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【Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba】Famous quotes – Enmu – A psychopath who destroys people’s minds in dreams

In this article, I would like to introduce you to the quotes of “Enmu”, who is ranked as the first demon of the lower strings among the twelve demons of “Twelve Demons and the Moon”, who are under the direct control of Muzan Kimetsuji, the mastermind behind the creation of demons.

First of all, before looking at the quotes, it is essential to understand the background and character of “what kind of demon is Enmu? The first thing I would like to introduce is the background and personality of the demon “Enmu”.

Basic information about the Enmu



Nightmares are also known as “sleeping demons”. It is a demon that has the ability to induce people into a deep sleep through the use of blood magic, and can freely show dreams ranging from happy dreams to nightmares.
Among the demons of the Lower Strings, the Nightmare Demon is the only demon that Muzan has allowed to survive, as it is very loyal to its master, Muzan.

In the scene where “Lui”, the lower string demon, is defeated by Tanjiro and the other demons in the story, and Sumi becomes enraged and says “I don’t want weak demons”, he calls the lower string demons together and one by one they are disposed of by the hands of Tanjiro.

In this scene, when the demons are being disposed of one by one in front of the nightmare, when it’s finally the Enmu’s turn, he says, “It’s like a dream that I’m going to be dealt with directly by you, Mr. Muzan. It was fun to listen to the other demons’ demise.

Musho likes the “unusual” and courageous comments of the nightmare and tries to make it stronger by sharing his own blood.
As part of his mission, he is told to take care of Tanjiro, and the two of them collide on the infinite train.
The nightmare is a cruel character who loves to see “people’s faces distorted by misfortune” more than anything else.
He plans to show the passengers of Mugen Train “a good dream, and then show them a cruel dream to devour their flesh and blood”, and with the purpose of “having a good dream”, many of the passengers of Mugen Train act at the mercy of the Enmu.

The nightmare has been confusing dreams and reality since childhood, and has been confusing his family and the people around him with his incomprehensible words and actions.
The nightmare can show any dream to the person who has been put to sleep, and there is a background of people who are in an unhappy environment cooperating with the nightmare in order to be shown “happy dreams”.
There is a “core of the mind” in the dream that is put to sleep, and if it is destroyed, the person becomes a cripple. In order to get out of a happy dream, you have to die in the dream, but choosing to die in a happy state is not something an ordinary person can do, so almost all people cannot escape if they fall into a dream.

The above is the basic information about nightmares. Now that you know that he’s a cruel and strange demon, let’s get right to the quotes!

It doesn’t matter how strong the demon hunters are. The driving force of a human is the mind, the spirit.


This is a sentence that he uttered to Tanjiro and the others who were falling asleep with the passengers under his command while standing on top of the infinite train car.
It is a short sentence, but it is one that symbolizes the strength of the Enmu, and it shows how scary and strong the Enmu is, as it targets not the “strength of the sword” but the “strength of the mind”.

The fact that he is aware of the fact that there are demon hunters who are more powerful than him, and yet he understands how to win, shows a logical side to him.

You’re starting to dream a happy dream, you’re in a deep sleep, you’ll never wake up.


This line is also used in the catchphrase of the Infinite Train Arc movie.

This line is used in the catchphrase of the movie of the Infinite Train Arc, and it is said when Sumijiro, Purgatory, and others fall asleep and are convinced of their victory.

The phrase “even in the belly” is used by Enmu, who later merges with the infinite train, to mean that he is falling asleep in the belly of the infinite train, which has become a part of him.

The desperate nuance of “I can’t wake up anymore” makes the hate for the Enmu stronger and stronger, and makes the audience feel united.

It’s a blessing to be able to die dreaming.

This is another scene where he is on the infinite train, bathing in the wind, as if he is talking to himself before the train fusion. Although he is a villainous character, this line is also one of his most famous quotes, as it somehow makes us sympathize with him.

Every human being has happy times, hard times, and times when they want to run away. At the end of the day, dying with a happy dream is essentially happiness, and that is what this quote speaks to the heart.

He’s been attacked many times, and the moment he’s attacked, he knows he’s been attacked and commits suicide to wake up. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.


It’s a bit long, but it’s the “only quick speech” that came out during the scene where the Enmu is unusually impatient and running his head full speed.

When he unravels the answer to the phenomenon of waking up even though the blood magic he unleashed on Tanjiro is supposed to be working, Enmu feels for the first time the impatience that he might lose.

The following is the full version of the words that he said at that time, “This kid is not normal.

The truth is, I like to show you my nightmares after I show you my happy dreams.



This word is one of the reasons why Enmu are called psychopaths.

Nightmares love to see the distorted expressions on people’s faces as they fall between the moments when they feel happiest and the moments when they feel unhappiest.
Even in the middle of the movie, there was a rather shocking scene of a nightmare where the nightmare imagines that he will eventually show his nightmares to his passengers, drooling and looking at their pained expressions.



After the fierce battle on the infinite train, Enmu was decapitated by Tanjiro’s Hinokami Kagura, and this is the line that came out of his mouth at the end of the battle as his body gradually evaporates and decays.

This is the infinite train that I boarded to get blood from Muzan, to get stronger and prepare to fight the demons of Jyougen.

He accepts the ugliness of his body and fuses with the infinite train in an attempt to gain strength, but it ends in failure, and he realizes that his very actions may have been a nightmare.

Extra: “Forced Coma Sleep – Eyes”

This is one of the most powerful blood techniques that forces those who see Enmu eyes to sleep.

In the scene where he just says the name of the technique, it was talked about as too cool and cool to be an enemy character.

Incidentally, Inosuke, who is wearing a boar’s headgear, was able to avoid this technique.

The most famous words of the Enmu
In this article, I have introduced some of the best quotes from the Enmu of the Lower Strings.

Among the many quotes, my favorite quote is

It doesn’t matter how strong the demon hunter is. It doesn’t matter how strong a demon hunter you are, the driving force of a human being is the mind, the spirit.

In his childhood, he repeatedly made comments as if he himself was dreaming, and was feared.

He has a history of being feared for his use of hypnosis. Even the most perfect human being can be destroyed by destroying the “core of the spirit” that resides in his mind. When you reach the “unconscious realm” in the dream world created by the nightmare, you will find the “fragile core of the human mind,” which is called the core of the spirit.

I believe that these words are “The Resounding Words” that are widely applicable to today’s society.

If the things that are important to you and that drive you are destroyed, you are finished. It is necessary to keep this in mind as you work, study, and tackle your daily tasks.

The Enmu is one of the cruel demons that appear in the story, but he has left us with many wise words that make us think and touch our hearts.

I hope that even one of the quotes I have introduced sticks with you.

Thank you very much.

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