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I want to talk to you, Ajin-chan, and examine the possibility of a second season! Is cross-species stuff booming again?

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An in-depth look at whether there’s any chance of a second season for the well-received TV anime “Ajin-chan wa Narrative”, which aired in winter 2017!
Here’s a summary of the popularity and ratings at the time of the broadcast, disk sales, the current popularity of the original story, and the current state of the secretly rising “cross-species story”!

Serious interspecies interactions with cute little demi-girls make for a hot topic

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Ajin-Chan wants to talk” is a manga work serialized by Professor Petos.
The magazine is published by Young Magazine Third.
It has been serialized since the first issue released in 2014, with the eighth volume, the most recent volume, scheduled to be released in February 2020.

When Young Magazine Third was first published, there wasn’t any particular work to highlight, and the cover was decorated with a different work each time.
In the midst of this groping, Petos-sensei’s debut novel, Ajin-chan, quickly gained a head start in popularity, and after being given its first cover in issue #4 of 2015, the seventh volume in total, he was chosen to appear on the cover again in issue #6 of 2015, released two months later.

The first volume was then released in March 2015 and sold out on its release date and was immediately reprinted.
After that, it continued to be reprinted, and in no time at all, it broke through the 100,000-seller mark and became one of Yanmagasad’s signature works, both in name and reality.

The success continued, and it ranked second in the comics category of the “2nd Next Coming Manga Awards” held in 2016, and in September of the same year, an anime adaptation was decided to be produced by A-1 Pictures for television.
The series aired in the winter of 2017 and became a popular work supported by many anime fans.

The work is a school comedy set in a world where extrahuman beings called “sub-humans” have blended into the general human society, and it is a school comedy in which Tetsuo Takahashi (Takahashi Tetsuo), a biology teacher at Shibasaki High School, who is an admirer of sub-humans, talks with sub-human girls and teachers, and at first glance it looks like an “interspecies harem”, but the main theme is the value and difficulty of interspecies interaction.
Although the sub-humans in the story are not noticeably persecuted, they have their own problems, such as differences with humans, their own characteristics, and the sense of distance between them and other people.

The story carefully depicts the process of these girls gradually discovering their own way of life through discussions with Tetsuo, a teacher with a wealth of knowledge of sub-humans as well as a personality.
Even in the episodes where sub-humans are struggling with their relationships with humans, there is no insidious bullying going on, but rather, it is a work that deals with heavy themes in a gentle way, starting with the passing of people and a bit of backbiting.
In that sense, the genre name “interracial coming-of-age story” may be a perfect fit.

Even when it was adapted into an anime, the work was highly praised for dealing with themes that were thought-provoking despite being almost stress-free to watch, and it did well to rank fourth in the AT-X 2017 First Half Anime Ranking.

Discs are sluggish, but sales of the original work are up

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The first volume of Ami-chan’s Blu-ray and DVD sales were decent with about 3000 copies sold, but after the second volume, the average number of copies didn’t reach 2000.
In terms of disc sales, it must be said that the second season production will be tough.

Domestically, it was distributed exclusively by Amazon Prime Video, but also outside of Japan.
There is an opinion that a single company’s exclusive distribution in Japan makes it easier to get a large sum of money, but it will be difficult to make a decision on the sequel production.

On the other hand, data shows that all volumes of the original work have increased in sales since the anime aired, with volume 1 in particular jumping up 7.4 times over the previous month in January 2017, when the anime started airing.
Ajin-chan’s book was already selling quite well before the anime aired, publishing 1.1 million copies, but the anime adaptation further increased sales, reaching 1.4 million copies by volume 6.

From this result, it can be seen that although the sales of the anime were not very high, the effect of the anime on the original work was more than a certain level.
Therefore, it can be said that the anime adaptation was successful.

However, it is not an explosive increase to the point where a second season is in the cards.
It’s more like “it’s worth doing a second season, but it’s not the deciding factor.



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