to be corrected, I drew a sample of the name to be used as a model. Teaching. (That drawing can be found at the end of the comics.)
Also, Toriyama-sensei is basically in charge of designing the new characters.

In other words, Toriyama-sensei is involved in the position of “story and character drafting” as stated in the credits of the anime version.
It’s not all created by Toriyama-sensei like when the series was serialized, but it can be said to be enough involvement to make it a legitimate sequel.

The start of Dragon Ball Super was a little earlier in the manga version, but the anime version progressed faster, so the anime version came out first and then the manga version followed.
However, it is not a faithful adaptation of the anime version.
The “God of Destruction Bills Arc”, which was re-edited for the TV series, was simplified, and the “Frieza Resurrection Arc” was completely cut.

The “God of Destruction Arc”, “Future Trunks Arc”, and “Space Survival Arc” are all the same in terms of content, but the details are quite different.
Overall, the manga version advances the story at a good pace, and the contradictions and punches are much less than the anime version, which gives the impression of refinement.
However, in terms of the intensity of the battles, the anime version is far more powerful than the manga version.

In addition, the anime version that started in July 2015 ended in March 2018, but the manga version has been serialized at the same pace since then and has surpassed the storyline of the anime version.
Currently, “Galactic Patrol Prisoner Edition” is being serialized, which follows the final episode of the anime version, “Space Survival Edition”.

Disc sales have nothing to do with it! The best content never ends

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Normally, in order to predict whether or not a second season of an anime will be produced, you have to take into account the disc sales of the first season, the number of views distributed, and other factors to determine whether or not there is enough money to make a second season, and whether or not it can be recovered through a second season.
But when it comes to Dragon Ball, there’s no need for those considerations.
The Dragon Ball Super TV series has sold a total of 11 boxed sets of 11-12 episodes, with each boxed set selling between 1,000 and 1,500 sets, but the revenue from these disc sales is negligible compared to the overall profit generated by the series.

Since 2013, when the film version of “Dragon Ball Z: God and God” was released for the first time in 17 years and the series was restarted in earnest, all sales of Dragon Ball series-related products (sales by IP) have increased dramatically.
It has greatly surpassed sales of ONE PIECE and even surpassed the Gundam series, the face of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings, to record 129 billion yen in the fiscal year ending March 2019.
Sales of smartphone apps “Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle” and “Dragon Ball Legends” and merchandise sales. and its success in developing a global market, it is now the No. 1 active entertainment industry in Japan. It has become the No. 1 active content in the Japanese entertainment industry.

There is no need to talk about disc sales when it has generated such a strong economic effect.
There are plenty of funds to be raised for anime production.



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