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30 vampire cartoons! We’ve compiled a list of cartoons featuring handsome & beautiful vampires.

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A selection of 30 anime with a strong vampire element from among those with vampires and vampires!
We’ve got a lot of good-looking, beautiful women, as well as nerds, recluses, and many other types of vampire characters in the works!

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An anime based on the manga to be broadcast in the fall of 2019.
It is a comedy work about a professional wrestler who has been transferred to another world and lives an otherworldly life full of kemono love while taming demonic beasts.

One of the main characters is the vampire Carmilla.
She is a Lesser Vampire, a species of lesser status, and is basically a gag machine.
When she is injured, she is buried in the ground to heal her wounds.

Assassin’s Pride.

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An anime based on a novel that will air in the fall of 2019.
Set in the city-state of Flanders, the only city-state in the dark world where humanity can survive, the story is about the assassin protagonist Koofa, who becomes a tutor for the heroine Merida, who is a holy knight’s egg but is ridiculed as an “incompetent gifted woman”, in order to find out how she grows up.

Koofa’s identity is half of the highest ranked Lancelan slope, a vampire.
When she takes on the form of a vampire, she turns white hair and has the ability to regenerate with it.

World’s Strongest in a Commonplace Occupation

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An anime based on Narou that aired in the summer of 2019.
It’s a story about the main character, an otaku who has been transferred to another world with his classmates, and after a betrayal by his classmates and an encounter with the main heroine, Yue, he is reborn as a ruthless human and seeks a way to return to his original world.

Yue, who is 323 years old, is the queen of the vampire race that perished 300 years ago, leaving her behind.
Her body has stopped growing since her “ancestral return” occurred when she was 12 years old.
With her “auto-regeneration”, which allows her to recover even if her head is cut off, as well as her enormous magical power and magical aptitude for all attributes, she is able to fully demonstrate her vampire powers.

edge of death

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An anime based on the manga to be broadcast in the spring of 2019.
In this dark fantasy, Kamado Tanjiro, whose family was killed by the founder of demons, Kibutsuji Musan, struggles to restore his sister, Kamado Nesuko, who has been turned into a demon by the hands of misery.

Although vampires and vampires do not appear directly in the story, the demons in this story have many of the same characteristics as the vampires, such as “vulnerable to sunlight but immortal outside of sunlight” and “turning humans into their own kind”.

The Vampyre of the Neighborhood

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An anime based on the manga that will air in the fall of 2018.
It’s an everyday comedy centered around vampire Sophie Twilight and horror-loving girl Amano Akari (Amano Akari).

Sophie, who is over 360 years old, is well versed in human otaku culture and enjoys watching anime and collecting manga and figures.
She seems to have been human in the first place and has no intention of harming humans.
In addition to Sophie, a blonde girl named Ellie appears as a vampire.

Sirius the Jaeger

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This is an original anime produced by P.A. WORKS that aired in the summer of 2018.
Set in Tokyo in the early Showa era, it depicts a fierce battle between the vampire hunting specialist group “Hunters” and the vampires.

Although it is an easy to understand composition of “hunter vs. vampire”, the vampires are not portrayed as absolute evil, but it tells a sincere story from the vampire’s point of view, such as the conflict of Mikhail, the brother of the main character Yury, who has become a vampire at heart.

devil’s line

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An anime based on a manga that will air in spring 2018.
Set in a world where demons with “vampire lust” exist, the story follows Yuuki Anzai, a half-human, half-demon who works for the Metropolitan Police Department, and the heroine, Tsukasa Taira, as they search for a way for humans and demons to coexist.

Although they are called “demons” in the story, they are in fact vampires.
It is a story about how human society deals with vampires that are a threat to humanity and the target of exclusion, and it can be said that the content is typical of the vampire anime.

Ajinomoto wants to talk.

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This anime based on the manga will air in winter 2017.
It is an everyday comedy set in a world where beings called sub-humans (demi), who were once called monsters and yokai, have been integrated into human society.

The vampire that appears in this work is the main character, Takanashi Hikari.
She has a desire to replenish her blood supply and bite, which she satisfies by using blood packs provided by the government once a month and the arms of her twin sister, Himari.
In addition, Himari is a normal human.


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This is an anime based on the manga that aired in the summer of 2016.
It is a fantasy action story about Shirota Mahiru (Shirota Mahiru), who becomes the master of Kuro, a vampire (servant) cat that is kept by a human who has signed a contract with him, and his various encounters and troubles.
Kuro is a cat but has human form and is a “reclusive neat vampire” who is lethargic and lazy.


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This is a dark fantasy based on the original work of Narou, which started developing into an anime in 2015.
It is a story about a hero who was transferred to an alternate world that is very similar to that world at the moment of the end of the service of a VRMMORPG and calls himself “Ain’t Wool Gown” and marches with his subordinates to conquer the world.

The vampire that appears in this game is Chartier Bloodfallen, one of the heroines.
She possesses several abilities typical of vampires, such as a silver weapon that contains a certain amount of magical power, a weapon with super magical power, and the ability to create her own kind of vampire with the skill “Blood Vampiric”, without attracting weapons other than those of a specific attribute.
His true form is that of a true vampire.



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