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Blades of Demon Destruction: The Pillar of Flame of the Demon Killers, Anjuro Purgatory! The hero of the movie! [Infinite train]

Blades of Annihilation is so popular that there is no one who doesn’t know the name of the work.
Did you know that the movie version will be released in October 2020?
This time, we’re going to tell you about one of the characters in the movie, Anjuro Purgatory, who also appears in the movie version of the Blade of Annihilation.


Name: Purgatory Anjuro (pronounced “rengo”)
Age: 20 years old
Height 177cm
Weight 72 kg.
Class Column
Breathing Breathing on fire

We have briefly introduced the profile of Anjuro Purgatory.
From here on out, I’m going to tell you exactly what makes Anjuro Purgatory Anjuro tick!

One of the highest-ranking “pillars” of the Onion Killer Squad!

First of all, let’s briefly discuss the Onion Killers.
In the story of the Blade of the Demise, there is a creature called “Oni” that attacks and eats humans as an enemy.
The organization that was created to protect humans from these demons is the Oni Kill Team.

Purgatory Anjuro is one of the Pillar, the highest rank in the Oni-killing squad.
He is also called Enbashira because he is a swordsman who has mastered the breath of fire among the pillars, which is why he is called Enbashira.

Breathing is a technique that a human being must master to overcome demons.
By learning how to breathe, one can explode and increase one’s power.
There are several types of breathing techniques, but Purgatory Anjuro has mastered one of them, the Breathing of Fire.

Purgatory Anjuro was born as the eldest son of the Purgatory family, who had inherited the Pillar of Flame from generation to generation, and his father was a former Pillar.
He trained from a young age, so he must have been a born demon killer and pillar man.

What kind of personality is such a Purgatory Anjuro?

He’s a feisty, vigorous character! And the funny side? (Some spoilers!)

Purgatory Anjuro is lively and vigorous, and is a clear and lively character.
He is also good at taking care of people, so he is like an older brother to the members of the Onikiri group.

Here are some lines that show his character.

The younger sister of the protagonist, Sumijiro, has been turned into a demon, and Sumijiro fights the demon while taking his sister with him in order to turn her back into a human.
However, the act of protecting the demon is against the rules of the Oni-kiri-tai.
In the scene where the pillar swordsmen were to hold a trial for this, Anjuro Purgatory said this line: “There is no need for a trial.

‘There is no need for a trial! Covering up for a demon is a clear violation of Squadron Rules! We can handle this on our own! I’ll behead the demon as well!

This is a line that was also broadcast in the anime.
We don’t see him trying to take care of the situation, but it probably means that he has a strong hatred for demons as a pillar of the Onimator Squad.
Also, his very vivacious mannerisms show that his character is full of life, which is conveyed in this line!

Next, here are some lines that show his caring nature.
Below are some lines from scenes that didn’t air in the anime, so spoiler alert!
That said, there are no major spoilers about the story, so if it’s a dialogue spoiler, you’re good to go! If you’re a fan of this, please keep reading.

‘Mmm! So that’s it! But I don’t know! I’ve never even heard of Hinokamikagura! I’m very glad to see that your father’s Kagura has been applied to battle, but I think this is the end of the story!

These are the words that Gagaku Anjuro replied to Sumijiro when he asked him if he knew any details about the Hinokami Kagura breath, something that Sumijiro suddenly became able to use.
It’s a vigorous narrative, but it’s a blunt answer!
At this, even Sumijiro doesn’t have anything more to offer! I was flinching.
But soon after, he said this.

‘You can be my stepson and I’ll take care of you!

Tsuguko is a member of the Onion Killer Squad, a direct disciple of the pillar who found his strength in the pillar.
He didn’t seem to know about Hinokami Kagura that Sanjiro wanted to know about, but he was really a very caring person who didn’t give up on him and asked him to become his stepson.

Also, Purgatory Anjuro is a character with a very pleasant side to him as well!

Good! ×x 12 times

This is the line he said when he met up with Anjuro Purgatory on the Mugen train that Sumijiro and his companions were headed to on their mission.
Purgatory Anjuro had boarded the train a step ahead of them and was eating his lunch.
”Yum!” And I’m eating my lunch, screaming over and over again!
Even as he spoke to her, she still turned to him and said, “Good! He is shouting.

Also, he is basically smiling.
It’s only his mouth that’s smiling, though, because his eyes are wide open with a snap, lol.
With that look on his face, “If there was a hole, I’d go in it! What a line he says, but his expression is so expressive that I wonder if he really thinks that. I almost feel like I’m going to go into it.

It’s this hilarious side of him that makes him a favorite of so many Blades of Demise fans!


A good-hearted man! Did you see it in the movie? (Spoilers!)

He is the highest ranking pillar of the demon killer squad, but he is also a kind-hearted person.
His kindness can be witnessed in a story called Infinity Train Arc.

Below are some major spoilers about the story!
If you don’t want to read spoilers, please don’t read this topic and jump to the final summary.

In this Mugen Train Arc, Purgatory Anjuro boldly takes on the demons and does his best to protect the lives he is supposed to protect.
Then he loses his life in a fierce battle with an extremely powerful demon who suddenly enters the scene.
He literally fought for his life.
Humans, weak! In some scenes, he talks about the love and preciousness of human beings to the demons who deny that they are
He has compassionate feelings for human beings.
His deep kindness and the strength of his heart, not just his physical strength, can be felt in this story.

This Mugen Train Arc is a continuation of the anime’s final episode, episode 26, which will air in the upcoming Blade of the Devil’s Denial movie, which is scheduled to be released on October 16, 2020.



Purgatory Anjuro is a brave and strong swordsman, and supports the Onikiri Squad as a pillar, the highest rank of the Onikiri Squad.
He also has a kind-hearted and caring side to him, and you can tell from his words and actions that he has a friendly nature.
He is probably one of the most noteworthy pillars of the show, as he also appears in the movie version.
Purgatory Anjuro is a uniquely charming character that can’t be left out when discussing the Blade of Demon Perdition!

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