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How did Cal become a popular character in [Precinct R]? Spoiler Summary

出典 : © アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive」製作委員会 : アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive (プリコネR)」公式サイト | Cygames

The main part of the anime Princess Connect! Featuring Cal, a member of the Gastronomic Hall of Fame in character!
We’ve put together a summary of the foul-mouthed, but firm, tsundere girlfriend who somehow fits in at the Gastronomy Hall!

Cal Character Introduction

出典 : © アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive」製作委員会 : アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive (プリコネR)」公式サイト | Cygames

One of the main characters in Princess Connect!
In the game version of the game, she collapsed beside the main character Yuki, and in the anime version, she makes her first appearance as a monster that attacks Pecorine and her friends.

His race is Beastmen (cats) and his age is 14 years old.
He has blue semi-long hair with white mesh, and since he is a cat beastman, he also has cat ears and a tail.
He is dressed in a blue dress type with wide sleeves like a robe, which gives him the appearance of a magical character.

In order to work with Pecorine and her friends, he joined their guild “Gastronomy Hall”.
Since then, he’s been mainly in charge of tsukomi (a common sense person).

Her character is a typical tsundere.
Pecorine eats all kinds of things, including insects and monsters.

She is voiced by Rika Tachibana, aka Tachibana.

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A spy sent by our greatest enemy.

出典 : © アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive」製作委員会 : アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive (プリコネR)」公式サイト | Cygames

The anime was full of suspicious scenes from the beginning of the show, but Cal is really a spy sent by an enemy force that she called “that guy”.
That enemy is the one from the previous Princess Connect! Emperor High Pupil (Kaiser Insight), who fought Yuki in the last battle of
Under the orders of Emperor Hapiru, Cal has been keeping an eye on Pecorine.

A wandering swordsman, Pecoline’s true identity is the eldest daughter of the royal family, or Princess, who rules the giant city of Landsol on the continent of Astoria.
Emperor Hapiru uses a brainwashing device to brainwash the people in the palace into believing he is Pecoline, so that he can substitute himself for the royal family and track her movements after she escapes.

To Emperor Hapiru, Pecoline is someone who cannot be left alone and must be eliminated.
Therefore, he orders Cal to take care of her as well.
In the anime, as of the third episode, he declared, “My mission is to take care of Pecorine”.

However, Pecoline’s physical abilities have been greatly enhanced by the “royal equipment”, and in contrast, Cal’s chances of success are slim, as she is still not accustomed to the power of the Princess Knight.
She joins the Gastronomy Hall to find her weaknesses and ensure that they are taken care of.

However, that was only the beginning of her agony.

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How do you rate the battle aspect of the game?

出典 : © アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive」製作委員会 : アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive (プリコネR)」公式サイト | Cygames

Cal’s role in the game is that of a “magic attacker”.
It’s a prominent scene in the anime where she uses magic to attack.
She has a high magic attack power and can use Union Burst (a unique special move) to attack all of her enemies, making her a powerful enough firepower factor.

On the other hand, since the character has been around since the beginning, his firepower is inevitably low in the early stages, and a certain amount of training is essential.
As a unit, it would be classified as a late-maturing type.

Skills are well-balanced: “Thunderball” to attack one enemy unit, “Armor Down” to reduce the physical and magical defenses of one enemy unit, and “Dark Eclipse” to increase your magical attack power.
The skill of lowering both physical and magical defenses at the same time is valuable, and works in both physical and magical physical parties, making it quite capable as a debuffed support person.

When awakened to 6 Star, Union Burst transforms into Abyss Burst, greatly increasing damage and adding a state of panic that prevents enemies from recovering TP.
She becomes more effective as both an attacker and a support staff.

The Summer (swimsuit) version is specialized, with one of the highest magic attack powers of all units, and all of her attack skills are highly powerful or debuffed.
The New Year’s version has the union burst “New Year’s Burst”, which increases your magic attack power in proportion to the damage you deal, and the “Wishing Field”, which allows you to deploy a more powerful physical barrier in proportion to your magic attack power.

Overall, it’s important to have a combination of characters, and it’s the type of character that shines even brighter when you have a good match in your party.

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