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I’ve compiled a list of all the Nawarou-kei anime titles in order of broadcast and release!

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We’ve compiled a list of the anime based on the Narou’s original works in the order of their airing and release, which are now very familiar to us!
This article is for those who want to check out what works have been made into anime and in what order, when the number of nerou anime increased, etc…

log horizon

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Serialization started: April 2010 (Let’s become a novelist)
Publication start: March 2011 (KADOKAWA Enterbrain)

Broadcast period
Series 1: Fall 2013 – Winter 2014
Series 2: Fall 2014 – Winter 2015
Series 3, Fall 2020

Original creator: Mamare Toushino
Illustrations: Hara Kazuhiro, Motochie Hashimoto (Monster Design)

Animation Production
Series 1: Satellite
Series 2: Studio Dean
Series 3: Studio Dean

Narrowrow’s first anime adaptation is this Loghora.
Moreover, it was broadcasted on NHK.
If this work wasn’t accepted by the audience, Narrow may not have been able to make great progress.

The third series is set to air in the fall of 2020 for the first time in 6 years, which surprised fans!

Magical High School underclassmen

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Began serialization: October 2008 (Let’s become a novelist) *now deleted
Publication start: July 2011 (Dengeki Bunko)

Broadcast period
1st season Spring-Summer 2014
2nd term Summer 2020

Original creator: Tsutomu Sashima
Illustration: Kana Ishida

Animation Production
1st period Madhouse
2nd term Eight Bit

This is a popular work known for “Onii-sama.
It was a work before the reincarnation boom came into full swing, and the inferior student was a big hit, which made it a popular work for Narrowcast.
After it was published as a book, it was removed from Narrow World, so there are a lot of people of different generations who don’t know that it is a Narrow World work.

A sequel to the anime is in the works, which will take six years to complete.

Is it wrong to want to meet someone in a dungeon?

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Serialization started: April 2011 (Arcadia, Let’s Become a Novelist) *Deleted now
Publication start: January 2013 (GA library)

Broadcast period
1st term Spring 2015
2nd Term Summer 2019
3rd term Summer 2020

Original creator: Fujino Omori
illustration by Yasdaszuto

Animation Production: J.C. STAFF

Danmachi is said to be no more impressive as an “inferiority complex” than Narrowcast.
It was first posted on Arcadia, not Narrowcast, and the web version has now been removed.
I think the fact that the main character, Belle, is not a Tueeee type may be one of the reasons why it doesn’t feel like a Narrow World story.

The third season is set to air in the summer of 2020.


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Serialization started: May 2010 (Arcadia, Let’s become a novelist)
Publication start: July 2012 (KADOKAWA Enterbrain)

Broadcast period
1st term, summer 2015
2nd season Winter 2018
3rd Term Summer 2018

Original creator: Kugane Maruyama
illustration: so-bin

Animation Production: MADHOUSE

Obaro was also originally a web novel posted on Arcadia, but this one is an alternate universe transference/transference, so it seems to have a strong impression of the Narrow World style.
The fact that it is part of “Otherworldly Karutetto” seems to have contributed to its popularity.
It is a big hit novel that is selling so well that it is the number one selling novel of the year when it is published, and the anime is also a success.

Bless this wonderful world!

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Serialization started: December 2012 (Let’s become a novelist) *now deleted
Publication start: October 2013 (Kadokawa Sneakers Bunko)

Broadcast period
1st period Winter 2016
2nd term Winter 2017

Original creator: Natsume Akatsuki
Illustration: Kurone Mishima

Animation Production: Studio Dean

The birth of the “narou anime” category can be attributed to the success of both “Suva” and the next cool anime, “Rizero,” which became historically significant.
On the other hand, apart from the inter-world reincarnation genre, this is a gag-focused (+ romantic comedy) story that is distinctly different from other Narou works.
It was made into a movie in 2019, produced by J.C.STAFF, but when will the third season be?

Re:Starting from zero in a different world

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Serialization started: April 2012 (Let’s become a novelist)
Publication start: January 2014 (MF Bunko J)

Broadcast period
1st term Spring 2016
2nd term Spring 2020

Original work: Tatsuhei Nagatsuki
illustration: Shinichiro Otsuka

Animation production: WHITE FOX

Along with Kono-Suba, it can be called the definitive work of the Narrowcast anime.
It is said that the number of registered users of Narrow has increased dramatically since the broadcast of Rizero.
The highly anticipated second season is scheduled to air in the spring of 2020.

Knights & Magic

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Serialization started: October 2010 (Let’s become a novelist)
Publication start: February 2013 (Hero Bunko)

Airdate: Summer 2017

Original creator: Amashino Hyou
illustration: black and silver

Animation production: 8bit

The title of this work is “Knight’s & Magic”.
It is an otherworldly reincarnation, but it is a robot thing, which is rare in the works of Naruu.
The official abbreviation is “NIGHTSMA”.

Otherworld Canteen

出典 :

Serialization started: January 2013 (Let’s become a novelist)
Publication start: March 2015 (Hero Bunko)

Airdate: Summer 2017

Original creator: Junpei Inuzuka
Illustration: Enamica Katsumi

Animation production: SILVER LINK.

The otherworldly reincarnation/transference works have been established in Narourau, and it is the first time that a “person who does not rise to the level of supremacy in reality comes to another world and is a warrior”. We’ve entered an era that would be buried in the normal setting of “I do”, and that’s why we’ve made otherworldly reincarnations/transfers into other The cross-world comedy, which is a combination of which genres to draw with, has begun in earnest.
The first to be adapted into an anime was this one, which was based on an alternate universe and gourmet food.
It became popular as a late night food terrorism anime.

Other worlds are with smartphones

出典 :

Serialization started: April 2013 (Let’s become a novelist)
Publication started: May 2015 (HJ Novels)

Airdate: Summer 2017

Original creator: Fuyuhara Patra
Illustrations: Eiji Usatsuka (book version), Nekotama (web version) (Web version)

Animation production: Production lead

It is a pioneer of the trend to describe narou anime as “~Taro”.
It had quite a few views on the Chinese video site “Biri-Biri Douga”, and it was more popular abroad than in Japan.

An Otherworldly Rhapsody Beginning with the Death March

出典 :

Serialization started: March 2013 (Let’s become a novelist)
Publication start: March 2014 (Kadokawa BookS)

Airdate: Winter 2018

Original creator: Hiro Aishichi
illustration : shri

Animation production: SILVER LINK.

This is a very popular work that has recorded a total of 970 million page views on Narourau. (700 million page views on Tensura)
Finally, 1 billion PVs are in sight.
This animation also has a good result in Bilibili video.



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