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【The man picked up by the gods】An alternate world transition fantasy made possible by slime research! The possibility of an animated film is also examined

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We’ve put together a summary of “The Man Picked Up by the Gods,” an inter-world transition fantasy light novel that’s also doing well in comic book form!
We explain the appeal of the story of the main character, an otherworldly shifter who studies slime, and thoroughly examine the possibility of making an anime!

The otherworldly life of a man loved by God

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The Man Picked Up by the Gods” is a light novel work by Roy-sensei.
The illustration and character design of the novel version is done by Ririnra-sensei, and the comic version is drawn by Ranraku-sensei.

The genre is an alternate world transfer fantasy, but it is also an alternate world transfer because the main character has died in this world.

The main character’s previous life is a middle-aged Japanese office worker, Takebayashi Ryoma.
He is a 39 year old SE, and although he works at his desk, he always works out, so he has a well-built body.
He was an otaku who loved anime and manga, and although he had a reasonably enjoyable life, he didn’t feel that he had a purpose in life or a real sense of purpose.

His cause of death was “sneezing”.
He sneezed four times while sleeping, causing his pillow to shift and his head to hit the floor, causing the blood vessels in his brain to break and he died quietly.

Afterwards, he was reincarnated into another world by the three pillar gods and took on the role of “replenishing the magical power of the earth” in the world of Sailfall, where the magic power is beginning to dry up.
However, it’s not that he has to do anything special, he can supply magic power just by being in that other world, so the gods told him to live freely and enjoy the otherworldly life that is his second life.

Sent to the Gana Forest in the Refall Kingdom of Sailfall, Ryouma took on the form of an eight-year-old boy and encountered a slime.
When he turned the slime into a servant, he saw it evolve into a different form and became very interested in it, and spent three years in the forest studying it alone.

Then one day, Ryouma encounters Reinhard Jamil and his guards, the lord of the Duke of Jamil’s domain.
After providing them with a potion, they began to communicate with each other and travel together.

Then, using his ability as a slime tamer and his knowledge of other cultures, he begins to use his knowledge of different cultures to start various activities, such as defeating demons and opening a cleaning service.

A unique feature of this game is the use of slime.
Ryouma doesn’t just use slime, he uses it not only as a tool, but also for labor, as a vacuum cleaner, and even for business.
This is a work that is different from the usual fantasy story because it utilizes slime for living rather than fighting, and that is the charm of this work.

The characters are all good, including the main character Ryouma and the three pillar gods.
The heroine, Eriaria, is also cute and makes you feel warm and fuzzy in every episode.
As a slow life type of work, this is a work that has a very high level of perfection.

The series exceeds 1 million copies in total, and an anime adaptation is in the works

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The Man Picked Up by the Gods began to be serialized in January 2014 on Let’s Become a Novelist, and in 2017, HJ Novels began publishing it in book form.
The same year, Manga UP! and Gan Gan ONLINE also started a comic book adaptation, and as of November 2019, seven volumes of the novel version and four volumes of the manga version have been released.

The total number of copies of the series has exceeded 1 million.
This 1,000,000 circulation figure is not at all comparable to other recent anime adaptations of the series, with the fall 2019 anime “Book Lover’s Gokugoku” airing in the fall of 2019 having sold 1,000,000 copies (currently 2,000,000) at the time of the decision to make it into an anime, and “I told you that I said my abilities were on average! has sold 550,000 copies (currently 800,000).
The volume average is also higher than these two titles, so there is a good chance that this work will be adapted into an anime.


It’s a slow life type of story, and the main character is humble (sometimes too humble), so I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to get too stressed out!
If you like narou-kei, you can’t go wrong with this one, because it’s THE work that has a lot of what you’re looking for in a narou-kei.
The comic version is cute and easy to read too, so many people seem to start here!

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