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【Dragon quest walk】An in-depth look at why the start-up was a huge success and what the future holds! Do you want to continue with Pokémon Go?

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The Dragon Quest Walk smartphone app was released on September 12, 2019, and in just one month it’s had over 8 million downloads!
So we’ve put together a summary of what this app is about, why it’s been a huge success, and if it will continue to be loved!

This is the kind of game “Dragon quest walk” is.

Dragon Quest Walk was a big hit upon its release, but this is a location-based RPG app that is different from the numbered titles released for consumers and the Dracula series that have been released as smartphone apps.
A location-based game is a game that uses the location registration information built into your smartphone, and this title has a strong RPG element to it.

The appeal of location-based games is that they can strengthen the sense of immersion by linking the real world and the in-game world.
One of the most famous titles in this genre is Pokémon GO, a location-based game in the Pokémon series that became a social phenomenon when it was released in 2016.

The similarity between Dracula Walk and the traditional Dracula series is that the main character = the player.
In this game, the player becomes the protagonist and goes on adventures in the game world.
There are a lot of other Dracula elements in this game, making it a very Dracula-like game.

The first thing the player does in this game is to set a destination.
When you select a quest, several candidate destinations are displayed on the map, and you choose one of them.

The map in this case is a real map displayed by the location registration information of the smartphone.
From that map, you can select a park, store, or other facility or building that is a candidate destination.
With the “Destination Anywhere” feature, you can set a destination once a day, but only once a day, to any location regardless of the candidate.

The condition for completing the quest is that you must travel with your phone to that destination you have set.
While moving, a map will appear on your phone’s screen and objects such as “monsters” and “Kaifuku Spot” will appear there.

It’s the same as the traditional Dracula series in that when you fight and win against monsters, you gain experience and level up.
Naturally, the monsters in this game are familiar faces from the series, such as the Slime and Chimera.
The battle system is the same as in the traditional Dracula series, with turn-based command battles.

NPCs join your party and you can form a party of up to 4 players during your adventures.
Equipment such as weapons and armor can be obtained through basic gacha (Fukuiki).
You can also use items called “strengthening stones” to strengthen them.

When you arrive at your destination, your quest is considered a success and you’ll receive a Piece of Guidance.
The farther away you are from the destination, the more pieces of Shards of Guidance you’ll receive, and if you collect a certain number of these, you’ll be able to launch a new story quest.
Sometimes bosses will be waiting for you at the destination, so you’ll need to level up and learn spells and special skills beforehand.

Huge monsters may appear on the field map as you move through the game.
These monsters are called “Mega Monsters” and are the targets of so-called raid battles (called “Mega Monster Battles” in this game), in which you and other players gather to defeat them.
You can participate in battles by carrying items such as the “Pigeon Bill” and “Special Pigeon Bill”.
If you win the Mega Monster Battle within the time limit, your ranking will be determined by the damage you dealt, and you’ll receive rewards based on your ranking.

There are several other objectives, but the basic flow of the game is to set an objective and walk to that objective, with occasional side trips.



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