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[Kemono Friends 2] I look forward to the ability of director Kimura Ryuichi! Kemo fancy second quarter summary [2019 winter animation] # Kemono Friends

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A summary of the information on the popular anime “Kemono Friends 2” scheduled to be broadcast in the winter of 2019, two years from the previous work that also became a social phenomenon!
Kimura Ryuichi director of “Eye cutlet!” did a direction and put it in order about Motosaku who says “1 period of all fascinating elements are left.”!

Complete new work of the big hit “Kemo-fure”

Scheduled to start broadcasting on January 7, 2019, “Kemono Friends 2” is a completely new work with the same worldview and characters as the TV anime “Kemono Friends” broadcasted in the winter of 2017.
However, the main character of the first term, Kaban, is not credited as of December 2018.
According to the “Story” published on the official site, Serval and Caracal meet “Children of the Humans” in the forest of Japali Park, and it seems that the story begins when they travel together, so there are bags and servals It does not mean that the story is drawn from the continuation of the 1st term which ended towards the Friends new area, but a new story seems to be spun.

It is directed by Ryuichi Kimura to take the lead of Kemo Fure 2.
“Aikatsu” aired in 2012-2016! You are famous as a director of
In addition, he is director of “Pochi to invent invention Pikachin kit” and deputy director of “Hanamaru Kindergarten” and “Natsuiro Kiseki”.

The series configuration is Takuya Masumoto.
I’m in charge of writing for “ONE PIECE”, “Penguin problem”, “zombie land saga”, etc.

The CG director is Hideo Taniguchi, the sound director is Nobuyuki Abe, the sound effect is Yasuyuki Konno, the music is Akihiko Tateyama, and the animation producer is Shinnosuke Numata.
Animation is produced by Tomason.

Tomason is an animation production company established in 1988, and is actively introducing computers, and is known for being good at CG animation production.
It is a company that produces the “Ninja Tamamaru Series” and the “Japanese Old-fashioned Series”.
I also work on TV commercials and live animations.

Kemo Fre is based on 3D, but the background is drawn in 2D, and it is an animation that combines 2D and 3D with an exquisite balance.
Tomason, who specializes in the fusion of 2D and 3D, seems to be fairly compatible with the petty friends.

Cast continues + new

The staff members are completely new, and it is fra 2 but with regard to the cast, all the friends appearing in the 1st term are in the form of continuation.

The role of Serval is Yuka Ozaki.
In 2018 “Animal! After playing a protagonist, Hatoya Kohane’s prominence and dramatically rising in popularity due to injury, he has been working steadily.

Kana Motomiya, who plays the role of Fennec, currently belongs to the “Pure Baobabs”, including Tsutomu Kimmoto.
“Onsen Musume” I am active on the stage etc.

Saki Ono, who played the role of raccoon, was in charge of the main character’s sister, Yuka Endo, in the 2018 broadcast “BEATLESS”.
In 2019, it is decided to play the main character of the game Omega Labyrinth Life produced by D3 Publisher, Hinata Akazuki.

Yukio Fujii, who plays the role of Alpaca Suri, who operates Japari Cafe, is active in “Gegege no Kitaro” and in the role of Mana Inuyama.
Aya Uchida, who is scheduled to appear only in the Lucky Beast role in the second term, plays numerous main characters only in 2018, such as the “Relate the SPYCE” Aoba first role.

Members of the idol unit “PPP (Pepap)” who also appeared on the music station, Mikoi Sasaki ,Ruka Nemoto ,Kyouka Tamura, Aina Aiba, Ikuko Tikuta and Mami Yamashita, who plays Margey who became a manager of PPP in the 1st term, also energetically in TV anime, games, and the stage. Active activities.

And new friends also appeared.

Yui Ishikawa is determined to play the role of “child” who will be the protagonist in place of Kaban.
It is a very high-profile voice actor known for “Attack on Titan” Mikasa and “Violet Ever Garden” Violet.

Riko Koike is in charge of Caracal, which is expected to become a new main character.
Those who played the small volleyball club member, Sunakawa Mai, who was playing along with the main character, Haruka Ozora and the bachi, in the 2018 broadcast “Haruka Receive”.

The role of the Giant Panda, which is scheduled to appear in the second quarter, is “Aikatsu Stars! [Aria Futaba, “Love Live! School Idol Festival” Decided by Kaori Maeda, who plays Shizuku Sakurazaka.
A new unit “Gothic x Luck” has also been shown on the stage, with the role of Mashiro Yagi and the role of Kanza Shifuuchou Kan Madokab as an actress.



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