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Kaguya-sama wants to make her confess, but who will Ishigami end up with? Predicting development & chemistry!

出典 : ©赤坂アカ/集英社・かぐや様は告らせたい製作委員会 : TVアニメ『かぐや様は告らせたい?~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』公式サイト

Update 12/10!

The second season of the TV anime “Kaguya-sama wa Tsutsumi wo Shitsureta” will be broadcasted, and the main character, Masaru Ishigami, who is the main character of the show, has been tied up with whomever We’re going to find out if you can do it!
Female relationships on the stone from various angles, including the possibility of being a couple and the future, and the compatibility with that girl. We’ll be looking at the!

Yu Ishigami Character Overview

出典 : ©赤坂アカ/集英社・かぐや様は告らせたい製作委員会 : TVアニメ『かぐや様は告らせたい?~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』公式サイト

One of the main characters in “Kaguya-sama wa Tsutsumi wo Koerase”, a boy who is the student council treasurer of Shuichiin High School.
There was a time when he was not attending school, but he was recruited by the student council president, Miyuki Shirogane, and made a great contribution to data processing.

She has bangs that are long enough to cover one eye and headphones around her neck.
He is a two-dimensional nerd, just as his appearance suggests, and always carries a handheld video game console with him.

In his freshman year, he misunderstood that the vice president, Shinomiya Kaguya, was trying to kill him (?). Because I was doing this, my time in the student council office was brief, but gradually I was able to get to know the other student council members better. They broke the ice and gradually became more regular.
In her second year, she is disliked by the new student council member, Iino Miko (Iino Miko), but follows her weakness to the side.

Because of their high powers of observation and insight, they are quick to notice faults and wrongs in others, and they have a bad habit of speaking their mind openly, which often leads them to step on land mines.
Because of her negative character traits, she has always hated other people’s love lives, but now she is becoming more positive, such as falling in love with a senior student, Koyasu Tsubame, who has an open personality.

The voice actor responsible for the anime is Suzuki Ryota (Suzuki Ryota).

There’s a 70% chance he’ll stick with Miko.

出典 :

In the NEW GAME episode “Iino Miko is Unlovable (3)” (included in volume 16), it was confirmed that Miko is aware of Ishigami as the opposite sex.
Ishigami, on the other hand, does not seem to have any romantic feelings for Miko at all.
So, in the meantime, the status quo would be that Miko has a crush on him.

I added “just in case” because it’s ambiguous whether Miko is aware of her feelings or unaware of them.
It’s clear that he is aware of her as a member of the opposite sex, as we can see that he is jealous of the way she and Ishigami are talking to each other, but it’s still not clear if it’s a clear romantic interest.

Also adding to this ambiguity is the complicated relationship between Ishigami and Miko.

The origins of their relationship go back to the middle school years.
They didn’t have much direct interaction, but Miko, with her earnestness and strong sense of justice, followed Ishigami, who was being treated as a troubled child, and Ishigami followed Miko, who was in danger in many ways, and both of them helped each other without even knowing it, because they are following the “aesthetic of not asking for anything in return”.
And yet, they have an incomprehensible relationship where they dislike each other because of their personality disagreements.

However, it’s extremely likely that Miko will make her romantic feelings for Ishigami clear in the future.

When Miko was in middle school, when she was at her hardest because she was marginalized by those around her, someone gave her a message card with a stellar flower (in the language of flowers: small strength) that said, “Your efforts will pay off one day,” and she uses it for emotional support.
It seems likely that the giver of this card is Ishigami, and if it is discovered, Miko’s fondness for Ishigami will be instantly clear.
The foothold for Miko to like the stone top is already in place.

The fact that she usually hates only the stone tops is not a sign of the special treatment she gives him.
There are very few cases of moving from indifference to love, but flipping from hating to loving is a classic romantic comedy development, a situation that makes Miko’s unrequited love route a definite one.

On the other hand, there is no foothold so far for Ishigami to develop a fondness for Miko.
The fact that Ishigami is following Miko on something is only due to his personality, and if there were any other juniors who were dodgy, they would have treated him the same way.

However, we may feel a kind of sympathy for each other, having been smoked by those around us in middle school.
When asked about Miko’s good points, she replies, “She’s serious and straightforward,” which is a sign that she honestly acknowledges her good points.
When he learns of the fact that he was followed unnoticed during his middle school years, maybe he will develop feelings in Ishigami to see Miko as the opposite sex.

