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【Jujutsu Kaisen】It’s already being made into an anime! What makes jumping dark fantasy so popular?

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Updated 1/22/2020

Pick up the Weekly Shonen Jump serialized work “Jujutsu Kaisen”, which has been made into an anime in less than two years!
We’ve put together a summary of the film’s appeal, and why dark fantasy is being received in the jump!

A dark fantasy about a curse

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Jujutsu Kaisen is a manga work that has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump by Akutami Shimoji since 2018.
As of January 2020, the total number of copies published up to volume 9 of the comics has surpassed 2.5 million, making it a huge hit.
This is Akutomi’s first serialized work, but he has suddenly become a popular artist.

This is a dark fantasy about a curse that appears like a comet.
It is a story about the battles of sorcerers who exorcise the cursed spirits, which have turned into monsters with the power of the curse, and their days at their educational institution, the “College of Conjuring Arts and Sciences”.

What makes this work unique is that it is a shonen magazine manga, yet it has the horror and grotesqueness that only a dark fantasy can have.
Many of the haunting spirits are quite creepy in design, and there are also depictions of physical injuries and slaughtered corpses from battles.
However, the damage is not depicted in a realistic manner, so it is not so gruesome that you can’t help but cover your eyes.

The story is notable for its fast pace, especially in the beginning of the book.
Also, the main character dies at the beginning of the second volume (but is later revived), which is unexpected and has a pretty strong ability to draw you into the story.

The design is reminiscent of “NARUTO” and “HUNTERxHUNTER”, and the character design of the main character reminds me of Ichigo from “BLEACH”, so if you liked Jump in the 2000s, this is a work that will draw you in.

Characters that have a jumpiness to them

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The main character of this story is Yuuji Ikatake, a member of the psychic phenomenon (occult) research group.
He has the appearance of a delinquent boy, but he is a friendly and honest young man.
He has extraordinary physical abilities, and is rumored to be able to throw a liner in the cannonball throw and to have the amazing ability to sprint 50 meters in 3 seconds.

The tiger staff had been leading a peaceful life, but things take a turn for the worse when he unknowingly picks up the finger, which is a special class spell, and it is said to have been a finger of Ryomensukuna.
The senior member of the Oka Kenkyuaki is attacked by a spell spirit that is after the curse objects. The spellcaster Megumi Fushiguro, who was collecting the special class spell objects, responds to the attack, but she protects Eugene and injures him.
In order to save her and Fushikuro, Torajane takes the two-sided (both sides) Tsuchina’s fingers into her body in order to gain the power to counter the spell, and defeats the spirits with overwhelming power.

However, the special grade spells are very poisonous.
Normally, it would kill them, but the fingers adapt to their bodies and incarnate.

The conservative faction of the witchcraft world, who see the “King of Curses”, both sides of tiger staff as an absolute threat, wish to secretly execute him, but Gojo Satoru, a special grade sorcerer and teacher at the Tokyo Metropolitan College of Witchcraft and Wizardry, insists on the value of the tiger staff, which is still alive even after incorporating tuscan spirits.
According to his advice, the tiger staff is to die after incorporating all the 20 double-sided duesta fingers in this world, which gives him a reprieve.

Despite being a dark fantasy, Tora Cane’s karate personality and Fushiguro’s desire for Tora Cane’s survival for his personal reasons of not wanting to see the good guys die are characters that can be considered shonen magazine royalty.
For this reason, this work is a “Jump’s Dark Fantasy” with characters that have a Jump-like quality to them, even though it is not a Jump-like genre.



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