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【NARUTO】The 7th Official Character Poll Top 5 Announced! An in-depth look at the secrets behind the popularity of the top characters

Naruto is a very popular manga series by Masashi Kishimoto that ran from 1999 issue #43 to 2014 issue #50.
In this article, I would like to introduce the most popular characters of the popular manga “Naruto” based on the rankings of the last 7th official character poll.

Overwhelming strength and gentleness combined, we are weasels 4011 votes

The fifth most popular character in the 7th official popularity contest is Uchiha Itachi.
To begin with, the Uchiha clan is said to be the strongest of all the clans belonging to the village of Kinohagakure. They excel in the art of fire-fighting and have a special eye that can see through illusions and enemy movements called the “Sharin-gan”.
Uchiha Itachi is one of the most talented of the Uchiha clan.
At the age of seven, he graduated from the academy, and at the age of eight, he opened his Sharin-eye, and at the age of ten, he was promoted from Shimonin to Chunin. In addition, at the age of thirteen, he became the head of the Kinoha special forces.
One of the most attractive features of Uchiha is his overwhelming strength that allows him to open the rare kaleidoscope Sharin-eye in his clan.
Also, in the beginning of the story, Itachi was Sasuke’s enemy, but as the story progresses, Sasuke learns more about the real Itachi.
In the first story, Itachi was the one Sasuke hated, but as the story progressed, Sasuke learned more about the real Itachi. Itachi was on a mission to wipe out the whole clan, and he killed his parents and girlfriend, but he couldn’t kill his brother Sasuke. So he left his village to go to the upper echelons of Kinoha and the dark side and beg them to spare Sasuke’s life.
Itachi, who wanted Sasuke to gain the strength to survive, implored Sasuke to defeat him. In his final moments, Itachi fights Sasuke while suffering from illness and says, “Forgive me, Sasuke, this is the last time.
Itachi is smart, strong, and kind to his brother, which is probably the secret to his popularity.

Kazekage V, who loves his village and his friends, Gaara 4239 votes

The fourth most popular character in the seventh official ranking is Gaara.
He is from Sunagakure no Sato and is the son of the fourth Kazekage. He always works together with his sister Temari and brother Kanclou.
Gaara was later the fifth Kazekage and was the human pillar power of Moritsuru (One Tail). Gaara was born in exchange for the life of his mother, Karura, and like Naruto, had a difficult childhood as a Jinbashira. Unable to control the power of the guardian crane, Gaara was feared by the people of his village, and his father, Kazekage IV, sent assassins to him many times.
As a result of these experiences, he began to hate everything in the world, but when he met Naruto, he began to open his heart.
He is trusted by everyone in his village, and becomes the fifth Kazekage to fight Deidara. He uses his power to protect his village and is defeated by Deidara and dies, but is rescued by his grandmother Chiyo.
Despite being mistreated by the people of his village in the past, the way he puts his life on the line for the sake of his village is one of Gaara’s charms.

A habitual late comer with too much love for his friends, Kakashi Hatake 4828 votes

The third most popular character in the 7th official series is Kakashi Hatake.
Kakashi is the leader of Team 7 who raised Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, and he is also the 6th generation of the Fire Shadow after Tsunade. Kakashi is also the sixth generation of the Fire Shadow after Tsunade. He has a fast-paced personality and is a habitual late comer, but he is a good friend and well-liked person.
Kakashi’s father was known as the White Fang and was feared by other nations, but instead of prioritizing the execution of his mission, he was blamed for saving his friends and committed suicide.
Despite this difficult childhood, Kakashi is a ninja genius who graduated from the academy at the age of five, became a chuunin at the age of six, and a jounin at the age of twelve.
However, in order not to go down the same path as his father, Kakashi has come to believe that it is absolutely essential to carry out his mission, but this changes when he meets Obito and Rin, members of the same squad. Obito’s death changes Kakashi greatly, and he begins to value teamwork and friends.
Such a quote is given in the examination when Team 7 is formed.
In the world of ninja, those who can’t follow the rules and regulations are called scum. But those who don’t take care of their friends are even worse scum than that. He said. These are the words that Obito said to Kakashi, and they are one of the words that Kakashi cherishes.
This is one of the words that Kakashi cherishes. I think that the way Kakashi cherishes his friends is one of his charms.

Cool and strong main character behind the scenes: Uchiha Sasuke 5791 votes


Uchiha Sasuke is the second most popular character in the 7th official popularity contest.
Sasuke was the best friend and rival of the main character, Naruto Uzumaki, and was like the main character behind the story.
Like Itachi, he is also a member of the Uchiha clan, the strongest clan in Kinoba, and the owner of the eternal kaleidoscope Sharin-eye.
In his childhood, he lived only to kill Itachi after his brother Itachi slaughtered his family, but when he met Naruto, he changed a lot. He meets Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi-sensei, who are also in Team 7, and gradually develops a sense of camaraderie as well as a desire for revenge against Itachi.
When he meets Itachi on his mission, he is overwhelmingly defeated by him and feels impatient with Naruto’s unimaginable growth, so he leaves his village. After that, he shows further growth in his battle with Itachi.
In the last episode, he fights Naruto and loses one of his arms, but he says, “…russei yo…usuratonkachi” and recognizes and accepts Naruto.
It was a scene where the long fate of their relationship was gone, and their relationship returned to the way it was during the time of Team 7.
Sasuke’s charms are the strength of his pupil jutsu, such as Susanoo and Amateru, and the kindness in his cool responses.
I think these charms have helped Sasuke’s popularity.

Uzumaki Naruto, the gutsy ninja who is the most unexpected 6880 votes


The seventh official most popular character is Uzumaki Naruto.
Naruto is a nine-tailed human pillar power, and when he was born, his parents had passed away and he was lonely. As a result, Naruto has an inherently charming personality, but due to the secret of his birth, his problematic behavior is noticeable.
He was also persecuted by the people of his village because he was the nine-tailed man-pushing force that attacked his village, and he was unable to make any friends. The people who understood Naruto in such a situation were his teacher Iruka-sensei and the old man Teuchi of Ichiraku.
He was a failure at the academy and failed the academy exam three times.
However, Iruka put his body on the line to save Naruto, and Naruto defeated Mizuki by performing multiple shadow alterations.
In this way, Naruto clears the art of alteration, which he was not good at, graduates from the academy, and acts as a lowly ninja as the 7th team led by Kakashi.
He grew through various missions, and after his battle with his brother Payne.
After the battle with his brother, Pain, he is hailed as the hero of Kinoha.
The appeal of Naruto is that he never gives up and never bends his beliefs.
I’ll never bend my words. I think the secret to his popularity is that he never bends his beliefs, which can be seen in his famous words, “I never bend my words, that’s my ninja way.


We’ve introduced the top 5 of Naruto’s 7th official character popularity poll.

No.1The secret to Naruto’s popularity is that he saves the world without bending his beliefs with his natural grit.
No.2 goes to Sasuke, not only for the strength of his techniques, but also for his kindness in a cool way.
The third place goes to Kakashi, who has won the hearts of fans with the way he cares for his friends.
No. 4 is Gaara, who spent a difficult childhood as a human pillar, but after meeting Naruto, he changed and became a village chief who puts his people first.
No. 5 is Itachi, who is overwhelmingly strong and kind to his younger brother.

These are the five most popular Naruto characters. The characters of Naruto are rich in individuality and each one has its own episode, so you can see them in a different light by reading them from a different perspective, so please read on.

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