The heart key ring that Ishigami gave to Miko during the school festival as a lost item (giving a heart at the festival means confession) would also be a key item.
The rule is that if the owner of the drop doesn’t show up for three months, he is free to take it with him, so it’s possible that Miko gets this keychain, which could take the form of a confession in time from the stone top.

The introduction of the official side of the story, with Ishigami as the backstabbing hero and Miko as the backstabbing heroine, the amount of footholds in the story, and the chemistry between the two, who seem to be opposites, such as the fact that they both think that this guy is dangerous and needs to be followed by themselves, make this a great coupling in every respect.

The chance of sticking with a senior swallow is 80% (30%)

出典 :

Currently, Ishigami’s boyfriend is Koyasu Tsubame, aka Swallow Senpai.
And she is also the closest thing to a lover on the stone.

After the school festival, Ishigami fell in love with Tsubame, who treated him without discrimination, and in spite of being a shady character, he kept trying to get closer to her and eventually confessed his love to her.
But Tsubame-senpai’s answer was quite harsh, “I can’t go out with you, but I’ll only sleep with you once to thank you for your favors,” which is something you wouldn’t expect to hear coming from a saintly girl like her so far.

Not expecting such an answer, Ishigami was in despair, and while descending the stairs in a state of abandonment, he lost his footing, but Miko, who had been following behind him in worry while hurling barbs at him, rescued him and saved him unharmed, but it cost him his life, and Miko broke his arm.

Swallow-senpai regretted her words and actions for hurting Ishigami deeply, but Ishigami hated her. I think that’s something that only people who like each other do. So I’m going to try my best to make my seniors like me from now on,” he said in a handsome statement. So, it seems that the senior swallow’s feelings were quite tilted on the stone.

However, the bottleneck is Tsubame’s romantic history.
Apparently, she was once involved in a two-timing with a good friend of hers, which made her give up on the idea of a relationship.
It was probably that experience that led to his rejection of the stone top once.

As long as these footholds are in place, even if they were to stick together, there is a good chance that they would know how Miko feels and back off.
In addition, since Ishigami’s model was Nakanagon Ishigami Marotari in “Taketori Monogatari” and Tsubame’s model was Tsubame’s Koan Shell, and since Nakanagon tried to take the Koan Shell but could not hold on to it at the very last moment and fell, dying because of it, many people seem to expect that Ishigami would not eventually get together with Tsubame in the same way.

Currently, there is not enough material to overturn this prediction.
However, if Kaguya-sama wa Kyoutei is a retelling of the Taketori Monogatari, then Kaguya will return to the last heaven, and it won’t have a happy ending.
Conversely, if Moshikaguya has a happy ending, then this work is not a retelling of the Taketori Monogatari, which would contradict the assumption that Ishigami and Tsubame would not get together based on the Taketori Monogatari.

Therefore, although it is not probable, it is by no means certain that Ishigami will have a broken heart.

There’s a 0.01% chance of him hooking up with another girl

出典 :

There’s a small chance that Ishigami will have an ending that is neither Miko-END nor Tsubame-senpai-END.
In addition to these two, there are other girls in Ishigami’s neighborhood, such as Clerk Fujiwara, who is also a member of the student council; Kobachi Osaragi, Miko’s best friend, who has been treated like a beautiful woman; her classmate Rei Onodera; and Maki Shijo, the senior Tsundere.

That said, it’s safe to say that everyone’s heroine, Scribe Fujiwara, is not 100% Onodera, who feels like she’s trying to root for Miko and Ishigami.
Daibutsu, contrary to Onodera, doesn’t seem to welcome Miko’s fondness for Ishigami, so depending on her true intentions, she could take the action of “seducing Ishigami to keep him from getting attached to Miko,” but considering her friendship with Miko, this seems unlikely.

That leaves Tsundere-senpai, and while she likes Ishigami, it’s unlikely that she’ll like any boys other than Tsubasa, at least not during the book, as it would lead to a breakdown in her identity.
There may be a small chance that it’s sticking around in the last episode or at a later date.


Who Ishigami will stick with is now the biggest topic in Kaguya-sama, isn’t it?
Personally, I’d love to see her stick with Onodera!



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