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[Heartwarming] Cute animals will heal you! 20 Recommended Comics [Gags]

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Dogs, cats, and other “animals” are closely related to human life. In this issue, we’ll introduce 20 recommended manga that deal with animals. We’ve compiled a variety of genres, from heartwarming and cute animal cartoons to gags that make you laugh, wild battles, and more, so please take a look!

Healing and Heartwarming
Nekoe Jubei – Otogi Soushi

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Jubei is a cat painter who specializes in cat pictures, which are used to ward off rats, and lives in Nekochocho Nagaya, where many cats live. His cat-painting partner, Nita, is the cat-mata who imbues Jubei’s cat-paintings with magical powers. This work is composed of a complete story in which the duo of Jubei and Nita are involved in the events related to the people and cats of Nekocho Nagaya. The highlights of the story are the caring and compassionate duo and their cute cats. In addition, the story includes customs and daily life of the Edo period and seasonal seasonal seasonal events, making it a recommended work for readers who enjoy “period” stories.

Shirokuma Cafe

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Polar Bear-kun” runs a cafe in a world where humans and animals live together without distinction. Polar Bear-kun’s café is visited by all kinds of customers, including regulars such as Panda-kun and Penguin-kun, who live in a world where people and animals are not separated.
This work, which has also been made into a TV anime, is a lighthearted comedy manga about Polar Bear and the customers who surround him. Animal comedy” is a genre where the characters are often deformed, but the characters (and the animals that appear) in “Shirokuma Cafe” are strangely realistic, which helps to make the audience laugh. I recommend this work to people who like loose manga.

Lovely Muco

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Mooko” is a female dog who loves “Mr. Komatsu” who runs a glass workshop deep in the mountains. Mooko loves her owner so much that she wishes for him to become a dog soon.
The depiction of Mooko’s happiness, anger, sadness, and sadness is so cute that anyone who has owned a dog or who loves dogs would think, “My dog has this expression! There are many adorable episodes that make you sympathize with them. You will be healed by the bond between Muko, who sometimes goes out of control and Muko, who loves Komatsu too much, and Komatsu, whose feelings are communicating with each other even though they cannot communicate in words. The stories are so heartwarming in their entirety, so they are suitable for young children as well.

Kuma Miko

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Kumade Village, deep in the mountains of the Tohoku region, is a mysterious village where the Kumai Clan, a brown bear that understands human language, live. Amejyuku Machi, a priestess of the shrine dedicated to Kumai in Kumade Village, has a strong longing for the city and wants to go to a high school in the city. However, there was an obstacle to her moving into the city, as she is extremely shy and mechanical illiterate. That was Natsu Kumai, the brown bear, who is the representative of the Kumai clan and the guardian of the town.
This is a comedy manga centering on a girl, Machi, who has a complex about the countryside, and Natsu, a brown bear who is more adept than humans. Natsu, who is a worrier, puts Machi, who has no sense of humor and is full of emotions, through various trials. The interaction between the two, which is like a comedy comedy, and their friendship is heartwarmingly funny.

Wildlife! Observation Book

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An episodic comic by the illustrator Ikkusa Ikkusa. Surprising ecology of familiar animals and plants are introduced in the form of funny (and sometimes sad) episodes. The cute illustrations and trivia make this a great book not only for animal lovers, but also for those who are just beginning to develop an interest in living things. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about living things and nature! And the number of people who are addicted to it is growing rapidly.

Today’s Nekomura-san

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Nekomura Neko’, a cat working at ‘Murata Housekeeper’, is sent to work for the ‘Inugami family’ with the expectation of her skills. The Inugami family is a wealthy family, but their circumstances seem to be somewhat flawed. The Inugami family is full of wacky characters, and Neko struggles to work as a housekeeper.
In contrast to the usual image of a cat as a “nap-loving,” “fickle” or “self-paced” cat, Nekomura-san is a very hardworking person. She smoothly completes the household chores and earns the trust of the Inugami family as well. On the other hand, he has a cat-like side to him, with a catty tongue, a sudden return to quadrupedal walking, and clawing when shocked, making him a very comforting character. The human condition of the Inugami family, which is gradually changing under the influence of the pure and healthy Nekomura-san, is also a point of interest.

The Bear and the Raccoon

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Tanuki” is a little scared but full of curiosity, and “Kuma” has a strong and gentle personality. The life of these two animals is heartwarming and mellow. It is an unlikely combination in the real world of the wild, but in the manga, the two animals’ caring for each other beyond their species is warm and heartwarming. In addition to the bear and the raccoon, there are various other creatures such as the crane and the heron, the deer and the antelope, and even a passing “caddisfly”, all of which are adorable characters. The depiction of the animals is very detailed, and the pictures, which are not too realistic and not too deformed, enhance the cuteness of the characters.

My Uncle and the Cat

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Fukumaru’, an exotic shorthair who was left alone and unsold, and ‘Oji-sama’ (Kanda Fuyuki), a lonely man living alone after his wife passed away, meet, live together, and deepen their bond. There are two episodes, one from Fukumaru’s point of view and the other from his uncle’s point of view, and although they can’t communicate with each other, they gradually begin to communicate with each other in a warm and sometimes poignant way, and the story became popular on twitter. Originally, the author, Umi Sakurai, published the work on twitter, but when it was published as a book, it included many new drawings, and it was also very popular. The story of a cat-owning novice, a cat-owning uncle who makes a lot of mistakes but still struggles for Fukumaru, and Fukumaru’s “cat-like” reactions are sure to heal you! of, I recommend it to cat lovers.



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