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Photo collection is also very popular! 5 popular characters played by voice actor, Sakura Ayao! 【Ayane】

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Mr. Ayane Sakura, a character commonly known as Ayane, seems to have a lot of cool characters like Lori, or a little joke seems unnecessary.

We introduce representative characters from debut work up to now!

Mary Nightmare (Yumekui Merry)


I wonder if there are a lot of people who have become impudent knowing Ayane.

Merry Nightmare of the main heroine of popular anime “Yumekui Merry”!

The story of the two people starts from the place where it helps the main character · Yume Road who lives in the world (dreams), lost in the world (duty), the dreams of others are understood by color.

It is the first main character of Ayane, and there is nothing during debut, I feel that there is a slight sense of barrel reading now, but that is also cute.

The theme song was also singing in the name of Mary, but it was singing.


Akane Isshiki (Vivid Red Operation)


Akane, the main character of Bibiope who played two years after Mary.

It is full of energy and pretty, it is a positive character. It is totally Mayor.

At the time of broadcasting, I was concerned only about the posture t · · ·

It looks like the original animation, there seems to be a catch phrase “friendship protects the world” key.

“Friendship” was extruded considerably strongly even in this volume, did not he?


COCOA <Is the order a rabbit?>


Speaking of Ayane! There are many people who say.

Cocoa-chan, the main character of “Togusa”

Is it pretty burning? Cocoa is cute cocoa voice, but PV of anime OP is becoming a live action picture by the voice actor who will serve as the main character.

Naturally Ayanu is also a member, you can see Ayane dancing in the center!


Nao Yuri(Charlotte)


Recently I feel that I am getting a little less, Mr. Miuri who can listen to a cool Ayane Voice.

Following popular anime “Angel Beats!” Aired in 2010, it is the second animation original work produced by Key.

It is a story of the hero who also has special ability, there is also a feeling of air like Key, and I feel that it is a work that does not listen to the topic much as compared with “Angel Beats!”

Those who do not see it in Key who likes works surely please see it!


Ishiki Iroha(My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong as I Expected / My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)


Although there are various attractive characters, it is probably this child! Iroha! (Personally)

It is always quite a bad character and I am always playing the hero Yahata, is not it a joke once in a while? There is also a gesture that is really small devils.

The date was OVA and his face remained loose. I want to be swayed! ! ! !

Or, although I wrote this, I noticed that the characters played by Ayane have two last names of one color w (Akane and Iroha)

What did you think?

There are only popular voice actors, and other main characters and sub are also playing a lot of characters. The ship I hear you very often even in this sort of w

It is a relatively distinctive voice that you hear as soon as you listen, but even among them there are also various expressions by characters and sometimes I do not notice.

However, as it is still a young fresh voice actor, I am looking forward to his future success!

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