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【We Never Learn】A thorough examination of the possibility of a third season! Is there a possibility of producing the final version with the development of the parallel story of the original work?

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“We Never Learn” is currently running a parallel story in Jump magazine that depicts each heroine’s route.
We thoroughly examine whether or not the second and subsequent anime seasons will be realized! We’ll be looking into the possibility of a third season, as well as the possibility of other anime developments!

The third season of the TV anime is available at ……

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The first season of “We Never Learn” TV anime series aired in the spring of 2019 and the second season in the fall of the same year.
Although it is not explicitly stated, the case of broadcasting the second season six months later is 100% certain to be regarded as a split two-course series, and not a pattern of doing a second season because the first season was popular.

In fact, “We Never Learn”‘s anime has not been a hit, and the disc sales of both the first and second seasons were around 1200 copies.
It was a good and stable anime with almost no dropouts since the first volume of the first season, and the fact that there was no disturbance in the drawings during the two cool seasons (although there were some problems pointed out such as the cleavage on Fumino’s chest). I have to say that it is difficult to start planning for a third TV anime season.
The number of views on the Chinese video sharing site “Biribiri Douga” is around 40 million, which is not bad, but it is also not at a level that would encourage a sequel.

Next, let’s take a look at the sales of the original work.

Total number of copies of “We Never Learn”

2018 *May * 1,000,000 copies (*6 volumes)
September 2018 *1.5 million copies (*8 volumes)
2019*April *2,000,000 copies (11 volumes) *The first anime season begins
May 2019 *2.3 million copies (11 volumes)
June 2019 *2.7 million copies (Volume 12)
October 2019 *3,000,000 copies (13 volumes) *The second anime season begins broadcasting
January 2020 *3.3 million copies (Volume 15)
April 2020 *3.6 million copies (Volume 16)
June 2020 *3.7 million copies (Volume 17)

During the first season, the effect of the anime adaptation was strong, and while the average number of copies per volume was less than 200,000 before the first season aired, it rose to 230,000 after the broadcast.
On the other hand, by the time the second season aired, it had hit a ceiling and has remained almost flat.

In general, after the second season, the publicity effect drops significantly due to reasons such as “the first season has already reached the buying public” and “the volume of the original work is too large to attract new fans.
Therefore, it does not mean that the second season was bad, but it is a normal transition that can be frequently seen in other works.
Nevertheless, we have to conclude that it is unlikely that the publishers will give the go-ahead to the production of the third season since the original work sales did not increase after the second season.

Parallel story development = a project with an eye to animation?

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As mentioned above, it is tough for a third TV anime season of “We Never Learn” to be produced.
However, it does not mean that a sequel to the anime is hopeless.
In fact, we can even say that there is a flag for a sequel.

The original story of “We Never Learn ” reached its final episode in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in March 2020.
The heroine who was tied up with Naruyuki there was not the most popular Mafuyu-sensei or Riju and Fumino who had appeared in the first episode, but Uruka.
The end of Uruka was hinted at in the last episode of the second season of the anime, and even many Uruka fans did not expect her to be the winning heroine, which caused quite a controversy at that time.

However, Bokuden is not over yet.
At the same time as the final episode of the original story, it was announced that a parallel story “We Never Learn Route:if” would be serialized, and it was revealed that not only Uruka but all the heroines’ routes would be drawn until the ending.
In addition, it was also announced that the official view was that the Uruka end was just one of the parallel routes.

In harem romantic comedies, the fans are always tense about who the main character will end up with in the end.
For this reason, the multiple ending system was probably adopted by the production side in order to eliminate as much as possible the tension and sense of unfairness felt by the fans.

However, if that was the only purpose, it would have been more natural to move the story to Jump Giga or Jump+ like “Gintama” and “Saiki Kusuo no Ψnan”.
The parallel story is a conclusion just for the fans who have been reading Bokuden for a long time, and there is no need to continue it in the main JUMP magazine.
There is no reason to continue the story in the main magazine, and it is unlikely that sales of the comics will drop significantly just because it was transferred from the main magazine.

But why did they continue the parallel story in the main magazine?
One possible reason is that this “Route:if” project itself is a case of …… with an eye on making an anime.
If an anime is going to be produced, then it makes sense to serialize it in this magazine.

If “Route:if” does become an anime, it will not be in the form of a third TV anime season, but rather a special program like the conclusion of QiΨ.
However, if all of the routes are to be animated, at least one episode of each route will be necessary, so it is likely that there will be a total of five episodes.

A total of five episodes is quite a lot for a special TV program.
However, there are several precedents, such as the TV special of “The Seven Deadly Sins,” “The Omen of the Holy War,” which was broadcast in four episodes, so it is not so large as to be impossible.

There is also a possible pattern of web distribution only.
For example, the Netflix exclusive distribution of “ΨΨ Ψ” was announced, and the dTV exclusive distribution of the special edition of “Gintama” that will be produced prior to the theatrical version to be released in 2021.
As you can see, the trend of distributing new works through online media is becoming more and more common in JUMP, so it is no surprise that “We Never Learn” will be joining this trend.

It is also possible that it will be released as an OVA.
There have already been two OVAs produced so far as comics bundles, so there’s a good chance of this happening as well.



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