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Co-fight with Freeza is hot! Dragon ball is super fun


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The strongest animation that both adults and children can enjoy

About 30 years since the TV animation “Dragon Ball” started broadcasting

Dad girl who I liked as a child now is one of the content that can be enjoyed with children Dragon ball
On Sunday morning, it is being broadcast as an original animation work titled “Dragon Ball Super”.

This dragon ball super.
At the time the broadcast was started, I broadcast the contents that remade the former movie version, and I have the impression that it was rather disappointing.

But after seeing it again for a while, it is fairly interesting!

Yamcha who was caught in the baseball game is a ball thrown by Vegeta, was fallen in a pose that was attacked by Cybyman, fighting with Vegeta and Arale (Vegeta was burned down) and old fans also grinned There were also many scenes that I could and I was looking forward to it regularly every weekend.

Among other things, the universe survival edition which is still continuing now is to fight against the enemies of old Goku, such as Android 17, 18 and Freeza, as well as Goku and Vegeta, so to speak a long time ago in the Dream Team The battle is spread and the chest gets hot.

Especially Freeza!

Let’s make Freeza a friend when a monstrous bough, who was supposed to participate in a fighting party together, went into sleep and no members gathered! It became, but excited at that time did not stop.

If you think about Yamcha, Piccolo, Vegeta and other enemies have not been unadjusted for a while, it was decided in Dragon Ball until now, but until the freeza, at last w

Freisa slightly distinctively distinguished himself into Goku who became tattered together with cooperating with cooking with rice and eye contact alone and making remarks such as “Cali received is the principle to return”, Namaeck star There is interaction reminiscent of the scene that Goku gave feeling to Freeza at Goku, and there are many emotional scenes somewhat that Freisa also puts out a technique together at the scene where Goku or Vegeta simultaneously brings out the power and brings out a special noble technique w

Somehow, no, no, it is absolutely not interesting that there are many people who dislike and eat, but I think that you think that you were deceived once!

Surprisingly Freeza is fighting without breaking the character like vegeta



Broadcasting is also limited!

While saying it is funny and entertaining, it seems that there are few remaining broadcasts already, perhaps it will be broadcast end after the end of the current space survival edition.

It is a shame as a person looking forward to weekly, but I’d like you to broadcast a new series someday.

By the way, the later program seems to be GeGeGe no Kitaro.

Animation which is broadcasting newly even now with somehow is amazing. . .

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