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Rumiko Takahashi’s complete works! Let’s take a look back at the Rummikwardo

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A legend among legends, the pinnacle of women’s manga artists and the top hitter in the world of manga, Rumiko Takahashi, has put together a collection of her work!
We look back on that great achievement, from “Urusei”, a striking first serialized work, to the latest “MAO”, almost all of which have been serialized and animated for a long time!

Urhosi Yatura

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It is a memorable first serialized work, and together with “Touch”, it is a work that supported the weekly Shonen Sunday in the 1980s, and is a historical masterpiece that later had a great influence on the moe culture.
In 1978, it was published as an intensive serialization for a short period of time, and although it was well received, as Takahashi-sensei was a university student at the time, it was difficult to serialize it weekly, so it started out as a monthly, irregular serialization, and after graduating from university in 1980, it was moved to a weekly serialization.
After that, it became a long-running series until 1987.

The genre of the series is an interspecies romantic comedy in which the story revolves around Ram, a devilish alien who has come to Tomobiki Town to invade the earth, and Moroboshi Ataru, an incomparable womanizer who attends Tomobiki High School, and the slapstick drama unfolds every time.
The length of each episode varies from one complete episode to a full-length comic book.
In the beginning, the main focus was on SF absurd gags, but as the series progressed, the number of episodes with strong romantic elements and heartfelt episodes increased.

The charm of this work is the variety of characters.
Other than Ram andaru, there is Mendo Shutaro, who is an honor student, rich but stupid. Shinobu Miyake (Miyake Shinobu), a mysterious and mysterious ex-girlfriend of Akaru’s, and the perverted monk Konranbo (Konranbo). Cherry), Sakura, a priestess and teacher, and Lan, a childhood friend of Ram’s who continues to hate him and get back at him in a radical way. The unconventional Benten and Oyuki, who are friends, were raised as men by their perverted father and have always called themselves men. The main and semi-main characters, such as the girl, Fujinami Ryunosuke (Fujinami Ryunosuke)……. Most of them have strong personalities.
Most episodes have these faces together in a slapstick drama, so there’s an all-star quality to each episode.

In the anime, Akari’s friend Shirai Kosuke is virtually absent from the show, and instead, the main characters in the original series are the mobsters Megane, Perma, Chibi, and Kakugari, which makes it even livelier.
There has never been a romantic comedy with this many characters in front of the audience, and its influence on the manga, anime, and light novel industries has been immeasurable.

There are 34 volumes of comics (15 wide editions and 18 paperback editions), with a total of 38 million copies published.
The anime viewership rate for the series reached a record high of 27.4%.

Maison Ikkoku

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While Urusei is a pioneer of the character-appearing slapstick comedy, this is a romantic comedy The golden rule.
I still ask, “What’s your favorite romantic comedy? It usually ranks first or higher in surveys such as “The best romantic comedy of all time,” and is named It is a historical classic that will be raised.

Serialized between 1980 and 1987, the heroine of this work is the caretaker of the apartment building “Ikkoku-kan Kyoko Otonashi (Otonashi Kyoko) is a young widow who is in love with her somewhat dull protagonist, Yusaku Godai.
She is a young widow, and the main character, Yusaku Godai (GODAI Yusaku), is in a dull state of mind when it comes to love. It’s all about the pattern, but it’s also about Shun Mitaka, a handsome playboy with a lot of assumptions. Through the intervention of a high school girl, Yagami Ibuki, and the residents of the eccentric Ikkoku-kan, a place full of eccentrics, and others The story is not a straightforward one.

This work is said to be a story that is impossible to recreate today, and the main reason for this is that it has a lot of “misunderstandings” and The point of drawing.
In the 1980s, when the series was published, there were no cell phones or smart phones, and because of this, “I want to see you, but I can’t get in touch with you. Depending on the unique situations of those days, such as “I would like to talk to you but I can’t”, there are some situations in which love Many readers were squealing with frustration and frustration.

Because of the heavy theme of “how long will she continue to love her bereaved husband? It gets serious, and the caretaker, who has been wavering between the Five Dynasties and the Mitaka, is slowly starting to feel The portrayal of the shift to the 5th generation is really excellent.
And above all, every episode from the end of the day to the last episode can be called a god episode! It is a treasure trove of great scenes and words of wisdom.
There are a lot of romantic comedies that turn out to be sluggish at the end, but this is a masterpiece that is the complete opposite and will never fade away! It is inevitable that the story will be handed down as a

There are 15 volumes of comics (10 wide editions, 10 paperback editions, and 6 convenience store editions), and the total number of volumes published Circulation was 25 million copies.
The highest rating for the animation was 22.1%.

Mermaid Series

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While Urusei and Mezon were serialized, Takahashi-sensei drew another manga of a completely different genre on an irregular basis.
This series would later be called the “Mermaid Series”.

It all started in 1984.
The story was a suspense-horror that was serious from start to finish, in which a young man, Yuta, who became immortalized by eating mermaid flesh 500 years ago, meets a girl, Mana, who was raised by mermaids with shackles from her childhood, and learns of a cruel treatment of her…

The two major serials were both romantic comedies, and Takahashi-sensei was already well established in this line of work, when suddenly this darker work appeared in the magazine, and many readers were shocked.
Since then, this work with its theme of the agony and darkness of human beings who have become immortal has been well-received and has become a series of three books, “The Mermaid’s Forest”, “The Mermaid’s Wound”, and “Yasha’s Eyes”.
The series has gained a different fan base than Urusei Yamezon.

It’s basically a series of short to medium-length stories.
Each episode is a very complete story, but there are some stories about Yuta’s past that have no redeeming qualities, so there is no doubt that this is a manga that people will choose to some extent.
However, even with those episodes, the ending is not just a bad aftertaste, but one that leaves a lasting impression, and it is a work that is very worth reading.

It was made into an OVA in the 1990s and an anime for TV in 2003.
Although it has not yet been completed, no new work has been announced since 1994.



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