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[The child of the weather] The new work which is directed by Shinkai Makoto for the first time in 3 years is “Doentame” work! What? # Weather child

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I gathered information on the new animated film “The child of the weather” of Mr. Shinkai Makoto to be released on July 19, 2019!
“Your name is” I recorded the first ranking of Japanese animation in worldwide box office revenue. We will deliver the synopsis, staff, cast information etc. of this work which will be the next work of!

The newest director’s most noteworthy in Japan

“The child of the weather” is an animation film by Director Shinkai Makoto to be released on July 19, 2019.
Like Shinkai works so far, Director Shinkai will also be responsible for the script.

Shinhai coach, which now jumped over the framework of animation and became the most notable film director in Japan, the walk was quite peculiar.
Actually, he was not originally an anime farmer, but he is from Japan Falcom, a gaming company known for the “Ys Series” and “The Track Series”.
He has worked on the opening movie of “Ys II Eternal” remake of “Ys II” and was already doing work on the image side while belonging to the game company.

Since the late 1990s, he began producing short animation of independent production, and in 2002 released his first movie “Hoshino goe”.
This work, which depicted the ultimate far distance love of the universe and the earth using “Mail” which was the most advanced means of communication at the time, is an independent film produced by one Shinhai director, including director, script, and other than music is.
The fact that it is a rare example of “an animated movie made by almost one person” has also become a topic won numerous awards, and the name of Makoto Shinkai has become known among animation fans.

In the second work “The Places of the Clouds, the Place of Promises” he produced the first feature film and commercial film.
After that, I will also create movies such as “5 centimeters per second”, “Children following Children” and “The Temple’s Garden”.

“The most beautiful word in the evaluation of Shinkai directed by these days is” visual beauty “.
Director Shinkai is famous as a director drawing a delicate and beautiful background, but any background art has been on the foreground in any of its works, and the image of directing the artist’s skin with overwhelming impression on the image side was ahead of it It was.
While expressing the story precisely with the background and music, many poetical monologues of the characters have fragments and comments of somewhere fragmentary and difficult to understand, as many stories are introvert and many works of bitter end, ” I understand to those who understand. “” I do not accept ordinary people, but it is a terrible person, “I wonder if there were many evaluations.

Such evaluation is “Your name is. “It changed dramatically with the historical hit, and Shinkai, who became the middle of the film industry now,
It is rich in entertainment and gained tremendous support as an amusing entertainment work “Your name is. “What kind of directional movie will be the next work of the film, not only in Japan, I am getting hot attention from the world’s animation fans.

A high school boys who jumped out of a remote island and a girl who clears the sky freely

Synopsis of the “child of the weather” is released on the official website.

The main character of the story is Male High School Male High School (Morimashima Hodaka), a senior high school student.
Although he lived in a detached island, he sprang up and goes to Tokyo to go to Tokyo, but his life has not been able to go sailing smoothly sooner or later, the days that surprisingly surpass the glue by a dubious occult magazine writer industry.
In Tokyo where it rains continuously as if it reflects his mind, Saikako encounters a girl.

A girl living with his younger brother and two people due to some circumstances, Amano Hina .
She had a magical ability to “let the sky clear out just by praying”.

This work drawn on the stage where the harmony of the weather is going crazy is a beautifully unbearable story that two people “choose” their own way of living.

The main cast is two young actors

“Your name is. Following “Weather child”, the main cast is not a voice actor but an actor is appointed.
It is Mr. Daigo  Kotarou who plays the runaway boy · sail high.
Activities began in 2016, and in 2017 it is a young actor who is doing a good career carefully, such as shooting a protagonist and Onoda hill role with the stage “wimpy pedal”.

Ms. Mori Nana was chosen as a girl who has the ability to make the sky clear.
Live action version “Heart wants to cry. He plays Natsuki Nito at junior high school age, and is also a person who has appeared in various dramas and movies.

Both are in my teens and this will be my first time as a voice actor.



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