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【Fate】Beautiful video is a must see! ufotable’s top 10 divine anime recommendations 【Touken Ranbu】

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Updated 10/21

The anime production company “ufotable” is famous for the “Fate” series and other works. A lot of animations have been produced, and all of them are of high quality and their beautiful images are a must-see.
In this article, we will introduce recommended anime works in ranking form.

What is “ufotable”?

ufotable is an anime production company established in 2000, and started its production as a prime contractor in the 2003 TV anime “Sumimeba Miyako no Cosmos-so,” which was followed by “Dokko Taisen Dokkoider”. The “Fate” series is one of its major works.
In addition to planning live-action videos such as animation production, series composition, scenario production, and promotion videos, they run “ufotable cafe” in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Tokushima, and hold collaboration events for their works where you can see their production materials.

Also, because the president, Hikaru Kondo, is from Tokushima, they have a café attached to the studio and movie theater to revitalize the city, and they are producing an anime event called “Mattia Soobi” in Tokushima Prefecture.

One of the characteristics of ufotable’s works is the beautiful drawings. Most of the production is done in the company’s Tokyo and Tokushima studios, and there are many young animators who support the beautiful drawings.

No. 10: Gakuen Yuto Pia Manabi Straight!

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It is a memorable TV anime that was planned as the first ufotable original work.
However, since it was broadcasted in 2007, “Coyote Ragtime Show” was broadcasted before it.

It is a human drama about the struggle of a transfer student, “Manabi,” or Manami Amamiya, to make the school an “exciting and sparkling” place.
It was developed in various media including manga as well as anime.

At that time, the style of ufotable was different from that of today, and comedy-based anime was the main theme.
This work is one of them, and it is more about “Why do we go to school? It is an anime that emphasizes the thematic nature and the personalities of the characters.

It can be said to be an important source of information for understanding what kind of anime ufotable was making when it was not yet famous.

No. 9: Coyote Ragtime Show

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It is the second original work planned for television, following “Manabi Straight! This is the second original TV anime planned following “Manabi Straight!
However, it was broadcasted earlier, in 2006.

The space opera is set in a universe where roughnecks called “Coyotes” are on the rampage, centered around the mysterious “Mister,” an elderly tough guy, and his best friend’s daughter, Franka, a forgotten relative.
The first episode, which poignantly portrayed the era of space exploration and foreshadowed an epic scale, was critically acclaimed and prompted the anime fans of the time to predict that it would be a great anime: …….

After that, however, it didn’t get any better, with the end result being “the first episode was great” and “the beginning was great”.
However, more than 10 years after it aired, “What about the anime with a single godly episode? It seems to have become an anime that stays in the minds of fans, with names always being mentioned whenever the topic of

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No. 8: The Witchy Sisters Yoyo and Nene

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It is a film animation released in 2013.
It is based on the manga “Majocco Shimai no Yoyo to Nene” that was serialized in the monthly magazine Comic Ryu, but while the setting of the original is the fantastic “Devil’s Country”, the anime version is a completely original story set in the modern world (a different world from the point of view of the inhabitants of the Devil’s Country).

It is a story about a witch, Yojo, who is 18 years old but lives in the form of a 6-year-old girl due to a magical runaway, who unintentionally warps to the modern world, which is a different world, and cooperates with her younger sister, Nene, in the Devil’s Country to help the inhabitants …….

Although the title sounds like it’s aimed at children, it’s actually a family-friendly story that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.
The high quality visual beauty that was already shown in “The Garden of Eden” and “Fate/Zero” has already been demonstrated in this film, and it is a work that will make you happy just by looking at the beautiful and slippery movement and the amazing background …….
It was not a big hit, but it has been praised by many creators.

No. 7:Futakoi Alternative

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This is the second in a series of anime projects based on the TV anime “Futakoi”, which was broadcast in 2005 and is a joint production with studio FLAG and feel.
It was co-produced by studio FLAG and feel. It is a monumental anime that has made the name of ufotable known in the anime world and among anime fans, with the president of ufotable, Mr. Hikaru Kondo, serving as general director under the name of “Ose Matsuri”.
It was also selected as a Jury Recommended Work for the 9th Japan Media Arts Festival.

There are two main characteristics of this work: one is the beautiful images that define the image of ufotable, and the other is a free style of work that is not limited by the settings and worldview of the original work.
While adhering to the main theme of “twin sisters in love”, the high tension and chaotic storyline with seriousness, hyper-development, and nonsense attracted attention and earned it the title of a masterpiece and a lost work.

No.6:Lively Touken Ranbu

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Based on the popular game “Touken Ranbu”, the 2017 anime “Lively Touken Ranbu” was broadcast in 2017.
It focuses on Kanesada Izumimori and Horikawa Kunihiro, who was the favorite sword of the Shinsengumi’s Hijikata Toshizo, and their battle against historical revisionists.

The point of the game is that the characters from the game move. It makes me happy just to see my favorite characters moving. Your love for them becomes even deeper.
In the artwork, each cherry blossom that dances and falls is drawn by hand, and you can easily see how much effort has been put into it.



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