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【Pokémon】The game and the setting is different? Here’s a summary of three manga about Pokémon

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Compared to games and cartoons, manga about Pokémon are less recognized. There are probably some people who know of the manga but have never actually read it.
So we have compiled the following three works on the subject of Pokémon.

・『Pocket Monster SPECIAL』
・『Pocket Monster』
・『Pocket Monster ReBURST』

If you haven’t read it yet, this is a good time to do so, because the manga Pokémon is as interesting as the games and anime.

『Pocket Monster SPECIAL』

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For those who want to enjoy the world of the game in manga form, we recommend “Pocket Monster SPECIAL”.
Popularly known as “Pokespe,” the series began in 1997. It follows the same progression as the game, and each time the latest title is released, a new chapter begins. The design of the protagonist is also based on the game’s main character.
It was recommended by people involved in the game’s development, such as Satoshi Tajiri, Ken Sugimori, and Junichi Masuda. According to Satoshi Tajiri, “It’s close to the worldview I wanted to convey in the game.

More than a game, this game focuses on storytelling.
There are times when Gym Leader and the Four Heavenly Kings stand in the way of the game’s original development, such as when they stand in the way of a villain. There are also descriptions of techniques and characteristics that make use of descriptions in Pokémon picture books.
Some of the settings from the Pokémon Ranger and other anime series are used in this game, making it a compilation of Pokémon content.

It is also important to note that the game features original battles not seen in the games and anime.
The game features many unique elements, such as combining multiple Pokémon techniques to take on powerful enemies and attacking trainers directly. There are many descriptions of direct attacks, sometimes resulting in the death of the trainer.
If you’re not careful, Pokémon are often cut into pieces, melted by attacks, or described in traumatic ways.
You can learn four or more moves, or fly with the power of a move, which shows the freedom that is unique to manga.

As of 2019, there are up to 14 chapters, and the relevant games are as follows
Since they all take place in the same world, the main characters may play together.

Chapter 1: Red, Green, and Blue Edition
Chapter 2: Yellow Edition
Chapter 3: Gold, Silver, and Crystal Edition
Chapter 4: Ruby and Sapphire
Chapter 5: Fire Red Leaf Green Edition
Chapter 6: Emerald Edition
Chapter 7: Diamond and Pearl Edition
Chapter 8: Platinum Edition
Chapter 9: Heart Gold and Soul Silver Edition
Chapter 10: Black and White Edition
Chapter 11: Black 2 and White 2
Chapter 12: Chapter X and Y
Chapter 13: Omegarby Alpha Sapphire
Chapter 14: Sun Moon Ultra Sun Ultramaroon

The beginning of Chapter 15 is also considered to be near, as the latest release of Sword Shield is also set to be released.



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