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【Attack on Titan】Summary of Levi’s past and death theory! Also explains his famous lines!

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This is a summary of one of Japan’s proudest works, “Attack on Titan”, and one of its most popular characters, Captain Levi.
We’ve also dissected his curious past and theories about his death that have surfaced on the Internet.

Levi’s Profile

Real name…Levi Ackerman
Birthday…December 25th

Levi is one of the shortest and smallest characters in the series, and Mikasa once called him “that little guy”, but he is trusted by his friends and is the strongest soldier in humanity with outstanding fighting strength.
He is by far the strongest soldier in the Survey Corps, and is indispensable to humanity.
Levi is a germophobe who never skips a beat when it comes to cleaning the building that serves as his base, even checking the dirt on the underside of his desk.
His birthday is December 25th, but his age has not been disclosed.


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Levi is referred to as “Captain Levi” in the story, without any scenes where he is called by his full name or surname, and even in the end roll of the anime, he is simply referred to as “Levi” instead of his real name, “Levi Ackerman.
However, in episode 56 of the original story, it is revealed that he is the nephew of Kenny Ackerman, the man who raised him, in other words, he is a member of the Ackerman family.
Levi lost his mother Kuchel at an early age and was taken in by his mother’s brother Kenny and raised in the underground city.
Kenny knew that he could never be a proper parent, so he taught Levi how to survive on his own in the underground city.
When Levi grew up and was able to defeat adults on his own, Kenny suddenly disappeared from Levi’s life.
The two reunite in the form of enemies, but Kenny is eventually seriously injured.
Before Kenny’s final moments, Levi says, “Tell me everything you know,” and we learn the whole story.

What is the Ackerman family?

The Ackerman family was a warrior family that had served the royal family in the past, but they were persecuted because of the characteristic that the monarchy’s “ability to manipulate memories” was ineffective, and the monarchy was afraid of the clan whose memory manipulation was ineffective and opposed the monarchy’s policies.
Levi was taken in by Kenny after the long persecution of the Ackerman clan was over.
The Ackerman family is not only immune to memory manipulation, but they are also extremely physically strong.
There was a scene when Mikasa was a little girl and Eren told her to fight and she suddenly felt strong, and the same moment happened to Levi and Kenny.
This is the moment when the instincts of the Ackerman clan are awakened, and their physical abilities are raised to the utmost limit, and they can even learn the combat experience of the Ackerman clan in the past.
The secret behind the unparalleled strength of the three members of the Ackerman clan, Levi, Kenny, and Mikasa, has now been revealed.
There was a theory that Levi and Mikasa are brothers, but since Levi and Kenny are from the main family and Mikasa is from a branch family, they are probably distant relatives.

What happened in episode 114?

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Levi is said to be the strongest man in the world, but there was a scene on the internet that made people wonder if he had died. In episode 114, Zeke exploded his own lightning spear in an attempt to get rid of Levi.
In episode 114, Zeke tried to make Levi lose his way and exploded the lightning spear he was stabbed with.
Levi was caught in the explosion and was blown up, and the Jaeger faction nearby noticed the explosion and rushed over with Hanji.
As one of the Jaegers said, “Let’s put a bullet in his head,” Hanji, holding Levi in his arms, said shockingly, “He’s dead.
Hanji said matter-of-factly, “He must have been hit by a lightning spear blast at close range,” “I’ve seen similar accidents during training.
When he was found, Levi had deep scars on his face, and his eyes and mouth were half open. The fact that Levi was found with deep wounds on his face, his eyes and mouth half-open, and Hanji’s line made me think that Levi was dead.

Is Levi really dead?

In response to Hanji’s assertion that he was dead, Flock said, “I can at least check his pulse, so let me see.” However, he was distracted by Zeke’s appearance from inside the Titan, and at that moment, Hanji jumped into the river with Levi and escaped.
The fact that Hanji was the only person present to confirm whether Levi was alive or dead, the fact that he escaped with Levi in his arms, and the fact that he immediately replied, “He’s dead,” to the words, “Let’s put a bullet in his head,” suggests that there is a good chance that he is alive.
It was rumored that he, the strongest fighter in the human race and a member of the Ackerman clan, would leave the game at this point. It was also rumored that he might have left the game at this point, but at this point, it is more likely that he is still alive.



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