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30 big-breasted anime characters that look erotic! I care about more than just size!

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We’ve picked out 30 of the sexiest big-breasted characters out there that are especially attractive!
We’ve put together a list of “pretty, erotic girls” based on not just big breasts, but other aspects of their personalities and other aspects of their overall personality!

It comes with a “degree of whip” that indicates how chubby it looks!

Hana Uzaki

出典 : ©2020 丈/KADOKAWA/宇崎ちゃん製作委員会 : TVアニメ「宇崎ちゃんは遊びたい!」公式サイト

The TV anime “Uzaki-chan wants to play!” to be broadcast in July 2020. She is the main heroine of the
In addition to her big breasts, she also has double teeth, a tone of voice that says “-ss” and is a bit of an idiot, as well as many other characteristics.

On the other hand, she also has a cute side that shrinks back when naughty happenings occur.
The girls who have shyness make us feel a subtle eroticism.

The voice actor in charge is Naomi Ozora.

Chubby Level :★☆★


出典 : © アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive」製作委員会 : アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive (プリコネR)」公式サイト | Cygames

The 17-year-old will appear in the TV anime Princess Connect! girl.
She loves eating more than anything else, and has formed a guild, Gishokuden, for the purpose of eating, and has even become a guild master herself.
She has a serious secret about her origins, and Pecorine is not her real name.

She is one of the most popular characters in the original game version of Precone R.
She is a glutton but maintains a standard body shape, and her breasts are larger than any other in the game.
She is honest in her appetite.

She is voiced by M.A.O. (Mao).

Chubby Level :★☆★☆

Shamiko (Shadow Mistress Yuko)

出典 :

She is the protagonist of the TV anime Machikado Mazoku, which aired in the summer of 2019, and is a clunky girl who suddenly awoke to the power of Mazoku one day.
Her real name is Yuko Yoshida, and as her name implies, she’s an incredibly sweet girl who is not a Mazoku.

Normally she is a normal student except for her big breasts and horns, but when a crisis situation arises, her “crisis management form” activates, transforming her into a disgusting Mazoku costume.
Her physical abilities also improve slightly, but the more important thing is that she becomes so revealing that her neighbors look at her twice.
She is erotic and cute.

The voice actor in charge of this character is Konomi Kohara.

Chubby Level:★☆★☆★☆★

Kanroji Mitsuri

出典 :

Since the first season of the anime aired in 2019, “Blades of Demise” has raced to become a historical hit at a furious pace. She is the big-breasteΩçd character of
One of the Pillars of Love, who uses the “love” breathing technique.
She is 19 years old.

She is in the latter category of the pillar, which is a mix of aggressive personality and personality, and is a very kind and dainty woman… He has tremendous monstrous powers.
However, her body shape is standard, except for her breasts, and her lovable personality gives many readers the impression that she is naughty! .

The voice actor in charge is Kana Hanazawa.

Chubby Level:★☆

Kirisu Mafu

出典 :

The character of “We Can’t Study” that aired from 2019-2020, who was a teacher and was promoted to the heroine slot.
He’s also famous as the absolute champion of the popularity poll.

Her breast size is the second largest among the heroines, but her overall development is outstanding compared to the other heroines because she is an adult woman.
She has a slender body shape because she used to do figure skating when she was a student.

As her nickname “The Ice Queen” implies, she tends to have a cold impression, but she is actually a very gentle teacher.
Due to the adoption of multiple endings for the original series, it has been decided that the Mafuyu-sensei route will be drawn as well.

The voice actor in charge of the story is Lynn.

Chubby Level:★☆

Akane Sinjyou

出典 :

Two of the most popular girls in the fall 2018 episode of SSSSS.GRIDMAN, and two of the most popular by far One of the heroines.
While the other one, Takarada Rikka, has a design that emphasizes her thighs, this one’s breasts stand out.

She’s the popular girl in her class… but she’s the one who created the Tsutsuji-daiba, the setting for this work.
She has a reputation for being easily offended by things like creating monsters and making them carry out destructive activities when she is offended, which also adds to the eroticism of the work.
She has various elements other than her big breasts such as wearing a kimono, Moe sleeves, and tights, which hit the man’s buttons.

She is voiced by Rena Ueda, the voice actor in charge of the series.

Chubby Level:★☆★☆★☆★☆

Sakura Minamoto

出典 :

He is the protagonist of the hit anime Zombie Land Saga, which started in 2018, and is a member of the zombie idol group Franschuh.
Before she was born, she had a “have-nots” constitution that didn’t work out no matter what she did, and the poor girl was involved in a car accident at the right time when she made up her mind that she could change even if she was an idol and longed to be one.
However, she has a “doyansu body” that blows away even that feeling of sadness, and she is very muscular in general.

The voice actor in charge of the character is Hondo Kaede.

Chubby Level:★☆★☆★☆★☆★

Kaho Hinata

出典 :

One of the main characters in the Kirara anime Blend S, which aired in the fall of 017.
She is the most popular waitress working as an opening staff member at the coffee shop “Stile”.
She is in charge of the tsundere character, but in reality she is a friendly and honest character.

She has a big chest and many other parts of her body.
The synergy with her sweet appearance makes her look very erotic.

Her voice actor is Kito Akari.

Chubby Level:★☆★☆★☆★

Ako Takemaki

出典 :

The spring 2016 TV anime “Did you think your netherworld wife wasn’t a girl? She is the main heroine of
If you think of “the hero’s wife,” this is the girl.

She has cute looks and big breasts, but her personality is very troubled and she is a bad boy who does not know the difference between the game and reality.
She has a phobia of interpersonal interaction, has her own unique thought process, has a Yandere background, and is in many ways a difficult heroine to deal with.
The eroticism of the original cover is even more evident than the anime.

Her voice actor is Rina Hidaka.

Chubby Level:★☆★☆★☆★☆★

Hifumi Takimoto

出典 :

one of the main characters in the popular Kirara anime “NEW GAME! (Aoba) senior.
You are familiar with her by the nickname “Hifumin”.
She wasn’t good at interpersonal communication and struggled with teaching younger students, but after being promoted to leader of the character squad, she started to feel responsible for her position and is slowly growing up.

While she is embarrassed by public appearances, she also enjoys cosplaying, and she doesn’t mind being surrounded by people while she’s playing a character.
She is not afraid to be surrounded by people while she is playing the role of the character. The jerky look in her eyes that she sometimes shows us gives off a vague sense of eroticism.

She is voiced by Yamaguchi Megumi.

Chubby Level:★☆



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